Ted & Julia’s Curb Appeal Makeover

Window Embellishments

Ted and Julia’s windows look a little plain, so we’re going to dress them up with window boxes, and add a shade arbor above the window on the home’s right side.

Chelsea and I build a pair of window boxes for the two front windows. The fronts of the boxes tilt out a bit and each will rest on two vertical cleats.

Also In This Episode

Lunar Landscaping transplants some overgrown flower beds and adds new plants to the Grays’ front yard.

We remove mold and mildew from the flower bed’s brick wall with Wet & Forget’s Hose End.

Chelsea mounts a new mailbox onto the porch and then replaces the nearby light fixture.

I dig a trench to reroute an unsightly downspout. It’s a small change, but it will have a big impact on the home’s overall appearance.

We repair some cracks in the concrete walkway with Quikrete Concrete Repair.

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