Creating a Cozy Living Room with a Fireplace and Accent Wall

After shot of Barbara Crigler's living room, showing the accent wall in the dining room and the completed fireplace in the living room
Barbara’s living room transformation is now complete!

Post-Production Thoughts

The main living area of Barbara’s new home was in nice enough condition, but it just didn’t have nearly as much personality as its owner. There were broad, blank walls and great windows with nothing to frame them.

But now, we’ve added the focal point this space so desperately needed. Even though the fireplace isn’t a real one, it adds the warmth and character that were missing from this room.

The mantel’s clean lines seem to fit the house perfectly and the wall space above it is ideal for the TV and the sconces we’ve added.

The crown molding adds a touch of elegance to the whole area and the grid we created on the accent wall breaks up that space nicely without stealing too much thunder from the fireplace.

And the window treatments echo the linear design in both of those other elements.

The best part? All of these construction materials cost less than $800.

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