Creating a Cozy Living Room with a Fireplace and Accent Wall

Sconces from Kichler Lighting on both sides of Barbara Crigler's television above her mantel
Nothing dresses up the blank space on both sides of a TV like wall sconces.

Install Sconces on Either Side of TV          

Barbara’s TV looks a little lonely above the mantel, so we’re giving it some company with Winslow Wall Sconces in Old Bronze finish on either side.

The sconces, available from Kichler Lighting, will add light and dimension to this space.

Wood accent wall in Barbara Crigler's dining room
We considered using just vertical boards for this accent wall, but Barbara’s children cast the deciding votes: to go horizontal, too!

Create Accent Wall         

First, we use a utility knife to score caulk on top of the baseboard. This will make the baseboard come off a lot easier.

Then we gently pry off the baseboard all in one piece.

Next, we cut the boards to 3 1/4 inches wide and keep the waste — we can always use it for other projects.

We want vertical boards to be plumb, so we grab a level and draw those plumb lines on the wall to make the installation easier.

Next, we use Titebond Construction Adhesive to install the vertical and horizontal boards. Not all the boards fall on studs, and the adhesive will help them stay up once we nail them into place.


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