Converting a Garage into a Teen Hangout

When you need a hangout space for teenagers more than you need a place to park the car, it’s time to repurpose the garage.

This house is home to Matt and Tara Armbruster, and their daughters Abbey and Mary Paige. We’re converting their garage into a multipurpose room perfect for shooting pool, watching TV and throwing darts.

The Projects

Dad CornerBuilding a Dad Corner

Before we can convert the garage into a hangout space, we have to empty it so Matt can pressure wash the concrete floor.

Next, we install cabinets for a ‘Dad Corner’ that will house tools and a workbench with an old piece of laminate countertop, which we coated with polyurethane.

A rustic “Dad Curtain” will keep Matt’s tools, and him, out of sight when the girls entertain.

Dartboard in the garageAdding an Accent Wall

After two days of work in Matt and Tara’s garage, the walls and cabinets are ready for paint.

While the family tackles that chore, we create an accent wall from pallets — it’ll be a nice backdrop for the girls’ dartboard. Especially after we apply a polyurethane coating that gives it a rich look without changing the color.

Cozy cafeCreating a Cozy Cafe

This room is all about fun, so the attractive and functional pallet background for the dartboard is a perfect fit. And a cafe table and new light fixture transform a dead corner into a cozy spot ideal for enjoying snacks and light meals.


  1. Can you spray the spider spray inside your house ? Does it have a smell / oader? Thanks for your response. love your show. Also can you tell me how to get rid of mold and mildew. We are elderly, had to move and inspector didn’t find it. Any thing not to expensive
    ,We are psy check to pay check people. Thanks


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