Industrial Home Gets Curb Appeal Makeover

Considering purchasing new shutters? You may just be able to stain them for the desired look!

Stain Shutters

Greg and Morgan’s shutters were dark green, which, combined with the red brick siding, was dated and jarring.

To soften the home’s appearance, we stain the shutters with Rust-Oleum Smokey Beige in Satin on the bottom, and Varathane Cherrywood Gel Stain layered on top.

We also spray them with a protective clear coat.

Install New Light Fixture

In addition to its illumination, a new light fixture can be a statement piece.

No curb appeal makeover is complete without a new light fixture to modernize the front porch and enhance its appearance.

This lantern actually was a flea market find, but oh, what a difference it makes!

Replace Landscaping

The landscaping at Greg and Morgan’s home is now lush and organized.

This home’s overgrown landscaping has seen better days, so we removed it and started fresh with pansies, Super Blue Liriope, Encore Azaleas (Autumn Embers), Cephalotaxus Plum Yewtopia, an Olive Tree, “Mojo” Pittosporum (under the windows) and Coral Bells.

Closing Thoughts

Danny saws 1×6 lumber to make wraps for the metal columns.

Greg and Morgan’s house is over five decades old, and it showed. Overgrown plants made it seem smaller than it was. The porch, which should have been a focal point, was completely forgettable. And the carport, as Greg says, was just ugly.

With a little money and a lot of work, we’ve taken years off this little house.

Without the carport, the brick planter and the overgrown shrubs you can now see the house. And painting the bricks a lighter shade allows it to stand out on this beautiful lot.

The stained shutters and wood columns have taken away the industrial look we had before and replaced it with a warm, rustic feel.

Plus, there’s a bright new color on the front door that welcomes guests before they even get into the driveway.


Lumber for columns: $68
Paint, stain and landscaping: $500
Faux vent: $31

What We Used

Shutters: Rust-Oleum Smokey Beige in Satin on bottom, Varathane Cherrywood Gel Stain layered on top
Porch ceiling: Behr Snowmelt in Flat sheen
Front door: Behr Eucalyptus Wreath in Semi-gloss
Bricks: Sherwin Williams Balanced Beige
Columns: Behr waterproofing stain and sealer in Valise
Porch Floor: Behr Solid concrete stain in Pacific Fog

Special Thanks to Romabio for providing the masonry paint!

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  1. hello Danny & Chelsea,
    My garage door has faded terribly. It’s either vinal or metal? Is there a product on the market to restore the luster it once had?

    • Hi, Jeanine,
      It sounds like the paint is oxidized, so painted metal may be your best bet. First, clean it thoroughly with soap and water — then you can revive the luster with an automotive spray-on wax/cleaner. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for providing the episodes to watch online. I have watched all up to episode 951. When will episode 952 and beyond be available to watch online. I live far away from Atlanta’s antenna towers and iTunes and Google Play do not have the new episodes for sale. Thanks for a great show and podcast. I enjoy both of them.

    • Hi, David! Full episodes of “Today’s Homeowner” are available on after they have aired twice nationwide.
      This episode should be available on the week of July 1.
      You also can catch classic episodes on Amazon Prime Video!

    • Hi, Terry,
      It depends on the door’s material. You said it looks like fake wood — can you please elaborate?
      Also, please include a photo with your question so we can better understand the issue.
      We accept photos at
      Thanks so much!


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