Industrial Home Gets Curb Appeal Makeover

The porch’s painted blue ceiling is a welcome change from its expected white.

Paint Porch Ceiling and Floor

Have you ever looked up at someone’s front-porch ceiling or down at the floor while waiting for them to answer the door?

Rest assured, your guests do the same thing — especially if it’s a long wait!

This porch’s ceiling was overdue for some paint, so we gave it a fresh coat of Behr Snowmelt in Flat sheen.

And we pressure washed the porch floor before using Behr Solid concrete stain in Pacific Fog.

Add Faux Vent

This vent’s pretty, but non-functioning.

Here’s an insider’s secret: some of those vents you see on homes? They’re purely decorative!

That will also be true for this home, which will gain architectural detail just from installing a faux vent.

We cut out the vent’s shape in the siding before securing it with construction adhesive and caulk.

Paint Front Door

Front doors are often white or brown, so we’re painting this door to give it character.

One of our favorite things to do when adding curb appeal is one of the simplest: paint the front door!

For this home, we transformed a predictable white entry with Behr Eucalyptus Wreath in Semi-gloss.


  1. hello Danny & Chelsea,
    My garage door has faded terribly. It’s either vinal or metal? Is there a product on the market to restore the luster it once had?

    • Hi, Jeanine,
      It sounds like the paint is oxidized, so painted metal may be your best bet. First, clean it thoroughly with soap and water — then you can revive the luster with an automotive spray-on wax/cleaner. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for providing the episodes to watch online. I have watched all up to episode 951. When will episode 952 and beyond be available to watch online. I live far away from Atlanta’s antenna towers and iTunes and Google Play do not have the new episodes for sale. Thanks for a great show and podcast. I enjoy both of them.

    • Hi, David! Full episodes of “Today’s Homeowner” are available on after they have aired twice nationwide.
      This episode should be available on the week of July 1.
      You also can catch classic episodes on Amazon Prime Video!

    • Hi, Terry,
      It depends on the door’s material. You said it looks like fake wood — can you please elaborate?
      Also, please include a photo with your question so we can better understand the issue.
      We accept photos at
      Thanks so much!


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