Georgia Townhouse Gets a Basement Makeover

Replace Electrical Outlets

Our friends at Leviton provided outlets that feature Type A and Type C USB chargers.
The arc-fault circuit interrupter will protect Martine’s home in case an electrical cord gets a nick in it. If that happens, the AFCI will cut power off to the whole circuit.

We also:
• Added furr down to conceal ductwork and a plumbing pipe.
• Built a wall to separate utilities from the workshop and installed a door for easy access.
• Drywalled the exposed ceiling—but first photographed the area, just to know where everything is located
• Added a door for storage under the stairs

Post-Production Thoughts 

Martine’s basement workshop was functional, but not very inviting. The cinderblock walls and open framing overhead made it dark and a little claustrophobic, while noise from the furnace was a constant distraction.

Now her workspace is more of a retreat than a dreary exile. The painted drywall ceiling and walls make the space appear more finished and brighter while hiding the ductwork and plumbing that intruded on the area.

The shelving unit we built for her storage containers uses the existing space well and makes them much easier to access.

Adding a wall in front of the furnace isolates the noise and conceals the chaos of ductwork there, while the new doorway allows access to that space and creates a great home for the lawn and garden tools.

Martine’s workbench was already well stocked and organized, so we simply added some convenience with new outlets and task lighting. We also re-purposed some old shelving for the paints and materials she needs handy in the workshop.

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  1. Hi, I’ve been watching your show for many years. I recently moved to Redding, CA. On which TV Channel(s) are your Shows broadcasted? I don’t have Cable, I only have Local TV Channels.

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    • Hi, Jeanne,
      Congratulations on the move!
      Here’s when our show airs in Redding, California:
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