Addition Rescue

Danny hammers masonry nails into the drywall.

Before we cover the old door opening we’re filling the empty space with some Rockwool sound-dampening insulation so there’s no hollow sound in that area to give away the fact that it was once a door.

Next, Chelsea marks the location of the electrical outlet by coating the edge of the box with lip gloss so when we press the drywall against it — we have a perfect outline for cut.

Even though it’s a 40-foot wall it goes quickly because we’re covering 8 feet at a time. Once all the drywall is hung I can begin finishing it while Chelsea gets Lisa and Rachel started on another project.

By the end of the day, Lisa and Rachel have sanded all of the overdone orange peel and Chelsea and I have applied the first coat of finish to all of the new drywall.

Lisa’s daughter, Rachel, helps sand the drywall.

At the beginning of day three, Bear and Ryan begin installing new crown and base molding throughout the addition to help it match the existing house. We also need to address the void left from the old bricks in front of the new cased opening.

Once the concrete is mixed they shovel it into the forms and begin packing it down. Working a trowel back and forth on top of the slab and the form board, smooths and levels the surface.

Meanwhile, Randy and his crew return to install the inside unit for the air conditioner. This unit includes some great high-tech features like an infrared sensor to reduce energy usage when the room is unoccupied and a built-in wi-fi control.

While I touch up the new drywall and add some texture to the surface, the ladies start painting the outside walls.

The 1-by-12 will overhang the opening a bit so I’m notching each side to give it a more finished appearance. Next, we’ll install some leftover flooring from Lisa’s family room to cover the threshold of the new cased opening.

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