Addition Rescue

Lisa’s back den is much cooler after we installed this ductless air conditioner.

This Carrier system has a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of 42, which makes it the most efficient cooling system you can buy in North America and its integrated humidity sensor will also ensure that this addition is a comfortable space for Lisa.

Meanwhile, Bear and I carefully begin removing the larger window, so we can frame in the space to be covered with drywall.

By the end of day one, we’ve completed all of the brick removal and started framing in the old back door.

Early the next morning, Bear finishes flushing the door framing to the surrounding bricks while Ryan secures the furring above the brick wall.

Finally, we’re ready to hang drywall!

This adhesive from Titebond is designed specifically for drywall so it will stay put. When the back of each piece is coated, we press it in place over the bricks and I drive a few masonry nails in around the perimeter.

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