Fall House Facelift

Outside of house with yellow siding and large live oak tree.
Homeowners Elyse and Robert Weeks house.

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We’re helping homeowners Elyse and Robert Weeks give their house a fall facelift to get it ready for the cold weather ahead.

Projects Included:

  • Cleaning gutters and installing gutter guards.
  • Sealing up cracks and gaps.
  • Repairing exterior door trim.
  • Removing and replacing rotten eave boards.
  • Applying insulating window film.
  • Installing insulation in the attic.

Clean Gutters

The Weeks house is nestled under a sprawling live oak. While the tree is beautiful, the falling leaves and branches make it hard to keep the gutters and downspouts on the house clean.

GutterBrush Gutter Guard installed in gutter.
GutterBrush Gutter Guard.

After the gutters had been thoroughly cleaned, GutterBrush gutter guards were installed to reduce future cleaning and keep the gutters draining properly.

GutterBrush gutter guards are available in sizes ranging from 3¼” to 8″ in diameter to fit different size gutters.

To install, simply slide the 3′ long sections of GutterBrush gutter guard in the gutter, and you’re done.

GutterBrush keeps leaves and other debris out of your gutters while allowing rainwater to flow through.

Watch How to Clean Gutters and read Gutter Cleaning and Repair to find out more.

Danny Lipford working on eaves.
Danny Lipford working on eaves.

Repair Eaves

Water damage from a gap in the roof flashing had caused some of the eave soffit and fascia boards to rot.

After the rotten boards had been removed, the flashing was repaired and cellular PVC trim boards from Royal Building Products were cut to size to replace them.

Cellular PVC is the perfect material for eaves, since it won’t warp, rot, or crack.

Watch Replacing Exterior Wood with Cellular PVC and How to Replace Damaged Eave Fascia Boards to find out more.

Exterior Door Trim

White exterior door with yellow siding.
Exterior door before repair.

There were large gaps and missing door casing around one of the exterior doors on the house.

To fix it we first filled the large gaps with foam backer rod, then covered the foam with Titebond WeatherMaster Sealant.

Next, new door casing, also made from cellular PVC, was cut to size and assembled to finish off the door trim.

Foundation Vents

To prevent rodents from entering the basement, hardware cloth was cut to size and attached over the open foundation vents using construction adhesive and masonry screws.

Repair Corner Board

Royal cellular PVC siding corners were used to repair the damaged corner boards on the house.

First, strips of cellular PVC were attached to wall on each side of the corner to shim the corner out. Next, PVC pipe cement was applied to the cellular PVC to glue the shim boards to the outside corner.

Allen Lyle applying insulating plastic film to windows.

Apply Window Film

Duck Heavy-Duty Window Film was applied to the inside of the single-pane windows to make them more energy efficient and reduce drafts during winter.

To attach the window film, apply double-sided tape around the window, press the window film into the tape, then use a hair blower to shrink the film and remove any wrinkles.

Watch Installing Plastic Window Insulation Kits to find out more.

Attic insulated with Roxul stone wool insulation.
Attic insulated with Roxul stone wool insulation.

Insulate Attic

To lower the heating and cooling bills, we added a layer of Roxul Stone Wool Insulation to the attic.

Stone wool insulation is fire resistant and doesn’t release toxic gases during a fire. It also won’t irritate your skin when installing and can be cut easily using a serrated bread knife.

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