Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2007

Outside of Las Vegas convention center

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Danny travels to Las Vegas, for the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, to check out the best of the best in new kitchen and bath products and design ideas.

Every year, thousands of industry professionals gather to find out what’s next in kitchen and bath trends. This year the show unleashed everything from eco-friendly designs, hi-tech appliances and retro ranges to lavish tubs, affordable surfaces and innovative toilets. And, now you can see them too!

Here’s a sneak peek at just a few of the cool things seen at KBIS:

  • Tire Console
  • Travertine Column Washbasin
  • Translucent Tub
  • Odor-Eliminating Toilet Seat
  • Space-Saving Corner Drawers
  • Ready-to-Hang Backsplash
  • Home Control Center

Producer's Notes from Allen Lyle

KBIS Crowds

“Viva Las Vegas, turnin’ day into nighttime, turnin’ night into daytime. If you see it once, you’ll never be the same again”. I think Elvis had it right. Funny thing is, I didn’t hit the neon lights even once while I was out there. The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show was ever much the spectacle as the Vegas strip and, unfortunately, didn’t allow me the time for play.

Not a problem, though, because I had enough fun at the show. In the evenings after the show, I was usually too worn out from all the walking to even want to go out. There was one night, though, when we had a 3-on-3 volleyball match that pitted me, our editor and our salesman from Chicago against Danny, our company VP and the show’s director. What can I say? Poor Danny…

Speaking of poor Danny, there are times when I love putting him in uncomfortable situations. In this instance, it’s talking about toilets. There were literally dozens upon dozens of toilets with some very interesting features at KBIS, many of them with innovative designs with the specific purpose of removing odors. Let’s be honest, talking about toilet odors on national television isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do.

Odor eliminating toilet

I actually saw one model that had a fan installed in the tank that would draw the air from the bowl out to a pipe that would expel the odors to the outside of your house. I can’t help but wonder what the neighbors would think. Nonetheless, it seems to be a trend, because there were several companies marketing their own version of odor-proofing.

In addition, there were toilets with glowing bowls, self-opening and closing lids, power flush, dual flush and even less water flushing models. I even saw a toilet that looked like a bicycle with a very disturbing looking Raggedy Ann doll riding it. We’ve come a long way from the outhouse.

As with other areas of the building industry, the trend of green building is continuing to grow. For kitchens and baths it means less water use. I already mentioned the toilets using less water, but it’s spilling over (pardon the pun) into the shower. The biggest complaint has been the fact that these water-saving shower heads make for a really lousy shower experience. It’s like trying to rinse a head full of shampoo in a dainty summer drizzle.

The new products are able to include a pressure valve that allows you to experience a full torrent of water without actually using that much. The new water savers include dishwashers and laundry machines, too. If you have remodeling or new building in your plans, do the planet a favor and check out the green ideas.

Hats off to the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) for the work they put into KBIS. But their work doesn’t end there. These folks are a gold mine of useful information for both professionals and consumers. If you have a project coming up that deals in this area, check out their site for a library full of facts to help you build or remodel smarter.

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Other Tips From This Episode

Simple Solutions with Joe Truini:
Back Priming

Back Priming

Back priming is nothing more than painting the reverse side of a board and all edges. If you fail to back prime a board or piece of trim, moisture can pass through the rear of the board and actually blister the paint on the front of the board. The top coat of the surface could then peel right off. By back priming you seal the moisture out and the topcoat will last years longer. Remember, when you’re back priming it’s important to cover all edges, specifically the ends which can suck up a lot of moisture. (Watch This Video)

Best New Products with Danny Lipford:
Charmglow Gourmet Chef’s Island

Charmglow Gourmet Chef’s Island

Cooking on the grill is a great way to feed the family or entertain guests but if you have to run back and forth from the kitchen to the deck or patio – it can get old pretty quick. This island grill eliminates trips back inside because everything is right where you need it. It has about 500 square inches of cooking space, a rotisserie burner for slow-cooked meals, plus an extra burner for sauces or side dishes so you can cook for a pretty good crowd if you need to. Ample work surface near the grill is a must for food preparation and this unit has two granite side tables that fit that bill perfectly. Plus, there’s lot’s of storage underneath in the form of drawers and cabinets for everything from utensils to the propane tank. There’s even a pull-out garbage can. If you were to pay someone to install a custom built outdoor kitchen you could easily spend a few thousand dollars. This one is made from weather-resistant materials, has the look of a built-in kitchen and is just under a thousand bucks. The Charmglow Gourmet Chef’s Island is available at The Home Depot.

Around the Yard with Tricia Craven Worley:
Sod vs. Seed

Sod vs. Seed

Choosing to lay sod or sew seeds usually comes down to your individual situation and preference, but keep these things in mind: In shady areas grass seed will grow better than sod. Sod is great when you want instant lawn. You get grass that’s thick, weed-free and fertilized. However, most sods are grown in wide open fields which means, it’s most likely bluegrass and other sun-loving grasses. Sod that’s primarily bluegrass won’t grow as well under a shade tree like a shade-loving grass such as fescue would. You’d need to buy a grass seed mix that’s formulated for shade. Another thing to think about: grass seed for your 100-sq.-ft.area will cost under $2, while sod could cost $20 or more. And, it’s a lot easier carrying home a small bag of seed than hauling a dozen rolls of sod. (Watch This Video)


  1. I am looking for information on the built in paper towel holder featured on kithen & bath Los Vegas show on 6/4/07 epioside. Can you help me as we are remoldleing. Thanks

  2. In regards to “saw one model that had a fan installed in the tank that would draw the air from the bowl out to a pipe that would expel the odors to the outside of your house.”
    Many people can not get used to the air flowing into the toilet bowl from the suction fan.,Something like composting toilets with the fan to keep the smells out of the house.



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