Summer is Over?

Don’t you hear people say it every year…wow, summer went by so fast? It’s true, we’re all so busy these days that it does seemed to fly by. I had a good one, lots of great trips—New York 5 times, London, Ireland, Des Moines, Kentucky, Los Angeles, Orlando, and lots of great towns in between. I’ve always enjoyed traveling, meeting people, and learning all the little cultural quirks.

When people recognize me when I’m traveling, or find out what I do for a living, it makes for great common ground with plenty to talk about. It might be a repair project that went wrong, a funny story that starts with “I’ll never do that again,” or many times it’s “my wife and I just finished remodeling our bathroom, and we love it.” The passion people have with their homes is so cool.

Everybody has something they’ve wanted to do to improve, change, or update it. I also just love it when someone comes up and talks about how they used a tip we suggested on our show or Weather Channel segments to solve a problem around their home. It’s great.

Our 11th season has started and the new shows are airing. We’re working hard to make it to where everyone in the country can see Today’s Homeowner. We are up to coverage in over 80% of the U.S. and working hard to make the show available everywhere. If you can’t see our show where you live (check your local listing), call or e-mail your favorite local TV station and tell them about us.

I heard today that some areas of the country may be facing freezing temperatures this weekend . . . did I hear that right? Wow! It’s time to get your home ready for the cooler temperature ahead, so check out our article on Winterizing Your Home. Small improvements can add up to big savings in your utility bills that lead to a little extra money for the holidays. Is that possible? Yes, it is!



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