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  1. I have a few cosmetics that need to be fixed. One is my house is metal what is the best way to keep metal window seals from mirroring thru the paint and kilns?

    • Hi, Kathy,

      Danny says, “I would suggest lightly sanding, applying a shellac-based primer and then repaint. That should block out any problems that you’re having currently.

      Good luck!”

  2. do you encourage novice do-it-yourselfers to tackle projects alone ? Secondly, is linoleum roll out rugs better than tile when replacing an old floor ?? thx.ML

    • Hi, Mike,

      Homeowners should decide whether to go the DIY route based on a project’s complexity and their confidence of its completion.
      But there are times (due to a project’s complexity and other factors such as safety and local building codes) when it’s best for a professional to do the job.
      It really depends, project by project.

      Regarding the age-old linoleum vs. tile debate: There’s no perfect option. Linoleum is cheaper, more forgiving on your feet, and easier to maintain because there’s no annual re-grouting to worry about. Tiles can break, and linoleum generally is durable. But tiles are thought to be fancier and better complement window treatments and other accents.

      The homeowner needs to weigh the pros and cons and make the best decision for their home.

      Good luck!

  3. Where can I purchase ThermaTru Topcoat sealer. I have tried Lowes, who sells your doors, they tell me they cannot help me.
    Thanks for your time, Bob

  4. I need to have help Putting on new addition roof etc. I want to do as much as I can but need some help plans subs etc. The old days of just do it seems so far away any more

    • Hi, Robert, features home improvement advice from the nationally syndicated TV show “Today’s Homeowner” and its experts.
      We don’t offer information on individual home builders and suppliers, but we encourage checking your local phone listings for this information.

      Thanks for your question, and good luck!

  5. we watch the show and get ideas to make our home look more appealing not only to us but to inspire the neighbors to do something to their years too!

  6. If there a way to keep ants away without using chemicals? I have tried silica sand, crushed popcorn.. I havent tried vinegar yet but its next on the list.

  7. I have to say that I have learned a lot by watching the show. I have never owned a home so this is my first one and there is so many things that I have learned albeit I need a little help applying what I’ve learned.

    Thank you for the show and thank you for the newsletter as well.

  8. Would like to see more stories and shows featuring senior,disability challenged senior citizens and some stories from Tennessee

    • Hi, Gerald,

      Thanks for your suggestion! We are always looking for ways to better serve our fans and enhance the television show.
      I have forwarded your message to the “Today’s Homeowner” producer for consideration.

      Take care!

  9. I have a ceiling fan /light that is in great condition. The fan stopped working and I can’t find anyone to fix it because of the age The light still works. It is an 1992 model.

  10. I absolutely love your show. I watch every single show, even the reruns. I like that all of you have fun while working. I sometimes laugh out loud.
    Thanks for sharing your talents, tips and new product segments.

  11. I entered the sweepstakes, I don’t normally realize that could definately use this prize bravo I am impressed.

    Are there any videos about home improvement for wheelchair users or the mobility impaired? I’ve never been able to use our awesome garden tub… I don’t think 1,000 would cover that but I’d love more information about other home improvements that have the disabled or elderly in mind.

  12. I have been a fan of the show for years ( it’s how I spend that first half hour of my Saturdays!)
    I am looking forward to the day when Chelsea comes to my house ( Okay, Danny you can come too!) We have to come up with a good composite tongue and groove floor for our new porch! Open on 3 sides and on the south/weather side of the house…. Currently it is 4 old doors and old plywood…. We Need something much nicer… that won’t look like a DECK and hold up in Western New York winters when it is covered with snow! BUT IT MUST BE AFFORDABLE and that has been the problem so far 🙁 so we use it with the doors and plywood but it isn’t pretty! Oh, we will feed you and the crew too when you come! Chelsea and I can go antique hunting too!
    I didn’t select a tool in the raffle as the computer grabbed my contest entry too soon….shouldn’t hit the submit button till I am ready! We definitely could use that MITRE SAW! Keep up the great work…I enjoy the newsletters…

    • Hi, Anita! Thanks for entering the sweepstakes. Please re-submit your entry (there’s no limit on the number of entries) with an answer to the favorite-tool question; otherwise, the submission will be not be recognized as an official entry.
      Follow us on Facebook and enter our upcoming contests for a chance to appear on the show! (We have them periodically throughout the year.)
      You never know; Danny and Chelsea may make it to New York.
      Oh, and I will share your kind comments with the cast. 🙂

  13. Watch your show on TV 5 and follow the seasonal tips that apply. Have used some of your recommendations with success.Look forward to the newsletter in my email inbox. Means I’ve got a new project to tackle.

  14. I have been watching your show in my early teen years and enjoy your show always be educated and funny awesome of team members . 🎓🛠🌹🌷🌼🌻🌺🤗 thank you all

  15. Riobi is great gift, but I never win anything, thanks for the sweepstake. I like watching Today’s Homeowner I think it is a great show.

  16. As I am Preparing for my end of life this will be my last Christmas. I would love to surprise my son with this gift as medical bills and medicines have taken up most of my Christmas money. I am on disability and have been a widow for over 12 years now. My husband being a victim of 9-11-01. I have never been paid from that fun and he had no life insurance back then, he was too young. I hope you choose me as my son certainly deserves this as I prepare to share our last Christmas together. I would like him to be just like his dad. Thank you so much, all of my late husbands tools were stolen from our home we shared.

  17. I hope that I win this, I got sick and lost allot of my tools because I couldn’t pay the storage fees. This Honorably Discharged Navy Veteran medic who is now disabled can’t afford to buy and replace all the tools I lost (over $40,000.00 worth + a truck). I love your show and I make sure to be up at 0430 hours to watch it. Although I can’t do it for a living, I still love working with wood.

  18. Are you still looking for houses to update? We are a senior couple( 80 & 74). We have a nice sunroom attached to the back of the house which replaced a deck. We kept the sliding glass doors which are now out dated and would like to replace them, and also put in a hearth and wood burning stove to make the room a four season room.

    • Hi, Robert!
      We appreciate your interest in being on the show. Here is more information about that process:
      Today’s Homeowner tapes most episodes within 100 miles of Mobile, Alabama.
      However, throughout the year, we have contests that allow homeowners across the country the chance to receive a visit from Danny and Chelsea.
      Keep following us on Facebook, where we post announcements and qualifications for those contests.
      Take care!

  19. Lost all my tools in Hurricane Harvey.Under insured. Didn’t plan on 7 foot of water in house.Table saws,drills , electric screwdrivers,drill press,circular saws,sanders,levels,bottle jacks,tool chests,accessories to equipment.Bits,wrenches,too much to list.Too old to start over.Thanks for the opportunity.

  20. I love your show I’m always up before 4 a.m. in the morning on Sunday just to make sure I don’t miss the episode I learned a lot from you keep on doing a good job have a beautiful day.

  21. How exciting to have this contest for Christmas , thank you so much! I love watching your show and try to take away as many hints as I can for things that I could do . I always like to give it a try , girl power you know! Merry Christmas everyone !!!

  22. I wish I could fix and build things I’m working on learning all that I can to save myself money by learning the craft of being a home fixer upper. I’m a single mom with 3 kids and a older but modest home that I could do wonders with if I knew how to do it by myself and having the right tools to begin a project.. I watch this show every Saturday morning and I love getting great ideas.

  23. Love Ryobi tools have never had a issue with any of them in my collection thank you for a opertuneaty to win more of these awesome tools also I love your show I have learned a lot from watching your show I watch every week good job

  24. Enjoy your show. I watch it every week. I always seem to pickup a tip or two, thanks. Just signed up for you newsletter, looking forward to more info and tips.

  25. giving to my new homeowners is special way to say MERRY CHRISTMAS! If I win I will share my Wish Gift Tools to them too!
    MERRY HAPPY HOLIDAYS & thanks too! Dorothy

  26. love your show and hints. Since my spouse is age 90, I am the DIYer.
    Love the WORX tools to help get jobs. done.
    Keep up the good work, expecially love the new products, too.

  27. I look forward to watching your show every Sunday. Chelsea is amazing, and there seems to be no limit to Danny’s knowledge and expertise. Thanks for providing this helpful (and entertaining) program. Please let me win the $1000 of tools. &:>)

  28. Always enjoy the show and dvr it for reference. I’ve learned a lot from watching and will continue watching for more ways to repair and improve my home.

  29. I have followed Danny since his original HGTV days. Please show his and Chelsea’s episodes more often. I only get one per week in AUGUSTA, GA.
    I have an older house with plaster walls, original hardwood floors and MANY areas that need repairs/updating, so I never miss their show. Thanks for all the instructions and goodwill.

  30. I am hooked! I went into have my tire fixed at Quick Lane in Goodyear AZ to find your show on the screen there, I watched 3 episodes while waiting. Now I need to find out what channel you are on at my house. Also how in the world do I enter the contest for fixing things up at our home? Thank you!

    • Hi, Tammy!
      We’re glad you enjoyed the show. Thanks for the nice note. 🙂
      You can use this form to find the show in your area:

      We appreciate your interest in being on the show. Here is more information about that process:
      Today’s Homeowner tapes most episodes within 100 miles of Mobile, Alabama.
      However, throughout the year, we have contests that allow homeowners across the country the chance to receive a visit from Danny and Chelsea.
      Keep following us on Facebook, where we post announcements and qualifications for those contests.
      You never know, we just might make it to your hometown.
      Take care!

  31. I would love to win this sweeps. Since husband suffered a fall the beginning of this year, home maintenance has fallen on my not-too-capable hands. New tools and using you as a resource would help a whole lot!

  32. Love your show. Actually learn a lot, but wish I had the confidence to put what I learn into action. Love the rapport between Danny and Chelsea; they’re delightful.

  33. The highlight of my husband and my Saturday mornings is to watch your show! It’s fun to watch the transformation of many homes.
    I have submitted an entry in the “Tools under my tree give away,” in hopes my hubby can start building his own supply of tools. He has worked as a building trades teacher for 26 years at our local high school and will be retiring in May 2019. He plans to continue working construction and can really use tools!!!!!

  34. My husband is a great fix it man and has taken up woodworking in retirement. But, he can’t do it all. I would like some help in our very outdated bathroom. Huge vanity, old shower, old flooring, just needs a major facelift. Do you ever come to Wisconsin? Our house was built in the 70’s and still has a 70’s bathroom. Just watched your show less than 5 minutes ago. Love it!!!!

    • Hi, Kathy!
      Glad you enjoyed watching “Today’s Homeowner.” We appreciate your interest in being on the show. Here is more information about that process:
      Today’s Homeowner tapes most episodes within 100 miles of Mobile, Alabama.
      However, throughout the year, we have contests that allow homeowners across the country the chance to receive a visit from Danny and Chelsea.
      Keep following us on Facebook, where we post announcements and qualifications for those contests.
      You never know, we just might make it to Wisconsin!
      Take care!

  35. love your show!! you show improvements that most people can afford to do thanks!! just wish it came on a little later 6 am on Saturday ?

  36. I enjoy watching your show every week. When watching you guys, even though some projects are difficult, you make it look so easy. Makes me feel anything is possible and I’m ready to get started.

  37. I have been a fan of the show since way way back. I look forward to watching every weekend. It would be nice to see Danny & Chelsea and the crew come to NH.

  38. Boy I’d love to win I just got engaged and this will be our first Christmas together and the tools would be the best gift for my fiancee. Love,love, love your shows very informational!

  39. I have watched this show for many years. I truely enjoy watching and learning from Danny and others. It’s a great Saturday show especially for DIY people like me.

    Thanks Dennis

  40. First off love the show, I’ve been helping my niece redo rooms in her home, I don’t own a home, hopefully one day, I make a sell crafts made from wood to help with my income to hopefully save money for a home. Great information to help everyone do the work themselves. Thank you

  41. We record your show so we can look back at all the great tips and ideas. It’s delightful to watch. We just bought a house 3 years ago and I am still building my work shop up. It would be great to add a jigsaw or circular saw to my tools.

  42. We love your show we watch it everytime an episode airs and we our 1st time homeowners and we need your help were in sacramento please help.

  43. Wow, you all really make home repair and updating look easy enough for almost anyone to handle. Great show! Thank you for all you do….making American Home ownership easier.

  44. I really hope and wish I win this. I was struck down by a virus that tail spinned me into Congestive Heart Failure. I had to place over $45,000.00 dollars worth of tools and a 1 ton box truck (est. worth of $25,000.00), into storage which later I lost because I couldn’t work then couldn’t pay the storage fees. I lost 1 tool, a PowerMatic 10ft 6in. Aluminum Bending Break eat. value of $1500.00 with the coil table and cutter and so many more tools. I cannot work full time anymore but I do make lawn ornaments, and occasionally I find a small finish job I can do. Winning this package would take away some of the burden of obtaining some of the tools I lost and need. Thank you for your consideration.

  45. Thanx for the great contest and an awesome prize. I only get to access your show through the internet anymore. Don’t know why I cant find you in my market. DFW is pretty big.

  46. I have enjoyed the show for many years . I do wish it was on for an hour because Danny has a way of making home repairs easy and fun and it seems to short of time because you don’t want it to end.I hope the show will be in for many more years. Thank you for your time Randy Raynard

  47. I want to thank Danny and his daughter for great TV show we watch every week. We learn a lot and love their ideas. No sad story here, we just would love to win some tools as everyone knows how expensive they can be. Thank you all for the opportunity to enter this contest! God bless you guys!

  48. Love your show !!! Watch it on the weekends. I also Love the Father Daughter dynamics !!!!! Thank you for the oppertunity to win

  49. I get up early to watch your show. I admire how you two get along. I used to work with my dad. First he was the boss then I built my own company and hired him. He was in his 80s. He passed away at 90. I miss him. When I watch your show, it brings back happy memories. Thank you so much.

  50. Love the show! Started watching about 3 years ago. I tape the show every Saturday morning because it comes on early where I live. Taping it allows me to watch it while having my morning coffee. It is so satisfying to watch deserving homeowners get a little help fixing up their homes.

  51. I have been watching your show for years…..others have com and gone but you guys still roll !!! that’s because you are so down to earth with typical everyday people …have your show on auto record every week, and love what you do…keep up the fantastic work, Dave

  52. I really enjoy your show on Saturday mornings.
    We hope one day you can come to our home and help us with some projects here. We would really enjoy having you and your daughter Chelsea here. Happy Holidays to you and your families….

  53. My husband and I watch you and your daughter every Saturday in TV in Indiana. All of your tips are very user friendly and you don’t talk above an average person. Keep doing what you’re doing…we love it! God bless!

  54. I love your program it’s very helpful. I just been threw a divorce and was just about broke but I wanted a episode of your show worked to get a house of my own and it should close this week. You guys have gave me so many ideals. Now I just need time and money lol . Thank you so much for the ideals and keep them coming

  55. Wow! These tools would make all of my home improvement projects a lot easier! The correct tools would make all of the difference. I love your show. I really enjoy watching your projects.

  56. I love your program and get upset when it is preempted by football. I am helping my father-in-law with repairs on his log home. These tools would really come in handy.

  57. Great Show!
    Followed you for years. With all the weekly repeats on TV now it would be nice to view this show at a second time slot other than 05:00am Sunday in Phoenix, OTA TV.

  58. Love your show. Father and daughter working together is great if not funny at times. Reminds me of my father and I when I was little. I look forward to the show every weekend even if it is a repeat. Was wondering if you have any advice on removing rust off of asphalt singles from our metal chimney pipe. Only advice I get from the hardware store is replace them. Not feasible right now!

  59. Thank you for offering these tools. My wife and I are trying to help my Dad do some repairs to his 30 year old log home. He is 82 years old and needs some help. Blessings!

  60. LOVE your program as you make things look so easy! Would you like to take a trip to the Countryside of Nevada to help with a blank slate of a house? Would love to have you, but as I know you are so busy, winning the tools would really help me instead! Thank you!

  61. Hurricane Michael left me with hole in roof, 2 ft of drywall removed, mud on stained concrete floors. Outside area trashed. Courtyard and Bayside porch devistated. Salt water ruined all tools and killed all plants. May try to do trim work after drywall repair.
    Any help appreciated. List job too. Love your show.

  62. We just bought our first home!! I absolutely love watching your show because we are completely clueless new home owners and have already been hit hard with problems needing fixed. Your show shows us we can fix anything on our own and being home owners doesn’t have to be scary. Thank you so much for all your advice and help. This win would help us so much renting the tools to fix things is so exspensive! We have no tools yet, we’re getting things little by little!

  63. We just bought our first home!!! Your show helps us out so much with much needed advice and support. We’re clueless to how to fix anything. We have already had lots of things needeing fixed and updated , renting the tools is so exspensive. Winning this would be amazing and help us so much. We’re getting tools little by little. We need all of this to make our home our forever home! Thank you for all your help.

  64. I don’t have any questions for you. I just wanted to let you know I enjoy watching your show. I have been in the home remodeling/ building business for over 30yrs. Watching your show gives me ideas on how to repair the old farm house I rent. Thank you for the many years of knowledge that you’ve provided to me with your show!

  65. I love your show, it reminds me of working with my dad over the years. He taught me how to fix, build, and maintain houses and cars. I learn something new every episode. I want to give my husband the vacuum if I win, we finally get to move into our new house the week before Christmas and I hope to give him something nice. Merry Christmas!

  66. I entered my husband to win. He’s a humble man. He asked me to enter this (unusual for him). He lives your TV show & we listen on the radio. Thanks!

  67. Trying to remodel our home, and that miter saw would be an awesome upgrade! Doing lots of trim work, and will soon be working on the basement.

  68. I usually listen every Sunday to the radio broadcast while working in my shop. Lots of good tips and lively discussion points. Thanks.

  69. My wife and I enjoy your program each week. It’s encouraging to see how well your team gets along with one another. The pranks and joking around are a fun to watch and especially the way Danny and Chelsey carry on with each other. A great father daughter team. Thanks for the many years of service to the DYIers.


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