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  1. I’m hoping to find an old home to renovate to make it my home. With only getting $877.00 (SSI) a month to live on every month, I’ve been forced to live in dumps that the windows leak, not very well insulated, dealing with slum lords, and along with all this, I’ve lost $45,000.00 in tools, and a $25,000.00 1 ton box truck.

  2. I’m hoping to find an old home to renovate to make it my home. With only getting $877.00 (SSI) a month to live on every month, I’ve been forced to live in dumps that the windows leak, not very well insulated, dealing with slum lords.

  3. I record your show every time it is on. I have learned so much. Love Chelsea. I am 67 and would love her to come and teach me how to properly use my tools. Love the tools I have. I play all the tine. I have a honey do list like a roll of toilet paper. LOL. Anyway thanks for your show.

  4. I have just starting watching your program on (season 15) Amazon Prime and have gotten so much from it so far! I am so looking forward to the spring when I will be able to get out and apply what I’ve learned! I feel Danny and crew empower the ladies to take on challenges keep it up!!!!

  5. I enjoyed your episode on scraping a popcorn ceiling. I I find myself having to do this in the future and the episode was very helpful. Thank you

  6. I have been a single mother for years and years, borrowing my Step-Fathers tools as well as my fathers. This would be of good use on a daily basis. I actually like fixing things. RYOBI tools would be right up my ally. Thank you

  7. Thank you for the opportunity I literally have no tools I just became a single mom of 5 so I am learning to do everything my self it would be a blessing to win so I can fix my truck.

  8. 1st I think ryobi is one of the best
    2nd it would be great to win this
    Thanks for the opportunity and happy holidays to you all

  9. Wow tbis is such a great viveaway would absolutely love it im sure everyone would haha thank u so much for tbe oppurtunity good luck to all and happy holidays!!

  10. Wow this is such a great giveaway would absolutely love it im sure everyone would haha thank u so much for the oppurtunity good luck to all and happy holidays!!

  11. Have a 100 yr old farm house, updated many times!! Hate that butt ugly drop ceiling!! I want to get rid of it!!
    Love your show

  12. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this sweepstakes. Having the right tool for the many projects around the house will help get the job done in a timely manner.

  13. Thanks for this sweepstakes. I would love to get rid of my old and clumsy shop vac. Such a pain to handle. Just turned 70 and need all the help I can get!!

  14. God, I could use a new tool set. I have a whole house remodel at my place after New year (with a bad back). Then a new replacement deck too. All that with my old Ridgid tools set from 1999 & NiCad batteries….. So hell yeah, I’d love to win this Ryobi set!!

  15. This would be great to remodel our master bedroom. My wife has been hinting to making a porch. But want to surprise her by going above what she is thinking.

  16. Since my heart surgery last year,I have let things go further than they should have. New tools would help make jobs easier. My wife and I are looking forward to retirement and would love to these repairs done so we can enjoy our time together.

  17. Entered …. Need all the help I can get…get’s frustrating at times….remodeling my Kitchen & Pantry& Laundry Room& Powder Room, so much work!! I’m sure the right tools would make everything so much better. Good luck everyone

  18. Just trying to get the house in shape for my retirement! T minus 15 years! it’s going to take that long to tighty up! Fix the fence, the chicken coop, paint the house, lot’s more! thanks for the chance to do it quicker! LOL Good Luck everyone! hope you all win something 🙂

  19. Were downsizing and have a few projects to finish to get the most out of our current home so we can buy a smaller home without a mortgage. New tools would be a blessing for the projects at this house and for what we will need to do at the smaller house.

  20. Too many critters under the carport I built – time to enclose it & turn it into a garage & workshop. New tools would help a LOT for this & future projects.

  21. I retired 3 years ago and doing projects for family and friends cordless tools would achieve more . corded tools do the job but this would be awesome. todays homeowner airs Saturdays at 4:30 am on kwqc from Davenport Iowa. I never miss an episode.

  22. How I would love to give this to my husband. We could really use this to get started on our home. Thank you so much for the chance.

  23. My dog is getting old and cannot get up the stairs,with these tools I can build a ramp so my dog can get up and down easy.

  24. New tools would make adding a lean to roof onto my barn much easier. I’ve been eyeballing this project for the last several years. It looks fairly daunting.

  25. Kids Learning Carpentry, LLC is our family business in Raleigh NC. We offer individual, parent-child, and small group lessons to kids of all ages. We are seeking sponsorship from Today’s Homeowner. Response to our business has been overwhelming. Parents want their children to learn carpentry and basic maintenance skills. My wife and I have over 20 years of teaching experience and tailor our carpentry lessons up or down depending on the age and skill set. We even teach children as young as two! Please consider sponsoring our business: Kids Learning Carpentry, LLC building a child’s confidence one tool at a time!
    Carl and Cassie Robbins

  26. I live in the mountains of SE New Mexico where every project is a DIY Project. It is a 90 minute drive to just get milk and bread, so if something needs to be repaired, even with Heart Failure and 11 Back surgeries, guess who the contractor is? You got it. They could be a real help.

  27. New tools would really help with fixing all the damage this contractor did to my house 25000$ worth of work ,now I don’t have enough money to finish any of it

  28. I record your show and love it. I enjoy Danny’s humor, Chelsea’s knowledge and everyone on the show. My husband and I have learned so much, like removing a popcorn ceiling. Our next DIY project is gutting our main bathroom. Ryobi tools would help tremendously. My first purchase was a Ryobi battery weed wacker. Then my husband bought one too. Thank you for the Sweepstakes opportunity!

  29. I was put on disability 10 years ago and I’m trying to get into wood working tools are expensive so anything would help me thanks for giving me this opportunity to maybe win good luck to all

  30. Some new tool would help making my home improvement go alot easier and faster. Can’t wait to see my new kitchen and front bathroom.

  31. Being the winner of these tools is like winning
    Twice. 1st I get to win quality tools.
    2nd I get a chance to do quality work
    To be able to install my new windows.
    Thank you.

  32. My husband and I are both wood workers. Were blessed enough to have manual tools, but for some of our projects we have to borrow power tools and that can be a pain.
    Winning this would be so wonderful, I couldn’t imagine having this luxury.

  33. This would be such a grand gift. I would be able to build my dream garage and have quality tools that can withstand the job, not too mention great for the actual building and the inside shelving and tables. Have all kinds of ideas on my space.

  34. I would love to win these tools because:

    1. My 50+ year old home needs a LOT of repair work, both indoors and outdoors.
    2. I need the best tools possible because I’m terrible at home repair. Top notch tools are the only chance I have of doing a decent job.

  35. I have a home that has the double paned multi windows and a backyard full of trees and birds, including hummers, so my kitty needs a perch window built. These tools would be awesome to win!!

  36. Looking forward to being a handywoman in 2019. Hope to install crown molding, build a mail drop / shoe storage cabinet and a sofa table with storage for my little fixer upper home. I’m grateful for the opportunity to win some great Robi tools. Thank you 😘

  37. We have bought a 1904 Depot building and are moving it to our lot and are going to turn it into our house. It will have 11ft. 4in. ceilings . We are turning the old counter into our island. There is writing on the walls from the 1909 time frame with names and dates. No graffiti. LOL. I plan to make a wall out of these.

  38. Due to high cost of houses, we moved into a very old house with plans my grown son would do the projects needed. Unfortunately, he got hurt and can’t do the work. I will give it a go and hopefully the great new Ryobi tools will help me do a good job. Thanks for the opportunity !

  39. We’ve got some Ryobi one plus tools and this is a great opportunity to keep building on that line! We want to replace an existing elevated hunting shack, creating an elevated tree house/hunting cabin. This would really help because there is no power in the woods and hauling a generator is inconvenient!

  40. I’ve been watching the show for a couple of years now. It has inspired me to tackle several projects around my house. Please keep the show going I love it.

  41. We are going to do a complete kitchen remodel in the next few months. These tools would come really handy for our huge project. Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. My favorite show! So nice watching a dad and daughter working together and helping so many homeowners. Don’t lawn tools to adult children, or you may be like us and not even have a drill ! Winning Ryobi tools would make our 2019 very productive! HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. 🔨 ✏️🔌

  43. My wife and I watch your show first thing on Sunday mornings while drinking our coffee. We just love the show and I get great ideas for my own projects.

  44. I absolutely love your show! My ex-husband told me about it so I could watch it because I am always trying to do Home Improvement to my house. Your show is very inspiring and gives me confidence to do things myself and to also get great ideas. Thank you so much for having a show like this to help people like me have the confidence to try things on their own.

    • Hi, Wayne! Thanks for entering the contest.
      We recommend using smaller photos (images that are 10 megabytes or less) for best results.
      Take care.

  45. We LOVE YOUR SHOW BUT WE STILL NEED HELP . IT’S Scarey to do a big project without real supervision. Congratulations to you for going to be a grandpa AGAIN. From Levittown PA

  46. Danny please choose one of our projects. We will definitely provide a lot of laughs. We lack knowledge on remodeling things. Willing to learn Pick us. George and Gail Westmoreland

  47. My wife and I love your show because it features practical, affordable, common-sense repairs and upgrades. Not like most other home improvement shows where you have to hock a kidney to get anything done. Keep up the great work.

  48. I just appreciate the ideas you share and the everyday average people that you help. It always amazes me how you can make simple repairs and upgrades and turn them into finished fabulous projects. Thank you from Northeast Michigan. The Sunrise Side!

  49. I love your show, the projects that you work on has given me pointers on how to do my repairs, your show is very informative.
    I can handle small Jo’s that doesn’t require lifting, as I am disabled.

  50. I enjoy watching your show very early on Sat. morning in Tulsa.
    Since moving here a couple of years ago from the Eastern USA I have done a lot of “updates” to my house but still a few to go. I have new lights for kitchen and new ceiling fans for rooms that need them, just need them installed.

    Would love to get it all done before my 80th. this summer.

  51. Would be awesome to see you guys! I have a couple more repair options to choose from but, their wasn’t enough room on the entry form to add them. Would be grateful for your help!

  52. I enjoy the show, the humor, the tips, the visual instruction is very helpful and definitely takes away the potential intimidation for home improvement projects.

    I entered the “Win Danny & His Crew” contest, however, my projects must’ve been too much as my picture(s) couldn’t be added. May be another time.🤷🏽‍♂️

  53. We moved in our home almost 5 years ago, and said all the renovations we needed to do were in the 5 year plan, we are almost done except for our outdoor living space, it hasn’t be updated since the 90’s. My husband was always my Mr.Fixit in fact in our last neighborhood, he would always help out our neighbors, when something broke down that they would call and ask if my Randyman could stop over, that their something or other wasn’t working.
    He was always my Mr Fixit, but do to illnesses he can no longer do most of the stuff.

  54. Thanks for the opportunity! I have pictures, but the site wouldn’t let me send them. Let me know if you need pictures from me. This would truly be life-changing for me! 🙂

    Thanks Again!

  55. I watch and listen to your show every chance I get. I have actually been on the show over the phone as you answered a “how to” question for me. We really could use your advice on how to repair our deck surface (see the picture) that has a coating that is no longer manufactured. Hope to meet you in person and find a solution. Best Regards Bill G

  56. Saturday is the only day I can really sleep in. But I don’t. 4:30 AM. Time to watch you guys have fun. I especially love when things don’t go quite as planned. Lol. Welcome to real home improvment. Thanks guys!

  57. Love your show. Very simple and creative solutions to need/desire of homeowner. Love the way Danny and his daughter work together. Reminds me of the relationship between my daughter and myself. My daughter, by the way is an Interior Designer with her own Interior Design business in Little Rock, Arkansas.

  58. I watch your show almost every Sunday at 1pm! Love the father-daughter duo! You both bring wisdom and joy to others around you. Thank you for putting on an educational program that is fun to watch for our whole family! If we win we would be delighted to have you in our home. I also tried to attach pictures of our home and the site wouldn’t upload. We have a single story Log home that could use a little TLC with some interior improvements.

  59. This would be the best to have my kitchen upgraded and windows done.. So much cold air comes in around the windows; So yes a blessing to get it done.. And Thank You for the chance Norma

  60. My husband and I watch your show faithfully , we are young 1st time home buyers with a older home and blue carpets throughout the home and we would love for your team to help us upgrade this feature for our family.

  61. I watch your show every Saturday. I learn so much and enjoy watching the makeovers. Having you show up on a Saturday morning, ready to tackle our garage and back yard would be such a blessing. Please help us check these items off of our “to do” list.

  62. Your show comes. on. Sunday morning so it’s our ritual to watch my wife gets her I Was Thinking ideas from your show. We have flipped a few homes and bought 2 for our own and every house something was taken from one of your shows. It’s a great show.

  63. 5:00am Sunday’s!!! Don’t miss a show. Getting ready for work, leaving home with a smile when it’s over!!! You can learn a lot!! Thank you.

  64. Good to see how many people enjoy watching and learning from Danny & Chelsea – I love the Simple Solutions segment that Joe does. Good luck one and all.

  65. I work on weekends, as I get dressed for work every Saturday morning I watch your show. I got the idea for my grandsons treehouse from your show. I could really use your help!

  66. I have wanted to fix our living space ever since we have built in 2011. we have a 10 x 12 “corner space” for our living room. I can barely arrange a sofa and love seat here, so I have forgotten about things like end tables, coffee tables, plants, lazy butlers, mirrors and I do not even want to mention Christmas. I just re-arrange everything to make the tree fit. And then everything is all discombobulated around Christmas time. So frustrating. So I think if we could close in our attached garage we could have a defined entry and dinning space as well as the additional room of a proper family living area. My only reservation is the loss of security and protection that our garage provides our vehicles. but I believe enclosing the garage would totally be worth it. Thanks for all yall’s help. I love TH!

  67. I get up early every Sunday morning to watch your show, would not miss it! In addition to learning, I love the personalities!

  68. I love this show because it shows how the everyday person can make real improvements to their home. Other home improvement shows are not for the real and average homeowner. I learn something new every episode.

  69. Love the show & love Chealsea.
    Great idea’s for the kitchen & bathroom cabinets.Chelsea is awesome.
    Just having ur daughter is great.
    How to use the tools safely.
    Makes it easier.Il not @ home TV is recording.
    Thank you Danny & Chealsea.

  70. Watching your show is like watching “friends “ do the projects. So personable and so many terrific ideas. Thank-you!

  71. Thank you for a fun show. You’re projects and tips have given me the courage to tackle some of the jobs I’ve been putting off.

    Thanks agan!

  72. We just discovered your show on Netflix two weeks ago. We’ve been sort of binge watching . Found out about the current contest when I went online to find the four seasons maintenance checklists. My wife and l really enjoy watching, and we’ve been learning so much, and gaining confidence to attempt some repairs on our home. Thank you!


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