Plastic shopping bags stored in an empty tissue box.
An empty tissue box is great for storing plastic shopping bags for reuse.

Plastic shopping bags are great to have on hand and can be reused in a number of ways, but it can be difficult to store them neatly.

One solution is to put plastic bags in an empty tissue box. Simply push the plastic bags into the box, and then pull the bags out one at a time as they are needed.

Since plastic bags take up very little space when compacted, a tissue box will hold 20 to 30 bags. Watch this video to find out more.

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Joe Truini: No matter where you shop these days, chances are you’re going to come home with lots of small plastic bags. The problem is, what do you do with them?

It’s a waste to just toss them out. In most communities, you can’t recycle them. So the best thing is to reuse them. But then how do you store them neatly? Well, here’s one idea.

Use an empty facial tissue box. Just take—here you see I’ve already got about 10 or 12 of them in there now. And you just—when you’re done emptying your groceries or your goods, you just take them and stuff them into the box.

Here’s another 10, so you can see how easily this box will take at least 20 bags. You can probably fit 30 or 40 in there because they compact really tightly once you get all the air squeezed out of them. You just shove them in there—just one or two at a time. There.

Now, the nice thing about this idea is not only are the bags stored conveniently and neatly, but when you’re ready to—if you’re going to use a bag, you want to take one out, you just pull it out one at a time—just like a tissue—and you’re ready to go.

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