Save Storage Space with the Racor Ladder Lift

Using the rope and pulley on the Racor Ladder Lift to lift a ladder up to the ceiling.

The Racor Ladder Lift makes it easy to store ladders out of the way against the ceiling of your garage or shed. Here’s how it works:

  1. Attach the fixed hook and pulley securely to the ceiling.
  2. Place one end of the ladder on the hook.
  3. Raise the other end of the ladder up to the ceiling using the pulley system and rope.

The 8 to 1 mechanical advantage of the pulley makes raising an 80 pound ladder feel like you’re only lifting 10 pounds.

Racor makes a similar ceiling mounted pulley system to store bikes out of the way as well. Watch this video to find out more.

Further Information

Joe Truini: All right, Craig, I’ve seen a lot of really cool home storage products here, I understand you have something new for keeping ladders out of the way.

Craig Zurko: We do, ladders are the number one problems of consumers.

Joe Truini: I’m not a bit surprised.

Craig Zurko: They’re large, they’re bulky.

Joe Truini: Yeah.

Craig Zurko: And really tough to store them. What we’ve got here today, is the Racor Ladder Lift.

Joe Truini: The Ladder Lift?

Craig Zurko: Yes.

Joe Truini: Well, my ladder is outside right now, so I think I might be interested in this product.

Craig Zurko: We’ll see if we can get your ladder inside.

Joe Truini: All right.

Craig Zurko: We got a rope and pulley on one side.

Joe Truini: Right.

Craig Zurko:  And a fixed hook on the other side. And, we, uh, we just pull this rope to the side here. And we’re able to lower… Lower the ladder here. And if you accidentally let go of the rope, it automatically catches.

Joe Truini: Ah, very nice. Now, this is similar to the bike rack you have with the pulley system, only you have all the pulleys in one location.

Craig Zurko: That’s right.

Joe Truini: But it’s the same basic system where…

Craig Zurko: It is.

Joe Truini: …the pulleys, a lot of pulleys do much of the work.

Craig Zurko: Right. So in this particular case, there’s an eight-to-one mechanical advantage. So an 80-pound ladder would only feel like 10 pounds.

Joe Truini: Wow, that’s great.

Craig Zurko: Yeah. It’s tremendous.

Joe Truini: What’s the capacity of the Ladder Lift?

Craig Zurko: So you can put up to 150 pounds on this. Ladders aren’t going to be a challenge.

Joe Truini: Can I try cranking it up?

Craig Zurko: Absolutely.

Joe Truini: Oh, yeah, that’s like a breeze.

Craig Zurko:  Yeah.

Joe Truini: And again, because you’re only lifting half the ladder.

Craig Zurko: Yup.

Joe Truini: And now when is this going to be available, and how much does it cost?

Craig Zurko: Sure, it’s June 2012, that’s this year, about $50.


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