Overhead Storage Rack

It can be hard to find a place to store lumber that is out of the way while at the same time accessible. To solve this problem, overhead storage racks can be made using ¾” metal pipe and fittings.

Here’s what you’ll need to make each set of two racks. You can use either galvanized or black metal pipe, whichever is cheaper. The length of the pipe can be adjusted to suit your needs:

  • 4 – ¾” x 18” threaded metal pipe
  • 2 – ¾” x 10” threaded metal pipe
  • 4 – ¾” 90° metal pipe elbows
  • 2 – ¾” pipe flanges

To assemble the racks, start by screwing a flange to the bottom of one of the 18” pieces of pipe.

Next, attach an elbow to the other end of the piece of pipe.

The 10” pipe then screws into the other end of the elbow.

Another elbow is screwed into the end of the 10” pipe.

To complete the rack, screw the other 18” pipe to the elbow, followed by the second flange.

Once the racks are complete, attach them to the ceiling joists using 2” long screws.

The distance between the racks can vary depending on what you plan to store on them.


  1. Hey John, You’d be surprised just how strong four 2-inch-long screws are. I’m confident it would hold at least 100 pounds of lumber.–Joe T.

  2. While this certainly will work, it’s hardly cost efficient compared with just purchasing an overhead ceiling hook. You get the same result, with arguable easier access (from each side, versus having to slide boards back and forth to remove). Plus, it’s far cheaper. I guesstimate that the threaded pipe solution costs upwards of $20-$30 for each hook, versus $10 for the ceiling hooks at Home Depot.

  3. The garage ceiling is a second story floor which has I-beams for joists. The top and bottom rails are not even 2″ thick, and the center web is 1/2″ thick. What are the rules for boring into these?

  4. They’re ideal foor storing pool chemicals, pool toys, accessories,
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