How to Install a Track Storage System in Your Closet

If you need more storage, consider installing an adjustable metal track closet system.

Track systems offer much more storage space than a standard hanging rod and shelf, and they can be easily rearranged to meet your changing needs.

Here’s how to install this popular system:

  • Remove the existing shelf and rod from your closet.
  • Lay the track storage components out on the floor and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to see how they fit together.
  • Use a stud finder to locate and mark the position of studs on the closet wall.
  • Secure the horizontal track to the back wall near the ceiling with toggle bolts where there aren’t any studs, and wood screws where there are some.
  • Position the vertical standards on the wall every 24 inches or less, and secure them to the wall using toggles or screws.
  • Use a hacksaw, bolt cutters, or reciprocating saw to cut the wire shelves to length.
  • Mount the shelf supports on the standards.
  • Position the wire shelves, hanging rods, and wire baskets on shelf supports where desired.

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to install a track storage system in your closet.


  1. Am loving your website, Thank you! would love it more if there were more readable articles and not all videos.. some of us don’t have fast downloading video capabilities..

    • Hi Toby,
      Glad to hear you like our website. In addition to over 800 videos, we have 900+ articles on our website as well. To find them, click on “Home Improvement” or “Lawn & Garden” on the top navigation, and look for the ones that do not have “video” in the category list. You can find a list of our featured articles at

  2. We had wire shelving in my old kitchen space and absolutely resented them! Everything that was not wide enough to easily span three wires had a habit to tumble over if not structured correctly. And, whenever something did pour, it went right to the floor…making everything beneath it filthy and sticky on the way down! When we built our flood pantry in the cellar, we put in wood shelving…I Love them and, when we get to it, our new corner kitchen will probably also have wood shelving.

  3. I need instructions on how to add baskets to my track storage systems.
    My tenants left them and I took them down a year ago and now I am having trouble re installing them in my garage
    an apartment and I am unable to install them. I may be missing some parts, but I dont know.

    • Hi, Marsha,
      Thanks for reading! We’re glad to hear you enjoyed this project.
      We are always working on projects, and receive tons of similar requests; unfortunately, we do not have individual plans available for distribution.
      Take care,


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