How to Build a Built-in Bookcase in Your Home

Completed DIY built-in bookcase.
Completed DIY built-in bookcase.

A custom built-in bookcase offers space to store and display everything from books to pictures to movies. It was constructed from medium density fiberboard (MDF) with a 2×4 base to raise it up off the floor. Watch this video to find out more.


  1. I have an 18×18 bedroom (not much space). However – I have a CA king bed which sits in front of my window. I’m trying to find some one (@ a very discounted price) to build me some shelves above the windows and on the sides – so that I can store my personal items on my side my husband can store his items on his side. Do you think you can assist us with this project? Again – we don’t have much money – therefore – can you help. Thanks, Jeanette Simmons

  2. Hello,
    I really enjoyed your video building the built in shelves. I need a hand. Looking at the video I was wondering how you completed the corner cabinet. Are there any plans or directions on how to create that corner cabinet? Where the doors on that cabinet store bought or were they built too? Thanks a lot for your time.

    Raleigh, NC

  3. Hi Will,
    The corner cabinet was built in place because it was too large to move into the room and the corner wasn’t perfectly square. Essentially I attached cleats to the two walls and built off of them. The base was constructed from a 2 X 4 frame like the other pieces. Unfortunately there are no plans since it was built to fit the space as I went. The doors were purchased from a local cabinet shop….by that point I was ready to be finished and they could do much faster. Good Luck!


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