Hole Storage

Sometimes a hole is more than a hole; it’s a storage solution. For example, a 1×4 piece of wood mounted horizontally on the wall is perfect for screwdriver storage if it has well spaced, correctly sized holes drilled in it. The same concept works for nut drivers and chisels, but you’ll want slightly larger holes. A well-placed hole can also be a great mounting point for an articulating arm lamp. And finally, a really novel idea: store glue bottles upside down by drilling a hole in a shelf that’s slightly larger than the glue applicator end. This way the glue is ready to go when you are.


  1. While looking for some tips on setting up a garage work table, I came across this site. Super! What a bunch of really helpful hints and projects for the home. This is tops on my bookmarks today! Thanks for creating it. I have a kitchen back splash project coming up when my tiles come it. Your hints on doing this task sure came in handy as well. You make everything look so simple! Once again…thanks!!!

  2. I was looking for a screwdriver rack for my husbands workshop for christmas and am looking forward to making this for him tomorrow while he is at work. He has one of these made of wood with a strip of paper across the front with size labels for his spade(?) bits (heck, maybe it was for screwdrivers and he just uses it for those bits) that was made by Craftsman about 30 or so years ago that he enjoys. I had thought about just making one like this for him and now that I see it here I’ll do just that! Thanks so much for the great idea!

  3. You’re very welcome, LouAnn, and thanks for writing. I’m sure your husband will be very surprised–and grateful–to have a customized tool shelf in his shop. Happy Holidays!–Joe T.


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