How to Build a Space-Saving Storage Trundle

A storage trundle allows you to keep extra bedding, toys, or other items neatly stored and out of sight under a bed.

Here’s how to build one of your own to match the style and décor of your space.


(Length of cuts will depend on the size of your bed)

  • Three-quarter-inch thick sheet of plywood (cut to 1½ inches less than the width and 1½ inches less than the depth of your bed)
  • (4) 1-by-10 cuts of lumber 
  • (4) Non-swiveling casters
  • Pocket hole jib
  • 1¼-inch Pocket hole screws
  • Handle for pull point

Hand using fingers to grab a nylon string chalk line on a piece of plywood to be used as the base for a storage trundle
A chalk line is the easiest way to mark a straight line for cutting plywood. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Measure and Cut Lumber

First, measure beneath the bed where you plan to use the storage trundle. The dimensions of the trundle should be slightly less than the width, depth and height of the space available. 

We’re using a three-quarter-inch thick sheet of plywood for the base for the structure. It should be cut at 1½ inches less than the width and 1½ inches less that the depth of the space available. 

View of the bottom of a storage trundle with casters
The scrap blocks on the bottom ensure each side is spaced three-quarters of an inch beyond the plywood bottom. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Assemble Trundle

With a pocket hole jig, drill pocket holes in the bottom side of the plywood every 12 inches or so around the perimeter to secure the 1-by-10 sides.

Mount the sides flush with the bottom of the plywood or extend them below it to conceal the castors.

In this case, we want the side to extend three-quarters of an inch below the plywood bottom. To simplify this assembly, lay three-quarter-inch scrap blocks on the bottom of the plywood as spacers to position the sides, before driving the pocket screws into place to secure them. 

Also, use pocket hole screws to secure the corners where the sides meet each other. 

When the castors are secured to the bottom of the trundle, align them so that the unit rolls perfectly straight.

Drill using a spade drill bit to create a hole for a pull point on a storage trundle side
We use a spade drill bit to create holes for the pull point hardware. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Add Pull Point

On the outward-facing side of the trundle drawer, drill two symmetrically spaced one-inch holes to serve as a pull point for the drawer. 

Once the unit is painted or stained to match the bed, it’s ready to use. 

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