Complete Closet Makeover

Typical closets contain little more than a clothes rod with a shelf above it. To provide better use of the space, a complete closet makeover can be turned over to a company that specializes in organizational solutions.

The process begins with a consultant coming to the home to measure the closet and determine the homeowner’s needs. A laptop computer with special CAD software is used to design and layout the closet.

Prefinished components are then selected and cut to size in the shop before being delivered to the home. Installation starts with a support track being mounted on the back wall. Vertical dividers hang from the track and are topped by a fixed shelf. The closet components—including clothes rods, drawers, pullout baskets, and adjustable shelves—are installed between the dividers.

A custom professional makeover for your closet can run more than $1,000. If that’s a little steep for your budget, you can do the work yourself using stock materials that are available at home improvement centers.

Further Information

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  1. Hello,
    I am desperately in need of a closet make-over. I purchased a 1929 Meditterean Home in 2000. And this house has very limited closet space, and in need of a make-over. I do not know if I qualify for any thing seeing that I have appeared on “Restore America” a Scrips Network back in 2003? Please advise me.

    Jonathan Grier


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