Beveled Cleat Pegboard Hanger

Pegboard is great to have in any garage or shop to hang your tools on, but to make it work properly you need to put wooden cleats around the back of it. The cleats allow the pegboard to remain off the wall so that you have room to put the hooks in.

To easily install the pegboard on the wall:

  • Set the blade on table or circular saw to 45 degrees.
  • Rip a 1×4 lengthwise into two pieces.
  • Attach one piece to the wall with the bevel facing up, making sure to drive the screws into the studs.
  • Take the second piece and screw it to the back of the pegboard with the bevel facing down.
  • Simply drop the pegboard into the first cleat that you hung on the wall.

The 45-degree angles on each piece should easily fit together and lock the pegboard assembly in place.


  1. If using the cleat to hang the peg board, does this eliminate the need to use the furring strips on the back of the peg board? If so, won’t the peg board warp?


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