How to Transform Your Desk into a Pantry

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How to create extra storage space in a kitchen

Listener Questions

Danny Lipford and Joe Truini
The Best Way to Prep for Your Next Tiling Project

Lynda in Florida wants to know the best way to tile over her laminate flooring.

The Perfect Tool for a Sticky Subfloor

Stephen in Alabama is fighting his subfloor. A tar-like substance is holding down particleboard. He needs to know what the best method would be to remove it.

Reviving a Door Worn down by the Sun

Katheryn in Arizona wants to save her beautiful solid ash doors from the brutal Arizona sun.

Are You Overwhelmed by Snow? Try This!

Julie from Wyoming has to deal with snow build-up year after year. She says her house acts as a large snow fence and wants to know if there is a way to prevent it from happening.

From Desk to a Pantry in a Few Simple Steps

Dottie from Georgia has a unique project idea of turning her kitchen desk into a pantry.

Simple Solutions

How Many Ladders Does It Take to Paint a Stairwell?

Painting the interior of your home isn’t particularly difficult unless you have to paint a stairwell, which typically has 12 to 16 ft. tall walls and ceiling. The trick is to use two ladders. 

Here’s how to use a garden hose to lay out a curved or serpentine-shaped pathway.

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