Duracell Optimum Batteries: The Best Portable Power

AA batteries lined up in a row
Not all batteries created equal. (DepositPhotos)

Batteries are a hot commodity during Christmastime and into the new year.

If you’ve ever gotten a present with that dreaded warning label, “batteries not included,” you know how important it is to have batteries on hand, and ones that last a long time.

That’s the idea behind Duracell’s new Optimum alkaline battery. They have a new cathode system that gives your devices extra life. Remote controls can run longer and flashlights can shine brighter with that extra power. 

Plus, say goodbye to loose batteries — these are packaged with a new slider pack and a resealable storage tray!

For more information on the Duracell Optimum Alkaline Batteries log on to homedepot.com.


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