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A front door is a great focal point of your home. A new homeowner wants hers to stand out but the stain she applied isn’t soaking in. What could be causing this to happen and what she can do to get her door looking great.

Also, Listen to learn about the best tools to keep an ideal level of humidity inside your home.

And, Joe has a simple solution that will keep all of your safety tools organized and within eyesight.

Listener Questions

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Damp Garage Floor During Muggy Weather
Barbara from West Virginia – “My garage floor sometimes looks like it is wet, especially during muggy weather. I would like to know if there is some way to seal it. I was told that anything I put on top would peel off when it got damp again. I’ve tried laying down rugs, etc. but it gets damp underneath. Any suggestions? ”

Planning for a Retirement Home
Linda from Texas – “My husband and I purchased our retirement home (built in 1978) in fall of 2017. We’ve been steadily making updates/improvements to make the home “ours”. The kitchen update project is on our radar. We have some ideas but could use your help with planning, which seems huge.”

Too Much Moisture/Humidity from Outside Vent
Ronald from Virginia – “In the summertime humidity comes through the outside vent into the dryer. It’s enough to cause moisture in the drum. The vent is about 30ft long to the outside and has a plastic flap. How can I prevent the moisture from forming in the dryer drum?”

Oil-Based Stain Not Drying
Kirsten from Texas – “I’m staining my front door with an oil-based stain. The interior side worked well and looks beautiful, but the small amount of stain I applied on the outside is not drying and doesn’t appear to have soaked in much. I think the previous owner must have applied a clear coat of some kind on the exterior of the door. How do I remove the stain that I applied without harming the clear coat?”

Simple Solutions

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Safety Gear Storage
To make it easy to find your safety equipment—such as earplugs, dust masks, and safety glasses—store it in a gallon-size Zip-Lok bag.

Tiered Planter Boxes
Display your container planters by making a tier-stepped rack from precut stair stringers. Buy two pressure-treated stair-step stringers with as many steps as you have containers to display.

Best New Products

LED Indoor Easy Install Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

I don’t think anything makes a room feel as comfortable and homey as a great ceiling fan. But sometimes installing them makes rocket science seem simple. But the Channing Easy Install fan from Hunter is one of the easiest fans you will ever install.

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