How to Fix Peeling Pine Cabinets | Ep. 145

When repairing or refinishing cabinets, make sure they are clean before applying anything! (AdobeStock ©Iriana Shiyan)

This week on the Today’s Homeowner Podcast, we’re talking about how to fix a fan’s pine cabinets. They are painted pine and when they clean them, the paint is coming off.

“When I wipe them off there are pieces of paint that have come off,” a fan says. “What can I do to fix that? and if I decide to can I take all the paint off of my pine cabinets?” Skip to [23:44] to find out the answer!

Listen to the Today’s Homeowner Podcast for the answer to that along with more home improvement tips. Here are other topics featured in this episode:

  • Chelsea Lipford Wolf sits in for Joe Truini
  • Ways to keep the cold out of your home
  • If you need to seal uncovered concrete in the basement
  • How to fix a hairline fracture in your concrete foundation
  • Chelsea Lipford Wolf talks about an awesome Christmas gift idea for grandparents!

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Question of the Week

Q: My carport casts a shadow over the end of my driveway and the sidewalk in front of it. When the temperature gets cold enough, the driveway freezes and it’s dangerous for me and others to walk on it. What can I do to prevent this from happening?

A: One thing that will help is to create a texture on the surface of the concrete. The easiest way is to stain it! Staining concrete penetrates the pores of the concrete and will make it last longer.

Another way is to use a clear masonry sealer that you apply with a roller. If you use a masonry sealer, put a few handfuls of playground sand in it and mix it throughout the application. The texture will be similar to sandpaper to prevent an unwanted ice rink!

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