Organization Made Easy: How to Declutter in a Week! | Ep. 57

organizing clothes is an important part of decluttering
Have a packed closet? Remove unwanted clothes and shoes and donate them to free up some space. 

On this Week’s Podcast: 7-Day Decluttering Challenge

A decluttered home is a welcoming home — and it makes for a happy family, too!

Home organization doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you take it one day at a time. 

Here’s our seven-day guide to decluttering and organizing your home. 

Day 1: Empty your refrigerator; discard food and condiments that have expired.

Day 2: Clean and reorganize the kitchen pantry. Use plastic, color-coordinated bins and containers to create a consistent design.

Day 3: Clear out your kitchen sink cabinet. You can build a shelf on the floor and racks on the backs of the doors to boost storage. 

Day 4: Go through all your bookshelves; identify titles you haven’t read in a while (and won’t get around to reading) and donate any unwanted books. You decluttering can allow someone else to gain knowledge! 

Day 5: Have a packed closet? Remove unwanted clothes and shoes and donate them to free up some space. 

Day 6: Empty your bath vanity cabinet and medicine chest, clean them, and remove any empty or expired items. 

Day 7: Organize your kids’ rooms — use bins to keep toys out of sight and donate unwanted toys and books

Decluttering your home really is that easy! Give this challenge a try and let us know how it worked out in the comments below.

Also in this week’s podcast:

• A homeowner wants to swap out her electric outdoor lamps for natural gas ones. The process isn’t simple or inexpensive, but it can be done. 

• If you’ve ever finished painting and noticed the walls look like a cracked eggshell, you likely missed this important prepping step.

• Joe has a Simple Solution that makes woodworking and tape measure reading more efficient!

DIY Project of the Week: How to Improve Your Shelves’ Design

Sunroom bookshelves, painted and resurfaced

Most homes have builder-grade shelves that get the job done, but don’t enhance their interior design. 

Here are 4 ways to improve your shelves’ design and elevate any room’s appearance. 

Question of the Week

Deborah in Georgia writes, “I’m in an ’80s condo and want to remove the wall between my kitchen and dining room. How can I tell if the wall is load-bearing? I need countertop space!”

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  1. The most useful, realistic home improvement show on television. Period. Always relevant. None of the silly theatric arguments and budget fiascos of other shows. This is for real homeowners who want practical ideas. So very much appreciated. This show needs no alterations. Excellent. Thank you, Danny Lipford.

    • Thank you for the high praise, Christine! We’re glad to hear that you enjoy THTV.
      “This show needs no alterations” — our team loves to hear that.
      Thanks for watching! 🙂


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