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Did you know that clutter can lead to higher anxiety levels, inability to sleep, and trouble concentrating? Even more, clutter can even make you less productive and make you more likely to lounge excessively on the couch.

It doesn’t matter if you own the most quaint studio or the largest mansion; an unorganized home can feel out of control. Smartly designed home storage solutions can ensure everything in your home has its place and make your entire home feel stylish and comfortable. 

The Basics of Home Storage

The best way to improve storage in your home is to utilize unused space and define areas in your home. You can spruce up your home with these storage tips:

  • Create a designated space. If everything in your home has its own space, it is less likely to end up on your kitchen table.
  • Purchase multi-function pieces. Furniture with storage as part of the design allows you to maximize your space use.
  • Go electronic. Instead of keeping every piece of paper, bill, or note, switch to electronic copies of your important documents.
  • Optimize your drawers and cabinets. Large cabinets are useless if you don’t have the right type of shelving. Build custom cabinets and add partitions to drawers for organization
  • Baskets, boxes, and tubs. Instead of placing everything in a cabinet, add organization elements like baskets, so things don’t get lost. 

Home storage upgrades are DIY-friendly, and many storage upgrades make the perfect weekend project. You can easily create custom pantries, build organized closets, and add shelving to your home’s living spaces. 

Check out the resources and guides below for your next weekend project or to get inspiration to share with your contractor.

Husky storage shelf

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Werner Ladders' 5-in-1 Multiposition Ladder, seen as a step ladder and as two self-supporting scaffolding braces

This Multi-Position Ladder Saves You Money and Storage Space

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