Spring Lawn and Garden Contest Winner

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Spring Lawn & Garden Giveaway prize.Our Spring ’Stravaganza Lawn and Garden Giveaway was a big hit with over 2,000 entries!

The winner of a cornucopia of lawn and garden gadgets was Angela Watson of North Richland Hills, Texas.

Congratulations Angela!


  1. I’ve done some work in my yard this year. I would like to know of any contests that I could enter for a judgement on its pictures of appearance before and after.

  2. I would like to know where to go to enter into a lawn and garden contest! I have so many people coment on my yard(which I do all on my own) and I have been asked many times over if I have called lawn and gardens to see my yard.
    Well, I put some thought into this and that is why I am asking you, where do I go, who do I email or call to get into the lawn and garden societies and enter into a contest so I can show this labor of love of mine? You are my first stop on the web, please let me know. Thanks

    Dave Devndorf

  3. I have the worst yard ever i can’t find any contact company who is will to do what needs to get done to get the yard started.
    I have a ditch with over growth and extreemly thick vines that run through my entire yard “it looks like thick rope” we are have to untwin the vines to pull them up one at a time it’s and endless task that has been ungoing for the las three months makes me think this is a task that will never get done.
    My neighbor has a vine that we have cut down but, it’s growing out again and into my yard down into the soil it’s got thorns and it’s ugly.
    Any suggestion re: the two-three inch thick vines and anything we can do to actually get the yard started.

    Look forward to hearing from you or any company who can help with the yard. I would love to see my grandchildren enjoy the back yard instead of fearing it.

    kindness regards,
    Summervill, SC 29483


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