Spring Home Maintenance To-Do List

Checking the oil on a lawn mower.
Checking the oil on a lawn mower.

Outdoor Spring Yard Maintenance

Sharpen Garden Tools: Get ready for gardening season by cleaning and sharpening garden tools. Small gardening hand tools can be cleaned using steel wool or a wire brush, and the edges sharpened with a file. Lightly sand the handles, then oil the blades and handles to seal and protect them. to sharpen pruning shears, take them apart, then clean and sharpen each blade with honing stone.

Lawn Mower Tune-Up: Get your lawn mower ready for mowing season by changing the oil, cleaning or replacing the air filter, and cleaning or replacing the spark plug. Next, disconnect the spark plug wire, remove the bolts holding the blade, and sharpen the blade using a file, grinder, sharpening stone, or belt sander. Put the blade back on the mower, making sure the beveled side of the blade is facing up, and tighten up the bolts.

Trim Shrubs and Trees: Overgrown shrubs can result in damage to your home’s siding, roof, and windows. Not only can the branches cause rubbing and moisture damage, but insects and pests can use those branches as a highway to your house! Trim tree limbs at least 6′ to 8′ away from your house to make it harder for animals, such as raccoons and squirrels, to get on the roof. Prune shrubs at least 18″ away from the house and air conditioning units. If you’re planting new shrubs, space them at least 3’ to 4’ away from the house to allow room for them to grow while still leaving enough space.

Printable To-Do List

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  1. Saw the Charlotte Today Show. on 3/20/14. I can not find the Wet and Forget that you used for cleaning the gutters??? Where can I find this product. Please I want this products .

  2. I would Love to have Danny come and help us do all this stuff! LOL he would be here forever trying to fix things around our house. We live in the house my Parents owned and it sure needs a lot of updating and work. We are working a little at a time. I love the show and it’s to bad he doesn’t come north sometimes. Like to Wisconsin. Thanks for sharing all the great ideas on the show!

  3. My son’s bedroom is sooooooo small there is no room for a closet. There is no place to put his clothes. He’s an 18 year old so he has lots of t-shirts etc. Any suggestions would be very helpful! Love the show I watch it and also air it on WHIO-TV, Dayton!!!


  4. For the person that tried wet and forget, it takes time, but it will work. I sprayed my bamboo shades that had mildew on them – after I had tried so many other products – and just let it be. After a month or two, the mildew was gone. Beat anything I have ever seen. It is not like other “instant” products.

  5. Watched your show this morning and liked it; however, the “list” of maintenance items is not a list, it’s a pile of paragraphs spread over multi-pages and not easily printed as a list.

    Just trying to be helpful….

    Thanks for your show — I like it a lot.

  6. This is a great piece. I hope you could give a detailed list of products and where they are available. Thank you and more power!


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