Today’s Addition

In this special, two-part series of the home improvement television show Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford®, host Danny Lipford takes you through the decisions homeowners face when adding on to their home. Our master bedroom addition features all the amenities such as a breakfast bar, private garden, reading nook, personalized electronics, while still keeping to the scale and feel of the home.

Completed Today’s Addition master bedroom.

Today’s Addition Project in Progress

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Today’s Addition Finished Project

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Today’s Addition Floor Plan

Today’s Addition Episodes:

Progress Report:

  • It’s been over a month now since we started on the Today’s Addition project, and we’ve made considerable progress. The space for the addition has been laid out, the footings and concrete slab poured, the walls and rafters framed up, and roofing put down, and the wiring roughed in. Read More

  • Our Today’s Addition master bedroom project moved one step closer to completion with the installation of the windows and doors. The addition has four large casement windows that crank out to allow plenty of morning light and fresh air into the room while a smaller octagonal window over the breakfast bar provides a design focal point. Double glass doors opening onto the deck will allow the homeowners to step outside and greet the new day. Read More

  • The Today’s Addition project has really taken off over the past week. Even though we’ve been laboring under a severe heat wave here in Mobile, Alabama, the work has moved at a brisk pace including plumbing, insulation, drywall, and bricking. Read More

  • The outside of our Today’s Addition master bedroom is now almost complete, and much progress has been made on the interior as well. The vinyl covered soffit and fascia for the eaves has been installed, the landscaping around the addition is complete, the interior trim and painting is done, and the radiant floor heating system installed. Read More

  • Our master bedroom addition is finally finished. This unique “restful retreat” incorporates some unusual features and products that are sure to set it apart from the run of the mill bedroom. Read More

The interior decorator for Today’s Addition was Diane Berry of Unique Designs, Inc. in Mobile, Alabama.

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  1. There was a woman on your show and demonstrated the use of some type of crystals to be used in hanging baskets. The crystals held water and reduced the need for watering.

    What was the name of that produce and where do you get it?

    I am in Austin, Tx.

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