My Plans

I am no ordinary house, and this is no ordinary renovation. There are big plans in the works for me.

While my basic structure and character will be preserved, my renovation, which will be done by Lipford Construction, will add over 1000 square feet to my existing 1900 square feet.  While no lady likes to expand her girth, this addition will allow for new features like a master bedroom and bath and a large screened-in back porch.

My kitchen will double in size and will have new countertops, cabinets, sinks and faucets.  The upstairs and downstairs bathrooms will be completely redone.  Plus, I will have all new windows, doors, insulation, and roofing.  My cedar siding will be replaced with new cypress shakes.

One of my oldest features is original knob and tube wiring from the 1920s which will be replaced with a new electrical system.  A central air and heating unit will be added so  I will finally be able to keep cool.

Outside, a breezeway will lead to a new two-car, two-story garage with plenty of storage both upstairs and down.  Last, but not least, my yard will be completely re-landscaped.

It’s a huge undertaking and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!


  1. Can you tell me what material was used for exterior stucco and related trim. Did you use a stucco board (I.e., cement board)?

    • Hi Rod,
      Before the stucco was applied, a layer of cement backer board was installed and the joints taped with fiberglass tape, then two coats of stucco were applied. You can see how it was done on our “The Kuppersmith Project 3: Exterior” episode airing the week of 2/14-2/20. We’ll be posting a video clip online about it, too, at Kuppersmith Videos.

  2. We are interested in knowing the construction costs of the project. Why was is better (cheaper?) to restore and add to, rather than start from scratch? There really isn’t any of the original house left!

  3. Hi Danny,

    I have not seen the name of the manufacturer for your hvac unit, I am re-
    searching units, as I am planning on replacing my 25 year old hvac.
    Thank you so much for your response.

    sincerely, Gloria

  4. I am so glad that my grandparents house recieved the attention that it needed. Great job, wish I could see it in person.


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