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I was built in 1926, the same year Marilyn Monroe was born. I was the first of what was to be several Tudor homes on The Cedars. But the Depression hit and the developer went out of business. Now I have the distinction of being the first and last Tudor on the street.

When I was built, residents of downtown Mobile would come “up the hill” to escape both heat and mosquitoes and all the roads were made of clay. People kept horses, since we were in the country back then.

My first owner was James Fagan and his wife Georgia Ann. Mr. Fagan ran the meat packing plant and loved to work in the yard. The Kuppersmith family bought the home in the 1950s with their three lovely children, Laurie, Frank and Gretchen. They had a dachshund named Fritz and the kids used my garage as their club house.
There has been much love and laughter here over the years. I am looking forward to more.


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