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First Time Homeowner TV Series

Watch our six-part First Time Homeowner Series on Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford.

  • First Time Homeowner, Episode 1: Buying the House

    Buying a house is always a chore, but when it’s your first time it’s both a challenge and an adventure. And when it’s a fixer-upper, that adventure becomes a way of life. » Read More

  • First Time Homeowner, Episode 2: Moving In

    The paperwork is done, but the fun has just started as our First Time Homeowner dives into renovations and moving in. There’s lots to learn and do! » Read More

  • First Time Homeowner, Episode 3: Exterior Makeover

    Everyone wants their home to have curb appeal, and First Time Homeowners are no exception. This one is hoping to take her house from “Blah” to “Ahhhhhh.” » Read More

  • First Time Homeowner, Episode 4: Bathroom Remodel

    Bath renovations always have an impact on a home; but when there’s only one in the whole house, it’s a major impact. So we’re making the most of this small space with some big improvements. » Read More

  • First Time Homeowner, Episode 5: Kitchen Renovation

    If the kitchen is the “heart of the home,” this one needs a cardiologist. So with the help of “Dr. Danny” our First Time Homeowner is taking on a “healthy” renovation. » Read More

  • First Time Homeowner, Episode 6: Landscaping & Deck

    In spring a young man’s fancy may turn to love, but a First Time Homeowner’s turns to their yard. So in the final installment of our series, we’re moving outside to tackle the landscaping, deck, and driveway. » Read More


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