Solar Hot Water Heaters for Your Home

We all know solar water heaters can help the environment but there may be a few things you don’t know about them. They only provide 50% to 80% of the water heating needs of your home, depending on the climate. While most solar water heaters require electricity to operate, they cost only a tenth the operating cost of a regular water heater.


Here’s an experiment: Place a bottle of cold water outside in the direct sunlight. In two or three hours, feel how hot the water is. Wouldn’t it be great to make that work for the water in your whole house? Actually, you can!

There are several solar water heaters on the market, but there are also some misconceptions, such as a solar water heater will supply all your hot water. Only the extreme southern climates can have a solar water heater meet almost 100% of a home’s needs. Depending on the climate, it typically will take care of 50% to 80% of the hot water.

It’s not free to operate either, even though the sunlight is free. The good news is that it’s only going to cost about one tenth the amount to run as compared to a conventional water heater. The price is also coming down, so they’re more affordable. There are even some do-it-yourself models on the market.


  1. I save $20/mo. on our water heating bill by iinlatlsng a solar pre-heater made of 200 of garden hose on my roof. From Amazon I bought two 100 GILMORE 3/4 inch FLEXOGEN hoses (withstands 500 psi pressure), laid it out n garage roof, hooked it to the cold water pipe that goes to gas waterheater. Now all cold water to the waterheater is solar pre-heated. I installed 3 shut- off valves, in case I want to take the solar heater out of the system. One at the beginning of the garden hose loop, one at the end, and one in the coldwater line between the beginning of the solar heater loop and the end. It cost me $140 for the hose and less than $60 for the rest.At $20 savings in gas a month, it will have paid for itself in l0 months. To use mostly solar-heated water, we don’t use hot water before 10 or after 4.I did this 3 months ago and the gas waterheater hasn’t been on since. The solar heated water is 135F, and the gas waterheater is at 125F. We always get 135F water at the faucet


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