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May 9, 2023

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    The switch to solar is an exciting process that requires careful planning and consideration. To simplify this process, many homeowners seek assistance from skilled and experienced solar companies, such as Momentum Solar.

    If you’re in the market for a solar provider, you likely have dozens of options to sift through. Read our review of Momentum Solar and its services to make an informed decision on whether it’s a good choice for your solar project.

    Our Momentum Solar Review

    Momentum Solar is an experienced solar system provider with about 13 years in the industry. The company has grown exponentially, unfolding as one of the fastest-growing independent solar companies. Its popularity is no surprise, especially considering the company’s exceptional BBB rating (A+), outstanding customer reviews, strong warranties, and straightforward installation process.

    At Today’s Homeowner, we know that switching to solar is a major decision, Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, as there are multiple factors to consider. Our review offers insight on Momentum Solar to help you make an informed decision on the best solar panel installation company for your project.

    Momentum Solar Company Profile

    Momentum Solar is a well-known solar company servicing ten states throughout the U.S. With over a decade of experience, the company offers convenient, straightforward solar installations that take the stress out of switching to renewable energy and makes switching to solar energy worth the effort.

    Momentum Solar Summary
    Company nameMomentum Solar
    Year founded2009
    HeadquartersSouth Plainfield, New Jersey
    ServicesSolar panel and battery sales and installation
    CertificationsBBB, Solar Power World
    # of Employees2,000+
    BBB rating:A+
    Our Rating:4/5
    Average Cost:$27,500

    Pros & Cons of Momentum Solar


    • Customer rewards program via the company’s Family Referral Program
    • Offers a smartphone app for easy and convenient active monitoring
    • Offers online payment options
    • Well-versed in local net metering programs in its service areas


    • Somewhat limited state availability
    • Specific pricing information is difficult to find online

    Solar Services & Cost

    ProviderMomentum Solar
    Solar ServicesSolar panel and battery back-up installation
    Average CostN/A
    Service AreasCalifornia, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Texas
    Payment OptionsPurchase, solar loan, solar lease, PPA

    How Much Does Momentum Solar Cost?

    Unfortunately, Momentum Solar doesn’t offer specific pricing information online. This is likely due to the variation from one installation to the next, which can cause costs to vary drastically. Numerous factors can influence the cost of your solar energy system, such as the per-watt cost of solar in your state, the size of your home, and your energy consumption, among other factors.

    Learn about general costs of solar panels.

    That said, we can shed some light on the potential cost of your solar energy system based on the United States’ average solar costs. The average per-watt cost for residential solar panel systems is $2.94 per watt.

    Considering the average size of a residential solar energy system in the U.S. (5 kilowatts), a solar energy system for this scenario would cost about $11,000. Tack on an additional 100% to 200%, which is what most solar installers charge, and you can expect your solar energy system to cost somewhere between $22,000 and $33,000.

    Of course, these numbers can vary based on your personal scenario, but this is simply an example for reference. Additionally, these are costs before any state or federal rebates and incentives. Utilizing these rebates can shave off a considerable portion of your total solar energy system costs, so it doesn’t hurt to look into available rebates (although not every state offers them).


    Most solar companies offer an excellent warranty covering their solar energy systems for several decades, and Momentum Solar is no different. Momentum offers a 25-year warranty on workmanship and equipment, ensuring the product will be free of defects and the labor will be free of mistakes.

    The warranty time frame is fairly standard for the solar industry, although some companies offer shorter warranties or none at all. In the equipment warranty, Momentum Solar covers the components of your solar energy system. This includes the inverters, panels, and other parts of the system.

    In addition, Momentum’s workmanship warranty covers any problems that may arise from the system’s installation for 25 years following the initial installation.

    If you decide to sell your home, you can choose to transfer your solar agreement to the new homeowner. Alternatively, you can pay the company to uninstall the system and reinstall the system at your new place.

    Financing Plans & Options

    Momentum Solar customers can take advantage of several financing options, as the company offers multiple financing routes to meet the needs of various budgets. For example, some residents might not own their homes, so purchasing a solar energy system for the home might not make sense. In this case, a solar lease might be the best option.

    Or, perhaps, the individual owns their home but doesn’t have the cash to allocate toward a solar energy system. In this setting, a solar loan might be the best option. Momentum Solar is inclusive with its financial offerings, so residents can find something to meet their needs.

    The table below outlines Momentum Solar’s payment and financing options.

    Payment Or Financing OptionSummary
    Solar LeaseSolar leasing is often the most sensible option for residents who don’t own their homes. With a solar lease, residents can benefit from the system without owning the panels. The resident skirts upfront costs entirely and instead receive a fixed monthly rate based on their credit. However, with a solar lease, customers may be ineligible for local and federal incentives.
    Solar LoanLike a home loan, solar loans require the homeowner to pay a monthly fee. This fee includes financing costs to own the panels and allows you to slowly work toward owning the system. If you choose a solar loan, you can take advantage of local and federal rebates.
    Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)PPAs allow residents to pay a monthly fee based on the amount of energy their system produces. The resident leases the system for the duration of the PPA, and when the agreement is up, they can choose to remove or purchase the system. This option is similar to paying an electric bill, as you need to pay the solar company for the amount of energy your system produces. The system is ineligible for solar tax incentives and rebates if you go this route.
    PurchaseThis option is the most cost-effective option and allows homeowners to pay their system fully upfront. The resident owns their system outright, ensuring they don’t accrue additional costs over time, such as interest on a loan. In addition, residents can take advantage of local and federal rebates.

    Specials Or Incentives Offered

    Momentum Solar doesn’t offer specific financial incentives or specials to cut back on the cost of your solar energy system. However, although they don’t offer rebates, there’s a good chance you can take advantage of local, state, and federal rebates.

    Learn about The Best Cheap Solar Panels.

    State incentives vary from state to state, but homeowners can utilize federal rebates and credits, such as the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit. This credit is worth up to 26% (as of 2022) of the total system cost and returns to the homeowner in their tax return.

    Aside from financial incentives, Momentum Solar offers a few benefits that can incentivize the switch to solar. For example, the company offers an exceptional warranty that provides peace of mind. In addition, Momentum provides an interactive mobile app that makes monitoring your system from the comfort of your own home even easier.

    In-House Or Contracted Installations

    Some solar energy companies outsource the installation process, which can lead to problems later down the road, as outsourced technicians may not be familiar with solar installations. However, Momentum Solar handles its solar installations with an in-house team, ensuring your solar installation goes as smoothly as possible.

    Momentum’s solar technicians come to your home and install your system after the team completes the paperwork and system design. The company covers its workmanship and labor with a 25-year warranty, so you can proceed with peace of mind knowing any potential hiccups are covered.

    What Solar Panels Does Momentum Solar Use?

    Many solar installation companies work with various types of panels and panel brands and manufacturers. However, Momentum Solar solely offers monocrystalline panels, the most efficient and long-lasting option on the solar market. These panels can last decades, with some lasting nearly 40 years before requiring replacement.

    Although the company offers a few different solar brands, they stick to Tier 1 solar manufacturers. This helps ensure the manufacturers are experienced, financially stable, excel in technical performance sectors, and meet several other criteria.

    To earn the status of Tier 1 solar manufacturer, these companies must pass an evaluation by a reputable, independent PV industry analyst. The analyst considers the criteria mentioned above (financial stability, experience, technical performance), among others. If the company meets or exceeds these criteria, they move up to Tier 1 solar status.


    Momentum Solar partners with a few brands and manufacturers within the solar industry. As mentioned, Momentum only partners with Tier 1 solar manufacturers, ensuring the customer receives the best of the best for solar panels.

    In addition, Momentum partners with Enphase for its micro-inverters, which outperform standard string inverters. This ensures superior system performance but also drives the cost.

    Service Area & Availability

    Momentum Solar has a somewhat limited service area, with availability varying by state. In total, Momentum Solar serves ten states throughout the U.S. but only offers battery services in a few of these states. The company offers its solar services to a select few states. View a list for each state below.

    • California
    • Connecticut
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Massachusetts
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • Nevada
    • Pennsylvania
    • Texas

    Although Momentum Solar offers solar services to all ten of these states, solar battery services are only available in four, including:

    • California
    • New Jersey
    • Texas
    • Florida

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    Momentum Solar Reviews From Actual Customers

    As of 2022, Momentum Solar holds an exceptional A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and accreditation from the site. Dozens of reviews across numerous platforms applaud the company’s service and experience. However, a few negative reviews are sprinkled throughout, many focusing on the company’s persistent sales tactics and spam calls.

    Customer reviews can be incredibly insightful, as these individuals have actual experience with the company and can shed light on what your experience could be like.

    Here are a few real customer reviews:

    Momentum is not high-pressure sales. They take time to show you what would be best for your house and usage. They could sell more than they do, but they only sell what they feel will really be a benefit to you. They can explain how you can purchase more solar panels than would be cost-effective. Honest company.

    – Jerry O

    Appreciate how they value their customers and perform every installation step properly. From site assessment to designing and installation, they did everything professionally. Will surely book them to install solar panels in my second home! Great company and great people to work with. Highly recommend it!

    – Genevieve Koenig

    Their service was always on time, if they say 7 AM,  they were on the dot. Crews are nice and very efficient, they answer all our questions and concerns. However, we got a little delayed with the materials and roofing. Overall, it was a positive transaction with momentum solar.

    – Arius Lin

    Bottom Line: Is Momentum Solar A Good Company?

    As a reputable, rapidly-growing company, Momentum Solar is a solid choice for customers in its service area. The company prioritizes net metering programs available in each state to help clients save as much as possible, simplifying the navigation of these programs. In addition, the company offers customer support and complementary monitoring to address any problems as they arise.

    While there are some customer concerns regarding Momentum’s spam calls and scheduling, many reviewers applaud their experiences with the company. So, if you’re within Momentum’s service area, it’s a strong contender for convenient and easy solar integration.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Momentum Solar

    How long has Momentum Solar been in business?

    Momentum Solar has been on the solar scene for over a decade. The company initially began conducting business in 2009, so it has been in operation for 13 years at the time of this review’s publication.

    Where is the Momentum Solar headquarters?

    Momentum Solar has multiple locations throughout the United States, but the company’s headquarters is in South Plainfield, New Jersey.

    What inverter does Momentum Solar use?

    Momentum Solar is partnered with Enphase, a company offering micro-inverters and other solar equipment. These micro-inverters perform exceptionally well, surpassing standard string inverters in design capabilities.

    In every installation, you’ll find micro-inverters at every solar panel, allowing them to convert energy the panel generates instead of using connected inverters and junction boxes throughout the system.

    However, while these micro-inverters eliminate the need for connected inverters and junction boxes and improve system performance, they are often more expensive than the alternative. Additionally, they can prevent your solar energy system from emitting full power if the output currently overpowers the micro-inverter’s energy production.

    Who owns Momentum Solar?

    Momentum Solar is a privately owned company. The company’s ownership is split between several partners, including Arthur Souritzidis and Cameron Christensen. Arthur Souritzidis didn’t join the company until a year after its founding, joining the team in 2010 and eventually becoming a 50% shareholder due to his role in growing the business.

    Cameron Christensen founded the company in 2009, but the business didn’t completely take off until Souritzidis joined the team in 2010, bringing a strategic business plan that aided in the company’s exponential growth.

    Is Momentum Solar Free?

    No, Momentum Solar’s services and equipment aren’t free. Although the company offers free quotes, you will need to pay for services and equipment if you choose to hire the company for your solar project.

    How Do I Know If My System Is Working Properly?

    Momentum customers can proceed with peace of mind knowing the company regularly monitors its systems. The company offers complimentary monitoring, which ensures customers’ systems are fully operational. Momentum can identify the issue through the monitoring system and suggest appropriate solutions if a problem arises.

    However, customers can also access a convenient interactive mobile app with numerous features and benefits. Customers can install the app on their smartphones or tablets for easy monitoring from the comfort of their homes. For example, customers can use the app to see data regarding their home’s energy production, schedule appointments, remain up to date with their solar installation, and receive progress alerts as the installation begins.

    Today's Homeowner’s Solar Ranking and Review Methodology

    At Today's Homeowner, transparency and trust are our most important values for the reader. That’s why we took the time to create an objective rating system and score each solar energy company/service according to our methodology.

    Our research team dug deep into the fine print of contracts, combed through more than one hundred customer reviews, and thoroughly investigated all of each solar energy company’s services, costs, and products. We’ve done the homework for you by researching nearly all of the solar energy companies on the market so you can have the information you need to make the best choice for your home.

    We developed a formula to objectively determine the best solar energy companies and give each a score out of 100 based on the following criteria:

    • Plan Options (30): Do they provide a variety of plan options? We looked at the number of plans each solar energy company offered and the flexibility of adjusting the plan.
    • Services offered (20): How many services are offered in each plan? We looked at whether the company manufactures its own solar panels, whether it contracts out installation, and what additional products each company offers.
    • Trust (10): What do customers say after their solar panels are installed? Does this company offer a guarantee? We considered how satisfied customers are post-service if the company does what it says it will, BBB accreditation, and service guarantees.
    • Prices (10): How reasonable are the costs of the plan or service in comparison to the industry average? We compared the costs of each company to competitors that offer the same solar energy services.
    • Unique perks (10): Does the company offer discounts or special services such as financial incentives, rebates, or a useful mobile app? We looked for extras each company offers that set them apart from the competition.
    • Customer Service (10): How is the customer experience when contacting the company? We considered the speed of response, weekend/holiday availability, and ease of communication through phone calls, email, and online chat functions.
    • Nationwide availability (10): How many states does the company offer its services? Companies that operate nationally and in all zip codes are favored over those with limited availability.
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