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December 31, 2023

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    Keep your patriotism alive and alight all through the night with the best solar flagpole lights on the market.

    Whatever flag you like to fly – be it that of your country, your organization, your politics, or your sexuality – it’s always a shame when night falls and the flag you’ve flown so proudly on your lawn, or from the side of your house, all day, is suddenly lost to the darkness. And if you’ve ever thought about buying a light to keep your flag illuminated, then you’ll probably also have second-guessed yourself, realizing that more light only means more bills.

    If that’s the case, then you’ve yet to encounter the energy-saving, planet-saving, money-saving wonders of solar power, renewable energy, and specifically solar flagpole lights. A solar flagpole light is typically a disc with solar panels on the topside and bulbs on the bottom, which can be quickly and easily adapted to nearly any flagpole. These ingenious inventions harness the power of the sun during the day (some even in low-light areas/seasons), charging the efficient batteries of their in-built bulbs, before automatically sensing the loss of sunlight come nightfall and switching on their lights to keep your flag lit and visible all night, every night.

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    Editor’s Picks

    We’ve reviewed the market and selected our best in category solar flagpole lights.

    Most Versatile: Solar Light Mart Solar Flagpole Light 180 LED

    The only product on this list with a variation in design, the Solar Light Mart solar flagpole light attaches to your pole below the flag, capturing the sun’s rays with solar panels on one side, and shining a bright, warm white light with 180 strong LED lights up onto your flag from the other. As such, you could alter the angle and distance of the light from your flag with ease (unlike any of the pole-topper variants elsewhere on this list), and could even use it on any other pole you like – for example on the pole of a garden/table umbrella or awning, to provide kind light for late-night dinners outside, say).

    How do Solar Flagpole Lights Work?

    As with any solar device, a solar flagpole light is powered by renewable energy from the sun via PV cells that are integrated into the light, complete with all the additional components that are sold together with the unit. These are usually the LED bulbs, a PV panel of some sort, rechargeable battery (Li-ion or NiCad), mounting brackets for installation, and additional aesthetic features such as a flagpole ball.

    The main difference is that a solar flagpole light is specifically designed to brighten up your flag at night. The PV cells absorb solar energy during the day and convert them into usable energy at night.

    Most solar flagpole lights feature automatic on/off technology, patiently harnessing solar power and turning as soon as the night sets by utilization of automated daylight sensors (also called “dusk to dawn” technology).

    The most significant properties and factors to know about solar flagpole lights are the following:

    • The strength of the PV cells can usually be told by three main specifications: Size, typology (mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline are the two main modern panel types) and strength measure in wattage
    • The size of the flag and flagpole is equally as important, remember to take some preliminary measurement before installation
    • The type of LED bulbs used, this is also an important aesthetic feature as solar flagpole lights come in different colors which can be paired with the colors and/or emblem of the flag itself
    • Protection or encasing of the PV cells, as solar flagpole lights are exposed to the elements they may be damaged by adverse weather if not safeguarded. Most modern models are made of hardened ABS plastic or combinations of iron and aluminum with some models also being chrome-coated for extra stylishness
    • Installation types (more details on the How to Install section). Some lights come with mounting brackets to ensure that they can be affixed directly to the pole. Other models come in the form of spotlights positioned on the ground the shoot light directly onto the flag
    • The brightness of the light is a defining factor as solar flagpole lights fall into the main categories of: Low-wattage lights, Standard-wattage lights and High power lights. Each have their different uses energy costs though as they are solar powered they will not impinge at all on your electricity bill
    • Finally the charging time and energy conversion rate of any solar device is a vital factor as it indicates the time the unit needs to reach full charging and therefore lighting capacity. Modern solar flagpole lights can stay lit for up to 18 ours, with some models known for the durability able to guarantee up to 10,000 hours of light from the first purchase (if well maintained)

    How to Install a Solar Flagpole Light

    As mentioned before, solar flagpole lights come in two main types: Solar spotlights that light up the flag from the ground and regular solar flagpole lights that have to be affixed usually on top of the flagpole. Both are very straightforward to install and are an easy DIY solution for providing renewable light to your flag.

    The main measurements to know before installation are the height of the flagpole and size of the flag. Secondary factors include placement in relation to the sun and atmospheric conditions such as wind and rain frequency because although most modern models feature durable and sturdy design, no gadget is 100% impervious to bouts of extreme weather.

    Let’s start with solar spotlights, as they are incredibly easy and versatile during installation. Resembling regular spotlights, they usually come with a stake that can be placed ideally into soft ground. As no additional wiring is needed, all you have to take into account is the position and angle of the solar panel, making sure they receive an adequate amount of sunlight (the less obstructions the better the light will function).

    Passing onto regular solar flagpole lights, the vast majority of models are of the disc-shape variety. This circular design features the PV cells on top and the LED bulbs on the bottom. The panels absorb the light from what is arguably one of the best positions for a solar light on the very top of an ideally unobstructed flagpole meaning an ample supply of sunlight. while the LED bulbs shine a direct and vertical light from under, illuminating the flag completely.

    Installation of these models is a bit trickier but still totally a DIY affair. The first step is lowering your flagpole to the lowest possible position. Most models feature an anodized ball ornament that must be unscrewed and installed into the top of the solar light. The bottom part sticks out and this is where it will be placed on the top of the flagpole. Models that do not feature this design can be usually affixed via mounting brackets or carabineer at various points of the flagpole (always under the flag).

    Pros and Cons of Solar Flagpole Lights

    As with any iteration of solar technology, solar flagpole lights bring innumerable positives to the table as they offer cost-free, renewable and eco-friendly light. Like any solar device though certain models have some limitations too that must be mentioned.

    Solar flagpole lights are an extremely cost-effective way of lighting your flag without the need of using cumbersome traditional alternatives such as regular spotlights, generators or any normal light that necessitates wiring
    They are stylish devices usually coated in cast-iron and offering a selection of light modes
    All solar flagpole lights reviewed on this list are sturdy and durable devices made of hardened durable ABS plastic, tempered glass or metal or a combination of all three. This means they can brave various hazards without breaking
    Maintenance is minimal with only an occasional checkup needed, usually after a bout of adverse weather (though most models are also highly water and humidity resistant)
    Most models are highly affordable and no extra wiring, installation or maintenance fees are needed in any case
    Some models (especially ground affixed spotlights) are extremely versatile and can double as landscape lights
    Many solar flagpole lights offer very high levels of both conversion rates and lighting times, staying lit even up to 18 hours on a full charge. Some models also integrate backup charging, meaning they can store power for multiple lights if not used
    Not all solar flagpole light models are compatible with all types of flagpoles
    Certain non-disc models may struggle to adequately illuminate your flag in windy conditions
    Although many models are affordable, the best models (most durable, versatile, bright and with the best charging times) can be expensive. Check for models with the best IP rating (weatherproof and water-resistance rating). IP67 being the best
    Not all models offer the same versatility or additional features such as brightness or light color settings

    Best Solar Flagpole Lights Reviewed

    We’ve taken a look at our top picks from the solar flagpole light market in the above categories, but now it’s time to have a more in-depth, pros and cons look at the rest of the market.

    Vont Solar Flagpole Light

    • Brand: Vont
    • Display your flag with pride & proper illumination
    • Completely automatic daylight sensor
    • Best in brightness plus longer lasting batteries
    • Zero Tools Required

    The solar flagpole light from Vont is a classic example of the market-standard for solar powered flag lighting – a smooth, thick disc with solar panels on the topside, and LED bulbs on the underside, which can be quickly installed on just about any flagpole, by threading the top of the pole through the disc, and screwing back on the flagpole topper (like a washer and nut on a screw’s thread).

    The Vont solar flagpole light has a lifetime warranty, and promises to last longer than competitor products. With 26 high-powered LED lights charging through the day and turning on automatically at night. It can be installed in just a minute, with minimal faff, and is compatible with 15-25 feet tall poles and with a spindle of up to 0.55 inch thickness.

    Lights your flag for up to 10 hours on a full charge
    Lifetime warranty
    Good range of flagpoles it will fit
    Only one brightness setting
    Not as versatile as some other competitor products

    WeValor Solar Flag Pole Light

    • Brand: WeValor
    • Color: White
    • Super Bright and Most Flag Coverage
    • Multiple Use Methods

    WeValor produce a solar flagpole light almost identical to the Vont version discussed above, and at exactly the same price point. In fact, there’s very little separating the two products. The WeValor has an IP55 weatherproof rating, making it fairly durable in most American and temperate weather conditions, and it promises to deliver up to 10 hours of full flag illumination after just 6-8 hours of full charge in sunlight.

    Compatible with most flagpoles 15-25 feet tall, and with 0.5 inch spindles, you can install WeValor’s solar flagpole lights in next to no time, by just unscrewing the ball shaft of your pole, inserting the WeValor flag light, and screwing your ball shaft back in. With 26 LED lights and no need to connect to any mains power, this is another affordable option to keep your flag lit up throughout the night. Also with a hook or carabiner to allow you to hang elsewhere, for versatility.

    Lights your flag for up to 10 hours on a full charge
    Versatile and durable
    Good range of flagpoles it will fit
    No clear warranty information on product’s profile
    Only one brightness setting

    Solar Light Mart Solar Flagpole Light 180 LED

    • Brand: Solar Light Mart
    • Color: White
    • Three levels user-defined power setting
    • Cast iron light fixture with tempered glass

    As we discussed in Editor’s Picks, this solar flagpole light from Solar Light Mart is the only one on the list which shirks the disc-design of the other lights. This flagpole light is designed to be fastened onto, or tightened around your pole below your flag, and shine up onto it, rather than down upon it. This design has its advantages and its drawbacks. The positioning of the light, and the fact that you can readily alter the angle and height of the light, allows the user greater control and personalisation over the illumination of their flag. At the same time, whilst a top-disc flagpole light will always be shining down onto at least one part of your flag, the pole-clamp version from Solar Light Mart is arguably less consistent, given your flag will only be perfectly illuminated when not flapping in the wind.

    Still, this entry is worth a look, as it is versatile enough to be used with garden umbrellas and other poles as landscape lighting. It has 35 LED lights good for 6-12 hours of illumination on a full charge, and at three distinct brightness settings (high, medium, low). It is weatherproof to IP65.

    Unique versatility allows for landscape lighting
    Highly weatherproof
    Only has 35 LEDs
    Potentially as low as 6 hours of illumination a night on ‘bright’ setting
    Potential consistency issues with lighting, especially on windy days

    SunnyTech 2nd Generation Solar Flag Pole 20LED Light

    • Brand: SunnyTech
    • Color: White
    • Minimum 24 hours of power
    • 20% More coverage
    • IP65 Water resistant

    SunnyTech are a small family-run start-up operating out of New Jersey, who have a zero-landfill policy, meaning that all materials they use and which are leftover are recycled (including electronics). When you’re looking to help the environment by buying solar, it’s good to know that the people you’re buying from have similar concerns.

    This particular flag light uses Ni-MH AA 6600mA total rechargeable batteries (versus the less-powerful market-standard 3000mA batteries), meaning that after a healthy full-charge, your flagpole light will keep bright and illuminating for up to 24 hours. Quite remarkable! Like others on the market, it is compatible with most 15-25 feet flagpoles with 0.5 inch spindle thicknesses; it is IP65 weatherproof and built of environmental protection materials to keep it durable. Super easy to install, it’s only a fraction more expensive than the very cheapest products on the market.

    Environmentally-conscious family-run American business
    Up to 24 hours illumination on full charge is more than twice as good as competitor products
    Good range of compatible flagpoles
    Weatherproof and durable
    Few, if any

    ZIOTI Solar Flagpole Light

    • Brand: ZIOTI
    • 6800Mah Rechargeable Solar Battery
    • Auto On/Off & purchase without worry
    • 45° Angled panels for 100% flag coverage

    Now here’s a really interesting addition to our list – a flagpole solar light designed to look much the same as the market-standard disc-lights, but modified to overcome some of the worst shortfalls of those other products. the ZIOTI has one of the biggest, most energy-efficient solar panel boards of all the products on our list, and a stunning 176 super-bright LED lights on the underside, cleverly angled at 45 degrees to ensure that when night falls, this solar flagpole light illuminates 1.5 times the area that the market-standard lights (whose lights are faced straight down) do.

    After a full-day’s charge, ZIOTI’ solar flagpole lights can last up to 10-12 hours, at a brightness of 880 lumen, and can be hung just about anywhere with a hook or carabiner, giving it that extra bit of versatility. Furthermore, it’s weatherproof to IP67, making it as weatherproof as the other most durable product on this list. Granted, it’s one of the more expensive solar flagpole lights on the market, but you pay for what you get, and what you get is an excellent product.

    A brighter, wider, longer-lasting pool of light than most competitor products
    IP67 weatherproof
    Clever engineering solve market-standard product issues
    Relatively expensive
    Few, if any other cons

    Buyers Guide

    When choosing the best solar flagpole light for your needs, there are a few things you should consider.

    Size of your flagpole

    Most solar flagpole lights, seemingly as industry-standard, are compatible with 15-25 foot flagpoles, with spindle thicknesses of 0.5-0.6 inches. It’s important that you make sure your particular flagpole is fit for the solar powered light you’re leaning towards, before you buy.

    Exposure to sunlight

    With any solar product, this is a crucial consideration to make. Because most (if not all) flagpole solar powered lights require charging for 6-8 hours (or more) in direct, bright sunlight during the day, in order to then produce the best and brightest, longest-lasting illumination of your flag during the night, you may have some trouble if your neighbourhood doesn’t get that much sun. Make sure that wherever your flagpole is, you’re going to be getting enough sunlight to power your flag light. And if you live in an area with long periods of low or no light, then consider investing in one of the more expensive options on this list, with better energy storage capabilities.


    Most solar flagpole lights are just that – solar panel lights to sit atop your flagpole. However, there are those which can, either by design or with a little tweaking, be used elsewhere – as camping lights (explore superior camping solar panel choices), garden lights, porch lights, you name it. Consider this before you buy – do you want to buy something which has multiple uses, or are you simply looking for a flagpole light and nothing more?


    Just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you need to skimp on quality. Likewise, just because you have the cash to spare doesn’t mean you should go for the most expensive solar flagpole light on the market. In fact, our ‘Best Budget’ pick does some things, and is more powerful, than many of its more expensive cousins, whilst our ‘Best Luxury’, though powerful and longest-lasting of all, misses out on some key versatility and features which less expensive products have.

    Final Verdict

    Having taken into consideration budget, environmental-friendliness, energy-efficiency, brightness, ingenuity, and ultimate versatility, we’ve decided that the very best product on the solar powered solar flagpole light market today is the SunnyTech 2nd Generation Solar Flag Pole 20LED Light. Produced by a family-run environmentally-conscious American business, this solar flagpole light is up to 5 times brighter than its competitors, illuminates your flags for a minimum of 24 hours, is highly-waterproof and durable, and fits as wide a range of flagpoles as its competitors; all at a very attractive price point. These are the best solar flagpole lights according to us.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do solar panels charge in any light?

    This depends, since solar panel technology is improving every year. However, with regards to the sort of solar panels you’ll find in something as small and relatively inexpensive as a solar flag light, unfortunately you can’t expect them to charge in anything but direct, fairly consistent bright sunlight.

    Will my flagpole fit a solar powered flag pole light?

    Be sure to measure your pole first. Most flagpole solar lights fit 15-25 foot poles with spindles no thicker than 0.5-0.6 inches.

    Do I need to change the batteries in my solar flagpole lights?

    You’ll probably never need to, no. One market-standard company promises a 100,000 hour lifespan on their flagpole lights.


    How durable are solar flagpole lights?

    The best solar flagpole lights are rated IP67, which is waterproof and durable enough to withstand just about anything but the very worst weather conditions the North American continent can throw at you. Others, however, are rated only IP55, or even lower, and so should only be used in areas with more consistently good weather.

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