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March 6, 2024

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    Massachusetts residents pay well above the national average for electricity, making it one of the best states for rooftop solar panels despite its lower-than-average annual sunshine. A typical Massachusetts homeowner will save around $33,000 over 25 years by installing solar panels, and it takes just eight years for a solar power system to pay for itself.

    Deciding to switch to solar energy is not the hard part. However, choosing a solar installation company from one of the more than 500 solar companies that operate in Massachusetts is a daunting task. To make your life a little bit easier, I’ve researched the best solar companies in Massachusetts for you, narrowing down the list to just the seven best installers in terms of cost, products, customer service, and more.

    Highest Quality Panels


    Installs high-quality Maxeon panels

    Outstanding customer support

    Best-in-class warranty lasts 40 years

    Best Damage Protection


    Affordable prices

    Excellent selection of panels and services

    Locations in 22 states

    Best Solar Financing
    blue raven logo


    No payments needed for 18 months

    Provides in-house financing

    Offers top brands like LG and Trina

    Best Customer Service


    Highly rated customer service

    Provides  24/7 panel monitoring

    Solid A+ rating with the BBB


      What Are the Best Solar Companies in Massachusetts?

      Here’s a list of the top seven solar companies in Massachusetts, along with what makes each one stand out from its competition:

      SunPower: Highest Quality Panels

      What Should You Look for When Choosing a Solar Installer in Massachusetts?

      Before I get into the detailed reviews of each solar installer, I want to discuss a few things you should look for from a solar company before you schedule a visit and get a free quote.

      Company Reputation: The solar industry moves quickly, with new companies popping up seemingly every week. Look for a company with a proven track record and good reviews online to avoid shady businesses that are only looking to capitalize on home solar’s recent popularity.

      Licenses and Certifications: Not all companies that install solar panels are qualified to work on solar systems specifically. Look for solar installers that have solar certifications and that use technicians who are certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

      Warranty: A good solar warranty is a must-have in Massachusetts. Cold weather and snow are hard on solar panels, so it’s essential that you protect your solar panel system by choosing a company that provides a solid warranty. The industry average product warranty covers equipment and performance for 25 years and workmanship for 10 years, and I recommend choosing a company that offers coverage for at least that long.

      Compare Massachusetts’s Top-Rated Solar Providers

      There are tons of great solar installers in Massachusetts, but the seven companies I cover in this article stand out from the rest for their superior products, financing options, and solar warranties. The table below offers a quick look at each company:

      CompanyLogoStar RatingBest ForService AreaLink

      Highest Quality Panels

      All 50 states

      Best Technology

      All 50 states

      Most Educated Sales Team

      NJ, CT, TX, & PA

      Best Local Installer


      Best Customer Service

      9 states

      Best Customization Options

      9 states

      CompanyStar RatingBest ForService AreaBBB Rating

      Highest Quality Panels

      All 50 states


      Best Technology

      All 50 states


      Most Educated Sales Team

      NJ, CT, TX, & PA


      Best Local Installer



      Best Customer Service

      9 states


      Best Customization Options

      9 states


      Highest Quality Panels



      Our Rating

      Limited Time Offer:
      $1,000 Rebates For Military Personnel

      SunPower has been a mainstay of the solar industry for more than three decades. The company installs solar panels from Maxeon, which makes the highest-quality residential solar panels on the market today. SunPower is also known for its excellent warranty and superb customer service.

      Why I Chose SunPower

      SunPower’s solar energy systems use Maxeon photovoltaic panels, which come with the highest efficiency ratings in the solar industry. Maxeon’s high-end panels are well-suited for Massachusetts homes since panels with higher efficiency ratings can get more out of the state’s limited sunshine. The Maxeon panels SunPower installs are also durable and require little maintenance, making them ideal for Massachusetts’ cold, snowy winters.

      SunPower’s reputation is just as good as the equipment it installs. The company receives high praise across many different customer review sites and is well-respected in the solar industry. It also primarily uses in-house installers, which makes it much easier to interface with the company during the installation process.

      Another thing that stands out about SunPower is its solar warranty. The company backs its panels with at least a 25-year warranty for equipment and energy production, with some panel options coming with 40 years’ worth of coverage.

      My least favorite thing about SunPower is the price of its systems. Solar panels from SunPower cost around $3.30 per watt in Massachusetts, which is significantly higher than the average cost per watt of $2.94 in the state. I think that paying more for a high-quality system makes sense for a big investment like solar panels, but that doesn’t change the fact that SunPower’s solar systems are expensive.

      The company also doesn’t offer a selection of brands, choosing to only install its own brand of equipment and panels manufactured by its sister company, Maxeon.

      Excellent customer service
      High-quality Maxeon panels
      Outstanding solar warranty
      Well-respected throughout the industry
      Doesn’t offer multiple brands
      Very expensive

      SunPower’s main offering is the Maxeon solar panels it installs. The company also installs its own SunVault solar batteries and the Wallbox Pulsar electric vehicle (EV) charging station. Having the option to include an EV charger in your SunPower system is great for Massachusetts homeowners since the state is home to more EV drivers than most other states and has some of the best solar incentives in the country.

      • High-efficiency Maxeon panels
      • MySunPower solar monitoring app
      • SunVault solar batteries
      • Wallbox Pulsar EV chargers

      SunPower offers in-house financing through its SunPower Financing program. The company accepts cash purchases, solar loans, solar leases, and power purchase agreements (PPAs).

      I recommend paying in full up-front with cash or taking out a solar loan. Both options lead to panel ownership and save you significantly more money than leasing your panels or entering into a PPA.

      Today’s Homeowner Tips

      The average Massachusetts household saves $33,013 over the course of their solar system’s lifetime when they pay for their system in cash. Taking out a solar loan saves around $28,000, while the lifetime savings for leases and PPAs are just $5,000 and $4,000, respectively.

      SunPower’s solar warranty is outstanding. The company offers 25 to 40 years’ worth of coverage for equipment and performance, as well as a 25-year workmanship warranty. The average warranty throughout the solar industry covers equipment and power production for 25 years and labor for 10 years.

      Best Panel Warranty

      ADT Solar


      Our Rating

      Most people know ADT as a home security company, but it is also one of the biggest residential solar installers in the country. The company acquired Sunpro in 2021, jumpstarting its entry into the solar business and giving it the benefit of Sunpro’s established infrastructure. ADT offers the best warranty options of any solar company in Massachusetts, making the company a great choice for anyone who wants a bit more peace of mind than you get from other companies.

      Why I Chose ADT Solar

      ADT’s primary strength as a solar installer is its warranty options. The company offers a comprehensive 25-year warranty that covers equipment, energy production, and workmanship. The labor warranty is particularly good and is two-and-a-half times longer than the industry standard workmanship warranty.

      The company is also relatively affordable, which makes it a good alternative to a premium installer like SunPower. ADT offers a variety of solar panel options from the industry’s leading tier-one manufacturers, giving Massachusetts residents the freedom to customize their system to suit their home’s energy needs and budgets.

      ADT has established itself as one of the most well-respected brands in the solar industry, building on what Sunpro started. The company is known for having smooth installations, using in-house NABCEP-certified teams of installers, which helps keep issues to a minimum.

      One of the downsides to going with a big, national company like ADT is that communication can be slow at times, especially when it comes to processing warranty claims. ADT honors its warranties, but some customers report waiting longer than they’d like to for warranty repairs and maintenance.

      Affordable options
      Exceptional solar warranty
      Outstanding reputation
      Solid selection of brands
      Communication is sometimes lacking
      No EV chargers

      ADT Solar installs panels from QCells, Silfab, and Canadian Solar. All three manufacturers make high-quality panels, with QCells being the most affordable of the bunch. Silfab boasts the highest efficiency ratings of the three options, with a peak rating of 21.4%. Silfab’s panels are only slightly more efficient than Canadian Solar’s panels and QCells’ panels, which have efficiency ratings of 21.0% and 21.2%, respectively.

      ADT also offers the following selection of Solar products and services:

      • Enphase IQ batteries
      • Enphase solar monitoring app
      • Tesla Powerall batteries
      • Tesla solar system monitoring app

      Unfortunately, the company does not install EV charging stations at this time.

      ADT Solar accepts cash and solar loans and is planning to start offering solar leases and PPAs before the end of 2023. The company recently announced that it was partnering with SunPower Finance — SunPower’s in-house financing company — to bring leases and PPAs to ADT Solar customers.

      ADT Solar provides a comprehensive 25-year warranty covering equipment, performance, and workmanship. Its labor coverage lasts more than twice as long as the solar industry’s average and is particularly good for dealing with any problems that arise from a faulty installation. 

      Unfortunately, some customers report having to wait for warranty claims to be processed by ADT. While the company does honor its warranties, having to wait for repairs is a pain, especially if your system isn’t performing up to its advertised capacity.

      Best Technology

      Tesla Energy


      Our Rating

      Limited Time Offer:
      No current offers available.

      Tesla is another company that’s more well-known for something other than its residential solar installations. Many people are surprised to hear that Tesla is more widely available than any other solar installer in the country due to its reliance on third-party contractors to install its systems. While that has some pros and cons to it, the fact is that you can find a Tesla-certified installer near you no matter where in Massachusetts you live.

      Why I Chose Tesla

      Tesla is available practically everywhere in New England, which makes purchasing a system and scheduling your installation a piece of cake. Some installers have limited service areas, which makes it hard for some homeowners to find reputable solar installers nearby. For those people, Tesla is a great option since its solar energy systems are solid.

      Tesla no longer makes its own solar panels, but it still makes its best-in-class solar battery storage system, the Tesla Powerwall. Powerwall batteries have a massive 13.5 kilowatt-hour (kWh) capacity and let you decide whether you want to prioritize saving money on your electric bill or storing as much energy as possible. It also makes one of the best home EV charging stations on the market and installs unique solar roofs you can’t get anywhere else.

      Another reason to go solar with Tesla is that the company offers price matching within 14 days of your purchase date. That means that Tesla’s systems are as affordable as any solar system on the market — of a similar size and with similar performance characteristics, of course.

      My least favorite thing about Tesla is its decision to use third-party installers instead of an in-house team to install its systems. Relying on contractors to perform its installations is what gives the company its massive reach, but the downside is that your customer experience depends entirely on the quality of service you can get from your local installation company.

      Another downside to going with Tesla is that the company doesn’t offer any brand variety. You can only get QCells panels from Tesla, and it only offers its own brand of equipment for solar batteries and EV chargers.

      Plenty of locations throughout MA
      Price matching makes it affordable
      Tesla Powerwalls are great
      Uses innovative solar technology
      Installations aren’t performed in-house
      Limited brand selection

      Tesla recently stopped making its own panels and started installing QCells panels instead. QCells is one of the best solar panel manufacturers, and its panels offer great energy efficiency at a reasonable price, but I’d still like to see the company offer a few more panel options.

      One of the coolest solar products Tesla offers is its solar roof, which is sleek and nearly indistinguishable from ordinary shingles from a distance. It’s a great option for people who don’t like the way rack-mounted solar panel arrays look on their houses.

      Here’s a quick look at the solar products and services Tesla offers:

      • QCells solar panels
      • Solar roofs
      • Tesla EV charging stations
      • Tesla Powerwall batteries
      • Tesla solar monitoring mobile app

      Tesla accepts cash payments, solar loans, solar leases, and PPAs. I recommend Massachusetts residents pay in cash or via a loan if they can afford to since both options lead to panel ownership and offer more long-term savings than leases or PPAs.

      Tesla’s solar warranty is right in line with the industry average. It provides 25 years’ worth of equipment protection, a 25-year energy production guarantee, and a 10-year workmanship warranty. The workmanship warranty is average, but I’d like to see more labor coverage, especially in a state like Massachusetts, where the winters can be hard on solar panels.

      Most Educated Sales Team

      Green Power Energy


      Our Rating

      Limited Time Offer:
      No current offers

      Green Power Energy is a regional solar company founded in 2012. It has a reputation for educating its customers, helping them understand how solar power works and what they need out of a solar system before they even become customers. The company also has a laid-back sales style that many homeowners find appealing.

      Why I Chose Green Power Energy

      The solar industry has a reputation for being cutthroat, so a company that focuses on education and has an easygoing sales style like Green Power Energy is a very welcome breath of fresh air.

      Green Power Energy works with its customers to help them design a system that meets their home’s energy needs. The company’s technicians and salespeople are friendly and knowledgeable and happy to take the time to answer any questions you have, even before you sign a contract. Working with Green Power Energy feels like working with a small local installer, even though the company has locations throughout the country.

      Otherwise, Green Power Energy compares favorably to other Massachusetts solar panel companies. It has a few flexible financing options and a solid warranty, and its technicians are certified by NABCEP.

      Green Power Energy’s systems all come with QCells solar panels and Enphase inverters or microinverters, which feels a bit limiting compared to the number of choices you have with other installers. It’s not that QCells is a bad brand — far from it — it’s just that having options makes it easier for more homeowners to get a system that perfectly meets their needs.

      Another thing that might give some people pause is that the company is relatively new, having only been founded in 2012. It’s true that the company hasn’t been in business long enough to know how it will support its systems after 20 to 25 years. However, the track record it has established is already impressive and full of positivity.

      Friendly, knowledgeable staff
      Good financing options
      Prioritizes education on renewable energy
      Solid warranty
      Limited selection of brands
      Relatively young company

      Green Power Energy only installs QCells panels and Enphase inverters, which feels limiting compared to other companies that offer a wide selection of brands to choose from. The company’s selection of other solar products and services is better, especially its range of energy storage solutions.

      The company’s website states that it installs Level 2 EV charging stations, but it doesn’t mention any specific manufacturers.

      Here’s a look at the other products and services Green Power Energy offers:

      • Enphase Encharge batteries
      • Generac PWRcell batteries
      • Level 2 EV charging stations
      • Tesla Powerwall batteries

      Green Power Energy accepts cash, solar loans, and solar leases. Both its loans and leases come with $0 down, as long as you have a FICO credit score of at least 600. I encourage you to pay in cash or via a loan if you can since you’ll save more money in the long run with those options. The company’s solar lease is a good option if you can’t afford to pay cash and can’t get approved for a solar loan, but you’ll save less money on energy bills overall.

      Green Power Energy offers a 25-year warranty for its equipment and performance, but it doesn’t state how long its workmanship coverage lasts. Ten years is the industry standard, but I’d still like to see it explicitly referenced somewhere on the company’s website if that’s what it offers.

      Best Local Installer

      Boston Solar


      Our Rating

      Limited Time Offer:
      No current offers

      All of the companies I’ve covered so far are regional or national solar installers. Boston Solar — as you can probably guess from the name — is a local installer based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company’s technicians are local solar experts who can help you navigate Massachusetts’ solar laws and make sure you get the most out of the state’s solar incentives.

      Why I Chose Boston Solar

      Boston Solar is a local solar company staffed by Massachusetts residents, which gives the company a big advantage over less personal, national solar installers. The company’s representatives are familiar with Massachusetts’ solar rules and regulations and are skilled at navigating the state’s solar incentives.

      All of Boston Solar’s installations are performed by an in-house team of certified technicians and licensed electricians, which cuts down on errors and limits the likelihood of running into issues due to a poorly performed installation. Communicating with the company is also a breeze, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting your questions answered throughout the entire process.

      Boston Solar also offers a solid warranty and installs solar batteries.

      Boston Solar’s solar panel systems are a bit expensive, especially considering that its selection of solar panels doesn’t include premium brands like Maxeon. The company works with several tier-one manufacturers, but it doesn’t have the widest selection.

      The company also has a somewhat limited service area — especially compared to Tesla, for example. If you don’t live near one of Boston Solar’s locations, you’re out of luck and will have to choose a different solar panel installation company.

      Fantastic reputation
      High-quality work
      Local expertise
      Limited service area
      Not the best selection of brands

      Boston Solar works with Trina Solar as the company’s main panel provider, but it can get different brands on request, according to its website. Trina Solar’s panels are a bit expensive, which can be a deciding factor if you’re on a tight budget.

      The company also works with Enphase and Tesla for battery storage options and gets its inverters from Enphase.

      Here are the other solar products and services Boston Solar installs alongside its solar panel arrays:

      • Enphase IQ batteries
      • Enphase solar monitoring app
      • Tesla Powerwall batteries
      • Tesla solar monitoring app

      Boston Solar accepts cash and solar loans but doesn’t offer leases or PPAs. Not having the option to lease panels or enter a PPA puts the company’s systems out of reach for some people, which is a shame. Still, the option to pay via a solar loan helps reduce the up-front cost of purchasing a solar system from Boston Solar, and paying in cash is always the preferred payment option if you can afford it.

      Boston Solar’s warranty is average by the solar industry’s standards. The company offers 25 years’ worth of equipment coverage, a 25-year performance guarantee, and a 10-year workmanship warranty. I would rather see a longer workmanship warranty in a state like Massachusetts, but 10 years’ worth of labor protection isn’t terrible.

      Best Customer Service

      Momentum Solar


      Our Rating

      Limited Time Offer:
      No current offers available.

      Momentum Solar’s concierge service gives its customers unparalleled access to a dedicated representative at all times, which makes communicating with the company a piece of cake. The company also has an excellent warranty and good financing options.

      Why I Chose Momentum Solar

      Momentum Solar is known for having excellent communication and outstanding customer service. The company assigns a solar project manager to each of its installations, which means you only have one point of contact with the company throughout the entire installation process. You never have to wonder who you should call or who is handling a certain step since all of your communication with Momentum happens through your project manager.

      The company also takes care to understand the local laws and available solar incentives in each of the states it operates in. Momentum will help you get your system connected to the grid by interfacing with your utility company, and it will enroll you in net metering. Even better, the company will also help you apply for solar incentives, which are extremely important in Massachusetts, where the cost of solar is higher than it is in most states.

      Momentum Solar’s biggest weakness is that it only installs solar panels and solar batteries, so you won’t be able to get an EV charger installed with your system. Massachusetts is one of the leading states in the country for electric cars, so not being able to get a home EV charger is a big downside of going with Momentum.

      The company also has a history of lawsuits involving allegations of discrimination in the workplace. While these lawsuits are ongoing, some people might feel uncomfortable supporting a company with a potentially problematic work environment.

      Excellent customer service via its concierge program
      Representatives are knowledgeable about MA laws and incentives
      Top-notch solar warranty
      Doesn’t offer EV charging stations
      Involved in several lawsuits over the last few years

      Momentum Solar installs a variety of panels from the solar industry’s leading manufacturers. While the company doesn’t specifically mention any brands on its website, it does say that it works with high-efficiency tier-one panel manufacturers, which is good because high-efficiency panels are critical in a state that gets as little sunlight as Massachusetts.

      Momentum Solar offers the following solar products and services in addition to its solar panel systems:

      • Enphase solar batteries
      • Enphase solar monitoring app

      Regardless of your budget, Momentum Solar has a financing option that will work for you. The company accepts all major types of solar financing, including cash, loans, leases, and PPAs.

      I recommend paying in cash or via a loan if you can to maximize your lifetime savings. Leases and PPAs save you far less money in the long run compared to cash purchases and loans, but they also have lower initial costs than cash purchases and lower monthly payments than loans.

      Momentum’s solar warranty covers equipment, performance, and workmanship for 25 years, which is excellent. Momentum has a solid track record of honoring its warranties, so you shouldn’t have much trouble getting warranty repairs done if you need them.

      Best Customization Options

      Trinity Solar


      Our Rating

      Limited Time Offer:
      Earn $1,000 When You Refer a Friend To Trinity

      If you like the idea of customizing your solar array to meet your needs, Trinity Solar is the solar installer for you. The company carries a staggering selection of panels from the industry’s leading brands and also has a few different energy storage options to choose from. Trinity Solar’s systems are also more affordable than similar systems from other companies, and it offers several financing options to accommodate a range of budgets.

      Why I Chose Trinity Solar

      Trinity Solar is a family-owned solar company that’s been in business since 1994. The company has tons of experience in Massachusetts and can help you get the most out of the state’s solar incentives. It’s also well-respected throughout the industry and has a reputation for providing top-notch customer service.

      Trinity Solar excels at offering customized systems perfectly tailored to offset your monthly energy bills. The company offers battery backup systems, which are great for keeping the power you have to draw from the grid to a minimum. Trinity’s expert system designers work with you to help you design the ideal system for your home that fits your budget.

      One of my favorite things about Trinity Solar is that the company donates $100 to a charity of your choice when you have a consultation with the company. It also ups the donation to $1,000 if you ultimately decide to go solar with Trinity. The company also has tons of industry partnerships and strives to make the solar industry better overall.

      Unfortunately, Trinity Solar only offers a 5-year workmanship warranty, which is below average and not ideal for a state like Massachusetts. You might not run into issues, but accepting a subpar 5-year labor warranty is rolling the dice and asking for trouble.

      Some customer reviews also mention that Trinity takes longer than they’d like to schedule warranty maintenance and repairs.

      A family-owned business since 1994
      Donates to charity for every consultation and installation
      Excellent customer service
      Some delays in processing warranty claims
      Workmanship warranty is just 5 years

      Trinity Solar primarily installs QCells panels, which offer a balance between cost and performance. QCells panels top out at 21.4% efficiency, which is enough to pay for most Massachusetts home’s electric bills.

      The company also offers the following additional solar products and services:

      • Enphase solar monitoring
      • Generac PWRcell solar batteries
      • Tesla Powerwall batteries
      • Tesla solar monitoring

      Trinity Solar makes its solar systems accessible to most Massachusetts residents by accepting cash, solar loans, solar leases, and PPAs. I recommend paying by cash or loan if you want to maximize your savings, but leases and PPAs are good low-cost options.

      Trinity’s equipment and performance coverage lasts for 25 years, but its workmanship warranty is only good for 5 years. A 5-year warranty is worrisome in a state with harsh winters like Massachusetts.

      How Much Does It Cost to Go Solar in Massachusetts?

      Switching your home to clean energy by installing a solar panel system is more expensive in Massachusetts than it is in most other states. The average cost per watt for solar equipment in Massachusetts is $2.94, while the national average cost is just $2.66.

      Massachusetts households consume less energy on average than the average households in other states, so you can get away with a smaller-than-average 6.5-kilowatt (kW) system, which helps keep the installation costs down. An average-sized solar system costs $19,110 in Massachusetts before any solar incentives are applied. After the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC), the total cost comes down to just $13,377.

      How Can You Save Money With Massachusetts’s Best Solar Companies?

      Solar panels are more expensive in Massachusetts than they are in most of the rest of the country, making it essential that you do everything you can to save money. Here are three ways to save money with Massachusett’s best solar companies:

      • Forgo the solar batteries. Solar batteries are great for keeping your home up and running during a power outage, but they won’t save you as much money in Massachusetts as you might think. That’s because Massachusetts has a net metering program that compensates you for any excess energy your solar panels produce. Selling your extra energy back to the grid will save you almost as much as storing it yourself with a solar battery, so solar batteries aren’t worth the extra up-front cost if you’re only interested in maximizing your savings and don’t care about preparing for blackouts.
      • Pay in cash. Paying for your solar panels in cash gives you the greatest long-term savings since you start benefiting from your reduced utility bills immediately. The average Massachusetts homeowner saves $33,013 over the course of their solar system’s life span. For comparison, financing via a solar loan saves around $28,000, while financing with a lease or PPA only saves you $5,000 and $4,000, respectively.
      • Solar incentives. The federal tax credit lets you claim 30% of your solar system’s total cost as a credit to reduce your federal income tax for the year when you have the panels installed. Massachusetts also offers several state-level incentives, like the Massachusetts Residential Renewable Energy Income Tax Credit, the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program, net metering, and Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing. The state also offers a sales tax exemption and property tax exemption for home solar equipment.

      Read also: Solar Panel Affordability Guide with Incentives

      So, Which Massachusetts Solar Company Should You Hire?

      SunPower is my pick for the best overall solar company in Massachusetts. The company has a long history of excellence, installs high-efficiency panels that are perfect for Massachusetts weather, and backs its solar installations with an outstanding warranty.

      ADT Solar is also a great option that’s a bit more affordable than SunPower. ADT offers the best solar warranty in the business and has a good selection of panels to choose from. Honorable mentions go to Sunrun and Palmetto Solar, which are solid companies that didn’t quite make the cut.

      No matter which solar installer you choose, you should get quotes from as many companies as you can to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. Use the tool below to get your search started and find the best solar companies near you.

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      Get a Solar Quote in 30 Seconds
      On average, homeowners save $5,000–$20,000 with solar panels

      FAQs About Solar Installers in Massachusetts

      Who are the best solar companies in Massachusetts?

      The best solar companies in Massachusetts are SunPower and ADT Solar. SunPower distinguishes itself from other installers by using the highest-efficiency residential panels available from Maxeon, which gives it a big advantage over other installers. ADT Solar’s panels are less efficient than SunPower’s, but ADT’s systems are more affordable and more customizable.

      Is it worth going solar in Massachusetts?

      Yes, absolutely! The average Massachusetts homeowner stands to save $33,013 over a 25-year span by switching to solar. Installing a solar system in the state only costs $13,377, on average, and it increases your home value, making it a relatively safe and very worthwhile long-term investment.

      Is Massachusetts giving free solar panels?

      No, but the state does have some of the best solar incentive programs in the country. The SMART program, PACE financing, and Massachusetts Residential Renewable Energy Income Tax Credit are outstanding ways to save money on a solar system in Massachusetts. These state tax credits and rebates are also eligible to be combined with the federal solar tax credit, which will save you even more money by reducing your federal income tax burden.

      Methodology: How We Reviewed the Best Solar Companies in Massachusetts

      At Today’s Homeowner, we strive to bring you the most transparent, accurate information for your home improvement projects. Our solar ratings emphasize what matters most to you—a wide range of energy-efficient panels, reputable and reliable installation, and comprehensive warranties.

      Our ratings are based on publicly available information about each company, secret shopping online and over the phone, customer-review analysis, and interviews with solar industry experts.

      A company can earn a maximum of 100 points across six categories, converted to a five-star scale. We researched and analyzed dozens of solar installers and developed the following formula:

      • Services Offered (20 points): What does each solar provider offer as a basic service with any solar installation plan? In-house labor led to companies being ranked higher than those that contracted their labor out to third parties. Similarly, battery installation and panel monitoring were key factors that we looked for in each provider. Massachusetts residents are also more likely to own electric vehicles than the residents of most states, so we prioritized companies that install EV charging stations.
      • Warranty Period (20 points): Solar warranties can cover labor, components, or both. The length of these warranty plans is of chief importance. Companies that offer 25-year warranty coverage got our highest score in this category. Massachusetts’ harsh winters require outstanding coverage, so we gave the nod in this solar review to companies with excellent workmanship warranties and performance coverage, in particular.
      • Other Offerings (20 points): Solar companies that provide secondary services are rated highly. These include obtaining permits to operate (PTO), providing financing and price matching options, and mobile performance tracking options. With the cost of solar panels being so high in Massachusetts, we gave companies with good financing programs an extra boost.
      • Company Reputation (15 points): Our main metrics for rating company reputation were Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings and complaint response rate. These are reliable indicators of quality. Many of our best providers have a 100% complaint response rate. Massachusetts has tons of reputable solar installers, but SunPower, ADT Solar, and Green Power Energy really stood out in this category.
      • Customer Service (15 points): Availability via phone and online is key for modern home service providers in any niche. Those that offer both, along with clearly posted business hours and in-person estimates, are rated highly. Momentum Solar has the best customer support out of any solar provider that operates in Massachusetts, but SunPower and Boston Solar are close seconds.
      • Availability (10 points): Companies with availability in more than 40 states received our highest score in this category. We rated providers with a more limited presence progressively lower, depending on exact reach. Tesla’s use of third-party installers makes it the most widely available solar installer in The Bay State.

      We monitor company data on an ongoing basis to keep rankings and information up to date.

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      Lora Novak meticulously proofreads and edits all commercial content for Today’s Homeowner to guarantee that it contains the most up-to-date information. Lora brings over 12 years of writing, editing, and digital marketing expertise. She’s worked on thousands of articles related to heating, air conditioning, ventilation, roofing, plumbing, lawn/garden, pest control, insurance, and other general homeownership topics.

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