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April 26, 2023

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    Tons of Georgia residents are investing in solar power as more people realize how much it can save them on their monthly electric bills. Statewide, Georgia aims to increase the fraction of energy it produces from renewable energy sources, incentivizing the industry’s best companies to bring their technology and expertise to the Peach State. This article takes an in-depth look at the greatest solar companies for residential rooftop solar doing business in Georgia today.

    What Are the Top Solar Installation Companies in Georgia?

    Compare the Highest-Rated Solar Companies in Georgia

    The following table provides a brief summary of the seven best solar companies in Georgia.

    CompanyOur TakeOur RatingBBB RatingWarrantyIn-House InstallationCost
    SunPowerBest National Provider9.8A+25 years for equipment, workmanship, and efficiencySometimes$$$$
    SolarSMEBest Regional Provider9.7A25 years manufacturer, workmanshipYes$$$
    Blue Raven SolarBest Solar Financing9.6A+25 years for equipmentYes$$
    ADT SolarBest Solar Warranty9.5A-25 years for equipment and performanceYes$$$
    Alternative Energy SoutheastOutstanding Local Installer9.5A+25 years for equipment and workmanshipYes$$$
    Creative Solar USAOutstanding Regional Provider9.4A25 years for equipment, 10 years for electrical, and 5 years for workmanshipYes$$
    TeslaBest Technology9.3B25 years for equipment, 10 years overallNo$$


    SunPower is one of the oldest and most well-respected companies in the solar industry. The company has provided outstanding solar installation services to residents across the country for more than 30 years. Georgians are increasingly turning to solar power to help cut energy costs as part of the state’s clean energy initiative, and SunPower is the best choice overall. The company’s equipment is state-of-the-art, and its financing options make it possible for homeowners on a tight budget to afford to make the switch to solar.

    Read more in the in-depth SunPower Solar Review.

    Best National Provider

    SunPower Pros & Cons


    • Extremely efficient technology
    • Industry leading 25-year warranty
    • Over 30 years of experience
    • In-house installation is becoming the norm


    • Expensive
    • Only offers its own brand panels

    SunPower Cost, Warranty, & Services

    SunPower charges more for its solar services than most companies, although the company’s technology is also more efficient and dependable than most of its competition. The company also provides full-service solar, which means customers can get virtually everything they need directly from SunPower.

    • Average Cost: SunPower is expensive, and Georgians should expect to pay more than the state average if they choose to go with the company. Potential SunPower customers can sign up for a free quote to get a precise estimate of how much service will cost for their home.
    • Warranty: SunPower’s warranty covers the equipment, installation, and performance for 25 years, making it one of the best warranties in the solar business. It also offers roof leak protection.
    • Solar Services: SunPower is a comprehensive solar company offering solar panels, battery backups, solar monitoring, and electric vehicle (EV) chargers.
    • Financing Options: SunPower gives customers several financing options, including solar loans, solar leases, cash, and power purchase agreements (PPAs).
    • Specials or Incentives Offered: SunPower currently offers $100 to anyone who refers a friend or family member who schedules an in-home consultation with the company.
    • In-House or Contracted Installations: SunPower has recently started doing in-house installations, although it still contracts out to third parties when needed. The company is slowly transitioning to all in-house installations, so you should ask how your installation will be handled beforehand if it’s important to you.
    • Brands of Solar Equipment Offered: SunPower only carries Maxeon panels. However, this is considered the most efficient brand in the industry.
    • Partnerships: SunPower has several partnerships, including a local network of installers across the country and a high-profile deal with the San Francisco 49ers NFL franchise.


    Solar SME is a small solar company with a local office in Fayetteville. The company is relatively new — founded in 2014 — but has already established itself as one of the best solar companies in Georgia. The company handles everything in-house, including installation, giving you a single point of contact and consistency throughout the process.

    Best Regional Provider

    SolarSME Pros & Cons


    • Local office has Georgia-specific knowledge
    • Fair prices
    • Decent selection of panels and equipment


    • Some reviews mention that the company is slow to respond

    SolarSME Cost, Warranty, & Services

    SolarSME’s prices are competitive and in line with the statewide average in Georgia. Your specific price will depend on your home’s size, roof shape, and what equipment you choose. The company provides free price estimates for potential customers, making it easy to see if their service fits your budget.

    • Average Cost: SolarSME is an average-priced solar company. Keep in mind that part of the reason SolarSME can charge lower prices than a company like SunPower is that it uses more affordable equipment that can be less efficient.
    • Warranty: SolarSME offers a 25-year warranty on workmanship along with the manufacturer’s warranty on the equipment it installs.
    • Solar Services: The company offers solar panels and battery backups and handles its installations in-house.
    • Financing Options: SolarSME offers customers several financing options. You can pay for your solar system in cash or finance via a solar loan, lease, or PPA.
    • Specials or Incentives Offered: As of this writing, SolarSME offers $1,000 for customer referrals through the Advocator app on your mobile device. The reward structure is $50 for an appointment, $1,000 for a sign-up, and $500 bonuses for every five referrals.
    • In-House or Contracted Installations: SolarSME’s installations are performed by an in-house team of technicians, so you don’t need to interface with a third-party installation company.
    • Brands of Solar Equipment Offered: SolarSME offers premium panels from Panasonic and LG. The company uses Enphase for inverters and Enphase, LG, and Generac branded power storage solutions.
    • Partnerships: SolarSME is certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A rating.

    Blue Raven Solar

    Blue Raven Solar is a national solar services provider that offers affordable solar systems backed by solid warranties. The company’s range of brands and products is more limited than some competitions, but it offers enough variety to meet the needs of most Georgians.

    Read a detailed overview of Blue Raven Solar.

    Blue Raven sets itself apart from the rest of the industry by offering the best solar financing in the business. The company’s BluePower Plus+ solar loan sets the bar by which all other solar loans are measured, giving customers the best of both worlds with the affordability of PPAs and the energy savings of outright purchases.

    Blue Raven Solar Pros & Cons


    • Best-in-class financing via BluePower Plus+ program
    • Affordable
    • Outstanding customer service


    • Doesn’t offer advanced services like EV chargers
    • Only carries a few brands

    Blue Raven Solar Cost, Warranty, & Services

    Blue Raven Solar is one of the more affordable solar companies, giving people on a budget access to basic solar services. One of the best parts about choosing Blue Raven is that the company doesn’t sacrifice quality for affordability and backs its products with a dependable warranty.

    • Average Cost: Blue Raven is cheaper than the competition in Georgia. If you don’t mind choosing from a smaller selection of brands and don’t need extra services like EV chargers and power storage, Blue Raven Solar is a great choice that won’t hurt your wallet.
    • Warranty: Blue Raven’s warranty covers equipment for 25 years and workmanship for ten years. We’d love to see longer workmanship coverage, but ten years is good enough for most homeowners.
    • Solar Services: Blue Raven’s services are a bit lacking compared to other companies. Currently, the company only offers solar panel installation, although it is reportedly rolling out battery backups in 2022.
    • Financing Options: Blue Raven’s financing through its in-house BluePower Plus+ program is the best solar financing option, and it’s not even close. The company handles its own financing, making it easier for you than dealing with independent financing through a third party. It also has a unique financing structure that combines the best aspects of PPAs with outright purchases, making it as easy to switch to solar as leasing but with the savings of owning your own panels.
    • Specials or Incentives Offered: Blue Raven Solar has a refer-a-friend program that gives you $1,000 for your first two recommendations and $1,500 per referral after that.
    • In-House or Contracted Installations: Blue Raven’s installations are conducted internally, so you don’t have to worry about tracking down a separate installer if you have any questions or concerns.
    • Brands of Solar Equipment Offered: Blue Raven uses Tier 1 solar panel manufacturers like Silfab, Trina, and Q Cells.
    • Partnerships: Blue Raven has a partnership with GivePower, a company focused on using solar desalination technology to bring clean water to people in need.

    ADT Solar

    ADT is best known as a home security business but has recently entered the solar market after acquiring Sunpro Solar. ADT brings its considerable national infrastructure into the solar space through ADT Solar, giving customers across the country access to high-quality solar systems at reasonable prices. The company backs all its products with an industry-leading warranty, making it easy to invest in rooftop solar without worrying about long-term costs.

    Read more in this ADT Solar Review.

    Best Panel Warranty
    ADT Solar

    ADT Solar Pros & Cons


    • Best solar warranty around
    • Leading national brand offers stability
    • Good choice of technology and brands


    • Not the most affordable
    • Customer service is not as responsive as local options

    ADT Solar Cost, Warranty, & Services

    ADT Solar’s business model mirrors ADT’s as a whole. The company charges industry-standard rates for solid service and excellent long-term support, winning customer loyalty and tons of positive reviews. As a national company, ADT Solar’s customer service is not as responsive as some competition, but most reviews suggest that actual problems with support are rare.

    • Average Cost: The company does not publish pricing information on its website, preferring to handle it directly through free quotes. However, customer reviews indicate that ADT Solar is average-priced.
    • Warranty: ADT Solar backs its products with a 25-year warranty covering equipment, labor, and power production. The company offers power guarantees that make it easy to estimate lifetime savings and the assurance that your solar energy system will perform as advertised.
    • Solar Services: ADT Solar is a full-service solar company offering solar panels, battery backups, EV chargers, and energy efficiency upgrades.
    • Financing Options: ADT Solar doesn’t offer leases or PPAs, so customers must choose between paying cash or taking a solar loan.
    • Specials or Incentives Offered: ADT Solar offers $1,000 per referral. All referrals are managed through an easy-to-use mobile app.
    • In-House or Contracted Installations: ADT Solar performs its own installations, so you never have to worry about issues that come about due to outsourcing.
    • Brands of Solar Equipment Offered: ADT Solar customers receive their equipment from high-quality brands like LG, Panasonic, and Tesla.
    • Partnerships: ADT Solar has industry partnerships with Buildpro Roofing Specialists and Energypro Energy Specialists to help its customers find complete home roofing and energy needs for any services that fall outside the company’s expertise.

    Alternative Energy Southeast

    Alternative Energy Southeast (AES) is a Georgia-based solar company founded in 2007 to bring affordable solar energy to the southeastern United States. The company is the #1 Tesla Powerwall installer in the southeast and has a 15-year track record of excellent customer service and satisfied clientele. The company backs its installations with a decent solar warranty and a performance guarantee, taking most of the risk and worry out of converting your home to solar energy.

    Outstanding Local Installer
    Alternative Energy Southeast

    Alternative Energy Southeast Pros & Cons


    • Georgia-based company
    • Good prices
    • In-house installations


    • Product selection varies

    Alternative Energy Southeast Cost, Warranty, & Services

    Alternative Energy Southeast is one of the southeast’s foremost solar installers. The company has a longer history than many solar providers, making its A+ BBB rating and outstanding Yelp reviews all the more impressive.

    • Average Cost: AES’s prices are average to above-average. Some customer reviews explicitly mention that the slightly elevated prices are worth it in light of the company’s stellar support.
    • Warranty: The company’s warranty is one of the best in the industry, covering equipment and workmanship for 25 years. AES also offers a performance guarantee that ensures your system will produce energy at the advertised rate, or the company will pay you to make up the difference.
    • Solar Services: AES is a one-stop shop for solar services, providing panel installations, EV chargers, battery backups, solar roofing, and solar monitoring.
    • Financing Options: Alternative Energy Southeast accepts cash and solar loans. The company does not offer leases or PPAs.
    • In-House or Contracted Installations: Alternative Energy Southeast’s installations are conducted in-house by W2 employees, according to the company website.
    • Brands of Solar Equipment Offered: The company is a certified Tesla installer and offers varied equipment from Tesla and other Tier 1 manufacturers.
    • Partnerships: Alternative Energy Southeast has a professional partnership with OpConnect, a leading provider of small, powerful EV chargers. The company is also certified by NABCEP.

    Creative Solar USA

    Creative Solar USA is another Georgia-based solar company — out of Kennesaw — with a long history of providing solar services across the Peach State. The company is an all-in-one solar service provider, handling design, installation, and support in-house. The company’s prices are competitive — especially given the level of personalization each residential solar project receives — and it offers a decent selection of solar products from the industry’s top brands.

    Outstanding Regional Provider
    Creative Solar

    Creative Solar USA Pros & Cons


    • All-in-one solar company
    • Georgia-based
    • Good prices
    • Experienced electricians on staff


    • Product stock can vary

    Creative Solar USA Cost, Warranty, & Services

    Creative Solar USA has competitive pricing, but its services and warranties definitely show room for improvement. The company makes up for it by making the process easy from start to finish and by providing excellent customer service along the way.

    • Average Cost: Customer reviews of Creative Solar USA suggest that pricing can vary quite a lot, even for similar homes. We suspect that this is due to variations in equipment fetching different prices depending on what’s in stock and what individual customers are looking for.
    • Warranty: Creative Solar USA backs its equipment with a 25-year warranty but only offers ten years’ worth of protection for electrical and five years’ worth for workmanship.
    • Solar Services: The company offers panels, batteries, and EV chargers. Solar roofing from Tesla is in the works and expected to arrive in late 2022 or early 2023. Residential installations may be either rooftop or ground mount, although the company recommends rooftop panels wherever possible.
    • Financing Options: Creative Solar USA has flexible financing options to suit a wide range of customers. The company’s options range from a 24-month 0% interest “same-as-cash” option to more traditional 20-year loans.
    • In-House or Contracted Installations: Creative Solar USA is a full-service solar provider, so all installations are handled by an in-house team rather than contracted out to a third-party installer.
    • Brands of Solar Equipment Offered: Creative Solar USA is a certified Tesla installer but also sources photovoltaic (PV) panels from undisclosed Tier 1 manufacturers. The company uses Enphase inverters and offers Enphase IQ, Tesla Powerwalls, Sonnen, and Generac PWRCell energy storage options.
    • Partnerships: The company has several important partnerships with other solar panel companies and local governments, including a deal with the City of Tucker and a partnership with the local Koinonia Farm. The company’s technicians are also certified by NABCEP.

    Tesla Solar

    Tesla is a bit of an outlier in the solar community because it only sells its own equipment and outsources installations to local businesses, making the process opaque and confusing to some people. Still, we’ve already recommended Tesla indirectly through several certified installers, and there’s no denying that Tesla’s panels and Powerwall batteries are an excellent option for Georgians looking to invest in rooftop solar.

    Read more in this Tesla Solar Review.

    Best Technology
    Tesla Energy

    Tesla Solar Pros & Cons


    • Industry-leading technology
    • Price match makes the company affordable
    • Very short wait times


    • Limited warranty
    • No brand variety
    • Expensive without price matching
    • Installations are handled by a third party

    Tesla Solar Cost, Warranty, & Services

    Tesla is most known for its technologically advanced electric vehicles, but the company offers similarly cutting edge solar panels and battery backups as well. Tesla’s solar prices are high and its warranty is lacking compared to the best warranties in the industry, but the company’s panels and batteries are very efficient and technologically superior to most alternatives.

    • Average Cost: Tesla is expensive if you purchase panels from the company directly at face value. However, the company offers a price matching program that makes its solar panel systems far more affordable, although it requires a quote from another company, which makes the whole process take longer.
    • Warranty: Tesla’s warranty covers performance for 25 years but only protects the equipment for ten years. However, Tesla’s performance assurances are solid and guarantee at least 80% output efficiency for 25 years. This is a nice feature that makes it possible to calculate your minimum energy-saving potential before you buy.
    • Solar Services: Tesla’s solar division makes its own solar panels, batteries, EV charging stations, and solar roof shingles.
    • Financing Options: Customers can choose to pay for a Tesla solar power system in cash or through traditional financing. The company does not offer PPAs or leasing options.
    • In-House or Contracted Installations: Tesla installations are contracted out to local installation companies. The company certifies companies to install Tesla solar products, providing some reassurances, but the customer experience still varies by location, as evidenced by the wide range of reviews available on the internet.
    • Brands of Solar Equipment Offered: Tesla only offers its own brand of solar equipment.
    • Partnerships: Tesla is accredited by the BBB and is partnered with local and regional solar installers across the nation.

    What Is Our Final Verdict on the Best Solar Company in Georgia?

    SunPower is the best solar company in Georgia overall, although the company’s premium products fetch premium prices. If you’re looking for a high-quality solar company with a history of providing the best solar products and services — and don’t mind paying more for it — you’ll be delighted with SunPower.

    If you prefer a more affordable, local company, SolarSME is our top pick for a smaller, more personalized touch. The company only offers basic installations for panels and batteries, but its prices are more competitive than SunPower’s, and customers are generally satisfied with the company’s familiarity with the local solar landscape.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing The Best Solar Company in Georgia

    If you’re having trouble deciding on a solar provider, it can help to take a step back and consider what factors are most important to you. Here’s a brief overview of the most important factors to consider when switching to solar energy.

    Cost of Services & Installation

    There’s no way around it: solar systems are expensive. However, they’re not as expensive as many people think, and choosing the most affordable system isn’t always the best option. Cheaper systems are usually less efficient, reducing your savings over the system’s lifetime and indirectly raising the effective cost. Technologically superior systems often induce sticker shock but lead to greater savings in the long run. They also add more value to your home, allowing you to recoup your investment more easily if you decide to sell your home down the road.

    Equipment and Damages Warranty

    Solar panels are exposed to the elements, whether they’re affixed to your roof or mounted on a ground array, so they’re inevitably going to experience some wear and tear. Before you choose a solar provider, make sure you understand the terms of the warranty you’ll have on your solar system. Most companies offer 25-year warranties on equipment, but coverage duration for workmanship and performance can vary.

    Solar Services Offered

    If you only want basic panels, you can choose virtually any solar company. But if you’re interested in more advanced options, like energy storage and EV charging, you’ll need to choose a company that provides those services. In general, companies that provide more services tend to charge higher rates, and more involved solar systems cost more and take longer to install

    Financing Options

    Many people think solar panels are prohibitively expensive, and on the surface, they’re right. Not many homeowners can afford to pay the large upfront costs all at once, but most solar companies offer financing options that make it easy to start building solar equity while simultaneously saving money on your utility bill. Solar loans, solar leases, and PPAs are common these days, so make sure you choose a company with flexible financing if you can’t foot the bill in cash.

    Do They Contract Installation?

    In general, you should choose an all-in-one solar installer if you can. Some companies contract installations out to independent companies, which isn’t inherently a bad thing, but makes the customer experience you’ll receive more uncertain. In-house installations usually go more smoothly and lead to fewer headaches for the homeowner.

    Brands of Solar Equipment Offered

    Some companies don’t report the brands that they use, but most will at least say whether they use equipment from Tier 1 manufacturers. All Tier 1 PV systems are approximately equivalent, although any reputable company would be happy to discuss specific brand options with a potential customer.

    Enphase is the de facto standard for inverters, Enphase, Tesla, LG, and Generac make excellent storage systems, and Panasonic, LG, Tesla, Q Cells, and Maxeon are broadly considered the best panel manufacturers today.

    Average Online Rating and Customer Reviews

    It’s important to do as much research as possible before choosing a solar company. You should read as many solar reviews as possible from as many different sources as you can to get a sense of what the overall public opinion of a company is before you sign a contract. Online reviews can shed light on issues that only arise after you become a customer and help you avoid unwittingly doing business with a company that disappears once it has your money.

    Industry Partnerships

    Partnerships aren’t a guarantee that a company is a good choice — especially for residential solar — but having relationships in the industry is usually a sign of a healthy, growing business. You should be wary of a company that operates entirely independently, or that isn’t invested in its local community, as such businesses usually aren’t invested in the future and don’t last long.

    Size of Company

    Whether you choose a large national solar company or a local one is mostly a matter of preference. National companies tend to offer more products from more brands and charge lower prices at the expense of less responsive customer service. On the other hand, smaller companies are often more expensive but excel at providing a personalized experience. Neither option is inherently better, so you should choose one that offers the services you need and matches your personal preference.

    Interested in solar energy but not sure where to start?

    Get free quotes from Today’s Homeowner approved solar installers.

    FAQs About the Best Solar Companies in Georgia

    Top 7 Best Solar Companies in Georgia

    Yes, definitely. While Georgia doesn’t enjoy as much sunshine as nearby Florida, it gets more than enough to make solar energy worthwhile. Most southeastern states like Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida give homeowners plenty of sunny days to leverage for solar energy production.

    Some people think that solar energy isn’t worth it in Georgia because energy tends to be affordable throughout the state. However, solar can still eliminate your entire monthly electric bill, saving you money every month for an average of 20 to 25 years, even if it won’t save you as much as it would in a more expensive state. Installing rooftop solar in Georgia also insulates you from future price fluctuations, making it easier to manage your money.

    Does Georgia offer a solar tax credit?

    Georgia doesn’t offer any state-level tax rebates or solar incentives, but Georgia residents are eligible for the federal tax credit (ITC). This is a 26% credit to your federal income taxes, which averages out to several thousands of dollars.

    Is net metering available in GA?

    Georgia Power, Georgia’s largest Atlanta area electric company, offers net metering through its Solar Buy Back program. Customers can sell the excess energy their panels produce back to the utility company to reduce their monthly bills. If you live in Atlanta or one of its suburbs like Marietta or Peachtree, net metering is an option you should consider.

    How much do solar panels cost for a 1,500-square-foot home in GA?

    The average cost of solar panels in Georgia for a 1,500 sq. ft. home is around $21,000. This estimate assumes an average 11 kW system and an average cost of $2.60 per watt. These are typical solar statistics in Georgia.

    Which solar company is most reputable in Georgia?

    SunPower is the most reputable company in Georgia, although it is a national company and provides service throughout the country. SunPower has an excellent reputation for providing high-quality solar services backed by solid warranties for over 30 years.

    Can I get solar panels for free in Georgia?

    No. Some companies lure customers in with the promise of free solar panels when, in reality, these deals are usually part of a larger package priced slightly higher to compensate for the “free panels.”

    Do solar panels increase home value in Georgia?

    Yes! Zillow estimates that a home’s value increases by 4.1% on average after installing solar panels. For Georgians, this means an average increase of more than $12,000.

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