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April 19, 2024

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    The Best Solar Gate Openers

    Secure your home, increase the value of your property, and cut costs by installing an efficient solar gate opener.

    Having an electronic gate opener installed at your property is a sure-fire way of increasing its value, as well as ensuring the security of your home’s boundaries. On farms, estates, and yards, a constant flow of traffic going in and out of the property makes mechanical swing gates somewhat impractical, and the job of keeping these gates closed and locked is practically impossible, especially when they’re far from your home. Installing electronic gate openers around your property is the most reliable way to make sure you can securely manage the visitors to your land.

    solar gate openers
    A small solar panel in the sun, operating an automatic opening gate.

    But naturally, powered gate openers require connection to mains electricity, which is not only costly but can mean that in the event of a power outage they would be rendered useless. Thankfully, today’s technological advancements have rendered solar panel-operated gate openers both affordable and highly functional. There are even solar gates designed to charge during cloudy weather, meaning that wherever in the world you live, you can rely on solar panels to power your gate system without spending money on electricity, or relying on the power grid.

    Editor’s Picks

    Having researched the market, here are our top picks for solar power gate openers, at a glance.

    Best Budget: 10 Watt Solar Panel Kit (FM123)

    The 10 Watt Solar Panel Kit by Mighty Mule is unquestionably the best value solar gate opener in the market today. It provides everything you’ll need to quickly and easily mount this durable, long-lasting solar gate opener. This gate opener is not only inexpensive, but it also saves you money on your electric bills! You don’t have to worry about any complex set-ups because with its DIY installation, you can quickly fix it yourself and use it.

    Best Premium: Ghost Controls TDS2XP Heavy-Duty Solar Dual Automatic Gate Opener

    If you’re happy to dig a little deeper, or are specifically looking for a solar panel swing gate opener at the very top of the range, than you can do no better than to purchase the Ghost Controls TDS2XP. With the optional ability to control this solar gate via your mobile phone, this is the one for you.

    Best Overall: Ghost Controls TSS1XP Swing Gate Opener

    Our pick for the best overall solar gate opener on the market has to be Ghost Controls TSS1XP gate opener. Inarguably it is the easiest do-it-yourself installation out there and comes with a lifetime quality guarantee. Safe, secure, reliable, and quiet, the Ghost Controls TSS1XP can be opened with the remote control from up to 1,000 feet away and can open swing gates up to 20 feet wide, or up to 900 pounds.

    How Do Solar Gate Openers Work?

    Example solar gate opener diagram

    Solar gate openers work by accumulating and then converting solar power into electricity that powers your automatic gate. A solar panel usually affixed to a nearby post or pole transfers energy stored during the day to the gates control box, opening or closing the gate at your command. Excess electricity stored during the day is also kept especially for controlling the gate at night when the sun is absent.

    Check out: Best solar flagpole lights.

    Solar panels for solar gate openers are usually small to mid-sized, averaging a size of 1 meter of height and 0.5 meters of width. The panels absorb and generate electricity that is transferred via cable to the gate’s system control box. This component is made of two parts: The power pack that feeds electricity to the gate and the 12V solar reserve battery.

    Pros And Cons Of Solar Gate Openers

    Solar gate openers offer a litany of positive features and advantages, the most important being that they use renewable energy and are environmentally sustainable. Like any other solar device, they do have some slight drawbacks as solar technology is still continuously working out the best possible solutions for so many different applications.

    Solar gate openers are a sustainable and eco-friendly way to power your gate without resorting to grid electricity
    They also cut costs and lower electricity bills. The fact that the solar panel (which functions as the main power source) is directly attached to the gate also means no additional wires or cables are needed
    Gate openers of the solar variety are great to have during power outages, as they do not rely on traditional grid electricity
    Like any solar based device, solar gate openers operate at the whim of the sun. This makes them a tad unreliable if one takes into account overcast, cloudy or rainy weather. If no solar energy is produced during the day, the solar component will not work at all night (though most come with backup or alternative power supplies)
    An average solar gate opener has a limited number of uses a day, normally around 10 a day even in perfect weather conditions. You might have to invest in a larger battery for more openings and closings

    How Are Solar Gate Openers Installed?

    A solar gate opener can be installed either by a specialized technician but also as a DIY affair by following certain steps and possessing some hardware tools. Models such as the ones reviewed here have in-depth installation manuals but there is also plenty of info and tutorials online. If you’re feeling in the DIY mood, why not consider creating a DIY solar panel from scratch, and building your own solar gate opener?

    The first step is to carefully measure the gate, hinges and gate opener as it is placed on the gate itself take extra care to make sure it does not obstruct the opening and closing of the gate. Many types of solar gate openers have a mounting plate that must also be accurately measured.

    Attach the brackets and other mounting hardware directly to the gate post. This step will require use of screwdrivers, power drills, wrenches, measuring tape and other standard tools. A very important factor is the material the gate is made of. Solar gate openers can be installed on wooden gates and fences, though usually metal gates are the standard.

    The following step is to install your solar panel on the gate or on a post nearby. The most vital issue is that it stays put (no wobbling) and faces the sun as much as possible. The last step is to connect the gate opener to the solar panel. This may be the most risky step, but with some very basic precautions it can be done seamlessly.

    First off, make sure the control box is shut off in order to avoid nasty shocks. Then attach the panel wires to the control box. Red wires indicate positive terminals black wires indicate negative ones. This is where you should use protective gear for the handling of electronic equipment. The most crucial factor is rendering the distance between the panel and control box as short as possible.

    Now test the gate to see if opens and closes fluidly and at the right speed and your set!

    Best Solar Gate Openers Reviewed

    Now let’s take a more in-depth look at the very best solar gate openers – for both slide and swing gates – available on the market.

    Mighty Mule MM371W Solar Package – Medium Duty Single Smart Gate Opener (30 Watt Solar Panel)

    • Brand: Mighty Mule
    • Ideal for the DIY property owner
    • Perfect for all single gates

    This gate opener is designed for single swing gates up to 16 feet in length or a maximum weight of 550 lbs. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys setting things up yourself, the mighty mule MM371 may interest you as it comes with detailed instructions, online how-to videos, and 24-hour technical support to aid you in setting your gate opener up.

    This smart slide gate opener is compatible with Wi-Fi smartphone connectivity, with smart features that allow control from anywhere using your smartphone app. (Requires MMS100 Wireless Connectivity Kit – sold separately)

    Easy to install
    Versatile for all single gate types
    24-month warranty
    Sleek and quiet operation
    Wireless kit not included
    Battery not included

    Mighty Mule MM572W Solar Package – Heavy Duty Dual Smart Gate Opener (30 Watt Solar Panel)

    • Brand: Mighty Mule
    • Ideal for the DIY property owner
    • Perfect for all dual gate
    • Designed for heavy duty dual swing gates

    Unlike many of the solar power brands out there, this package from Mighty Mule comes with absolutely everything you need (including the batteries!) for installation. It is highly functional, can be used with gates made of any material and can be used on swing gates weighing up to 850lbs, or 18 feet long.

    Mighty Mule was the first solar panel brand to offer automatic and control box gate opener kits on the market, meaning that they are one of the leading and most reliable manufacturers in the sustainable technology space. This kit is easy to install, with online how-to videos and unlimited access to 24-hour support, can be operated via solar power alone, or via AC, and has the ability to be operated remotely by mobile phone.

    Leading market brand
    18-month warranty and online support
    Comes with everything you need to set up and get started straight away
    Versatile and easy to install
    Wireless remote control kit not included

    FISTERS EM3 Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Heavy Duty Dual Swing Gates Up to 8.2Feet/Leaf (1 pcs 11W Solar Panel 2pcs 7Ah Batteries Included)

    • Brand: Fisters
    • High Quality & Durable
    • Safety Assurance
    • Intelligent Adjustment
    • Over Current Detection
    • Infrared Beam Sensor

    If you need a swift and heavy-duty gate opener, the Fisters EM3 is the way to go. The Fisters EM3 is made of stainless steel and is weatherproof, temperature tolerant, and waterproof. This gate opener package also includes a built-in stable limit switch with an infrared sensor, a manual release in the event of a power outage, and 164 feet ranged remote control. Unlike other gate opener kits, there are no extra charges for the gate opener package, which contains a solar panel, backup batteries, and a full kit of the entire gate opener system.

    Solar panel and batteries included
    Built-in reliable limit switch that automatically stops and returns when obstructed.
    Instruction not straightforward, no installation DVD
    Only works on gates up to 8.2 feet in length
    Remote control only works up to 164 feet

    Ghost Controls TSS1XP Heavy-Duty Solar Single Automatic Gate Opener Kit for Swing Gates Up to 20 Feet (ft.)

    • Brand: Ghost Controls
    • Tube Brackets = Easy Install
    • Excellent Range
    • Battery Operated
    • SafeForce Technology
    • Lifetime* Assurance

    Easily the most straightforward do-it-yourself, user-friendly solar gate kit on the market, Ghost Controls TSS1XP is a relatively affordable, solid midway option for those wanting the quality of a premium grade gate opener at the price of a budget brand.

    Super easy to install with an attractive all-black design, the TSS1XP is versatile too: it is able to operate a wide range of gates, from 900lbs in weight to 20 feet in width. You can trust that the Ghost Controls solar gate will keep you, your vehicle, and any nearby animals safe, with its smart soft-open and soft-close technology.

    Affordable and versatile
    Easy to install
    Remote control works up to 1,000 feet away
    Battery not included
    10W solar panel not as powerful as many of those available in other kits
    Only one remote control provided

    TOPENS A5 Automatic Gate Opener Kit Medium Duty Single Gate Operator for Single Swing Gates Up to 16 Feet or 550 Pounds Gate Motor

    • Brand: TOPENS
    • Durable & Reliable Dual Gate Opener
    • Battery Powered, Solar Capable
    • Multiple Applications, Easy DIY Installation
    • Technical Guidance & Assistance

    This easy-to-set-up DIY gate opener has two installation modes, Pull-to-Open or Push-to-Open, which means it is suitable for any duel swing gates that open inwards or outwards including driveway gates made by steel, wood, vinyl, and shaped like a panel, tube, and chain-link. This gate opener supports any medium dual swing gates up to a maximum of 16 ft. long or a maximum weight of 550 lbs. The TOPENS AD5 values your safety and security and because of this, only TOPENS authorized remote controls and wireless accessories are allowed to operate TOPENS Gate Opener. The gate opener kit also includes a built-in auto-close time (3-120 seconds) and adjustable obstruction sensitivity/stall force and also has a soft start and soft stop to ensure your gate opener lasts as long as possible.

    Easy to install, and minimum maintenance requirement.
    Sensors ensure the gate will never close when a person or vehicle is in the way.
    12-month warranty
    Battery not included

    Mighty Mule MM272 Solar Package – Light Duty Dual Gate Opener (20 Watt Solar Panel)

    • Brand: Mighty Mule
    • Perfect for all dual gate types
    • Ideal for the DIY property owner

    This smart gate opener can be operated through the convenience of your smartphone with smart features that allow control from anywhere using your smartphone app (Requires MMS100 Wireless Connectivity Kit – sold separately). This gate opener is easy to install and comes with instructions to help you through every step of setting it up. This gate opener is designed for various heavy-duty dual swing gates up to a maximum of 18 ft long or maximum weight of 850 lbs.

    This gate opener kit features all of the usual features of a solar-powered gate opener, including MM572W Gate opener solar panel with mounting bracket & 10 ft. wires, remote with Visor Clip, AC transformer, (Cannot be used simultaneously with solar panel), 12-volt battery, control box, mounting hardware, instruction Manual.

    18 month Mighty Mule Warranty and Technical Support.
    Easy to install
    Solar panel and battery included
    Wireless connectivity kit sold separately
    Limited to operating on dual swing gates measuring at 18 feet maximum each

    Solar Gate Opener Buyers Guide

    What features should you be looking for when buying a solar gate opener?

    Swing or Slide?

    The mechanisms behind a solar gate opener for swing gates versus sliding gates are completely different. Typically, swing gate openers utilize a pair of piston-like arms. On the contrary, a sliding gate control box utilizes a chain-pulley system. Make sure you know what kind of gate you have before buying.

    Weather and Wattage

    It may sound obvious, but one of the most crucial things to do when deciding upon the best solar gate for your needs is to first determine how much sunshine your new solar panels are going to be exposed to. If your gate opener is going to be in an open country which gets plenty of sunshine, then you don’t need to worry too much about the solar panel wattage for your gate opener. However, if you frequently experience overcast weather, or there is an obstruction overhead, then getting the correct solar panel wattage is essential. We recommend you opt for a higher wattage – 30W for example – or even better, for a monocrystalline solar panel to get the highest possible power output.

    Gate Size and Weight

    First thing’s first, measure the width of your gate for the gate opener (whether slide or swing), or the widths of each wing of your double swing gate. Additionally, determine (at least roughly) the weight of the entire gate. Make sure that the solar gate opener you settle on is up to the task.


    If you’re looking for the best solar gate opener, a gate opener that can handle a variety of different gates, or you want to make sure that wherever and however you use your new solar gate opener, then versatility is key. Many solar gate openers are designed with one use in mind. However, there are those out there which allow for multiple combinations of power sources, adjustable preference settings, and various modes of use, including remote control via mobile phone.

    Full Package

    Make sure that you are getting everything you are going to need in order to install your new solar gate openers. Some brands tend not to include batteries in their kits, or AC power adaptors. Some don’t provide the required brackets for installation, or advertise nifty extras but don’t include the necessary elements to activate them.

    Final Verdict

    Taking into account the price , versatility, ease of install, durability, and brand reputation, our best solar gate opener has to be the Ghost Controls TSS1XP Swing Gate Opener. Despite a smaller wattage of solar panel, the trust Ghost Controls inspires in its customers, alongside the unique 1,000 feet remote control range, make this the best solar gate opener on the market.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you know if a gate is a single swing, double swing, or sliding gate?

    A single swing gate is a single unit which when opened swings outward, like a standard door in your house. A double swing moves in the same way, but is split in the middle, and when opened the two sides swing away from each other. A sliding gate slides on runners, set parallel with the wall into which it’s fitted.

    What are the various ways of charging solar gate openers?

    Most solar gate openers are intended to operate exclusively through the use of solar panels. However, many come with AC/mains power adaptors (or at least the capacity for this usage), and can operate with several combinations of solar and mains power.

    Are solar gate openers weatherproof?

    Effectively all solar gate openers are weatherproof, yes. They have to be, given that they are always going to be exposed to the elements. When looking to buy, avoid plastic, and look for the hardiest metals used in the construction of the best solar gate openers.

    I’m not good at DIY, can I still install a solar gate opener myself?

    Yes! Absolutely. However, you should always read the reviews on a product before you buy it, and look out for kits which come with free 24-hr technical support, and/or online video tutorials.

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