This Technology Makes Any Garage Door Smart

These days, you can control just about everything in your home with your smartphone — and garage doors are no exception to the rule.

If you buy a new garage door, chances are, it’s gonna have that technology where you can open and close it from your smartphone or tablet.

But what if you have an older garage door opener? Well, now you can have that technology with Chamberlain’s MyQ Smart Garage Hub. You can retrofit and upgrade your existing garage door opener — just plug this in place and you will be ready to go!

This is perfect if you’ve got a lot of deliveries and you want the delivery guy to put them inside your garage as opposed to leaving them on the porch and maybe getting stolen.
Or you’ve got family that you know will come in and out of the house.

Another nice feature is that you can set your garage door on a timer and it’ll be down every time you need it.

So, if you want to upgrade your existing garage door opener, look no farther than the MyQ Smart Garage Hub.

Watch the video to learn more about this product, which is available at The Home Depot.


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