From ruptured water pipes to broken water supply lines, leaks annually cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs. So having a water monitor or a leak detector in your home is a really good idea!

Why Do I Need a Water Monitor?

The average home leaks 10,000 gallons of water a year. For comparison, the average load of laundry uses 32 gallons. So basically, you’ve lost 312 loads of laundry.

Don’t keep wasting money on water that you’re not using!

With the Phyn Plus Smart Water Monitor and Leak Detector, you can view how much water you use monthly, daily and hourly to stay ahead of your bill. This will allow you to track the use of your showers, toilets, washing machine and more to help save money and conserve.

Here’s how it works: Daily plumbing checks diagnose tiny drips and pinhole leaks so you can proactively maintain your plumbing system.

This single device, installed on your home’s main water line, lets you manage your water throughout the entire home — even when you’re away.

To mitigate damage, Phyn Plus also can turn off the water to your home automatically in the event of a catastrophic leak.

Accurate and Reliable

One Phyn Plus device monitors the entire home’s water from a single location on the main water line. There’s no need for additional sensors. And it does so with accuracy and precision.

In a study from Utah State University commissioned by the Southern Nevada Water Authority, Phyn Plus was found to be the most reliably accurate whole-home leak detection solution across multiple flow thresholds. 

The Phyn Plus Smart Water Monitor and Leak Detector monitors the pressure of your water 240 times a second. If there’s any kind of variation or deviation in that pressure, it will automatically shut off and stop the leak right in its tracks.

With the ultrasonic flow sensor and high-definition pressure sensor, there are no moving parts and no maintenance.

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Seamlessly Integrate Into Your Smart Home

Phyn Plus is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT. All you need is WiFi and a standard AC outlet within 15 feet of your waterline — no hub is required!

You can get real-time mobile notifications that alert you to potential leaks and turn off your water remotely using the Phyn app from anywhere.

Plus, there are no subscriptions — all you need is the PHYN app. All its features are free and available to download for iOS and Android. 

Watch the video above to learn more about the Phyn Plus Smart Water Monitor and Leak Detector.

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