Smart Wi-Fi Plug: Sync Your Outdoors to Your Smart Home

A smart Wi-Fi plug can make any outdoor device a smart device.

Now more than ever, people want to boost their backyard life. A true backyard paradise includes features that allow you to entertain and relax, like outdoor kitchens, dining areas, water features and landscape lighting. 

Keeping up with all of these features can be a handful. For instance, remembering to turn off landscape lighting and a water feature can turn your backyard oasis into another mundane household task.

Get your outdoor devices in sync with your smart house by using a smart Wi-Fi plug. 

Defiant Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled outdoor smart plug
Turn any outdoor device into a smart one!

The Defiant Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled outdoor smart plug gives you the same wireless control you have with indoor smart devices. 

The plug is available with two outlets, so you can manage each one individually or control them together. 

So you can keep your patio bug zapper on past sundown and turn off your water feature at the same time.

No hub is required and compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

The Defiant outdoor smart plug allows you to use your voice to turn on or off the device of your choice. Pre-set on and off schedules through the Hubspace app for Android or iPhone. 

Plus, if your Wi-Fi network is down, you can still control this smart plug with Bluetooth. 

The Defiant Smart Wi-Fi Plug is suitable for outdoor and damp applications under IP64 rating and has a 15 amp power consumption limit. 

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Watch the video to learn all about this Best New Product!

Find the Defiant Smart Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled outdoor smart plug at The Home Depot.

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