Smart Lighting and Ventilation Solutions for Your Home

Smart home technology makes life more convenient and energy use more efficient, and that’s certainly true for two impressive products.

GE Lighting’s C by GE smart switch converts any light bulb into a smart one.
The switch allows you to time, turn on and off, and control any brand incandescent, halogen, CFL or LED bulb with a voice assistant, app, motion or touch. The system also provides wireless, whole-room lighting control by bulbs on different circuits with easy set-up.

NuTone’s Humidity Sensing Fan takes the guesswork out of indoor air quality control. The fan turns on when it senses a gradual rise in humidity, and its adjustable sensitivity allows for faster reaction to rising humidity levels.
It’s Energy Star-certified, comes with a dimmable LED light, a grille with fewer vent slots to clean, and can be used in a bathroom, home gym or nursery — anywhere that could use cleaner air quality.
And retrofitting this fan couldn’t be easier, with installation entirely from the room-side — there’s no need to go up in the attic!

Watch the video above to learn more!

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