Innovative Smart Home Solutions That Make Life Easy

Design and Construction Week in Las Vegas is a great place to find exciting new ideas and innovative smart home products.Here are some of our favorites that will make your home easier and more enjoyable to navigate.

Can’t find your keys? You don’t need them anymore with Kwikset’s Halo Touch smart lock that is Wi-Fi enabled and can recognize fingerprints. Or Schlage’s Encode programmable keypad with remote operation.

We love appliances that solve problems, like LG’s Instaview Fridge that shows what’s inside with just a knock on the door. And, if you struggle with mold in your clothes washer, GE’s UltraFresh Vent System comes to the rescue with anti-microbial technology.

Healthy homes are a big trend, and the folks at 3M created a smart Filtrete filter that texts you when it’s time to change your heating and cooling system’s filters.

Want to bring fresh air indoors? Velux’s Fresh Air Skylight responds to voice commands and can be controlled by an app or a remote control.

Want more wireless solutions? Legrand has an electrical outlet with a wireless charging station for your phone. And Electric Mirror offers an information hub where you can check your schedule, watch the news and look at the weather.

In addition, you can turn your fireplace on or off with the IntelliFire app from Hearth and Home.

Finally, with all of these smart devices, why not connect them all? That’s possible with Control4’s smart remote.

Innovative, smart home technology is here to stay. What are some of your favorite products? Share them in the comments!

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