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April 15, 2024

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    Ranked #22 on Fast Company’s list of The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies, Vivint Smart Home is a leading smart home technology provider. Their goal is to make your life easier and smarter.

    With high-quality security services and home automation services, Vivint’s home security system is connected through a 100% wireless connection and includes professional installation and 24/7 monitoring. They offer a variety of customizable packages, so you can choose the products and services that best fit your home needs.

    Vivint has something for all types of homeowners. If you’re a parent, the Vivint Doorbell Camera has smart lock integration that makes it easy to unlock the door for your kids without having to leave your office. If you’re a traveler, you can use the Vivint Smart Home app to adjust your thermostat, lock the doors, and turn off the lights, all from a simple WiFi connection.

    Today’s Homeowner looked into Vivint’s products and packages, and break down exactly what’s offered. Below we explore Vivint security services, how they work, what they cost, and why they’re worth considering. To learn more about Vivint’s offerings or get a free quote, call 888.841.5276.*

    Home Security Systems Ensure Home Protection

    There are a dozen reasons why home security systems will protect your children, your pets, your home, and make your life simpler. Think about the issues you could avoid with the help of a Vivint security system:

    • Home fires—Set up your system to monitor the climate control in your house and, if a smoke detector is triggered, you can have your doors unlocked immediately for the fire department to gain access. Fires can happen quickly and can be fatal. Having a security system in place gives you added home fire protection.
    • Carbon monoxide poisoning—Should the CO detector go off, you can ensure your doors are unlocked, so your family can get out quickly and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
    • Home intruders—With door and window sensors, you will be notified if somebody approaches or attempts to enter. Smart home specialists monitor your system 24/7 and will be ready to notify you and call the police if needed.
    • Package theft—Although this can happen all year long, over 25 million Americans have been the victims of a holiday package robbery. You shouldn’t have to stop online shopping because of the petty theft that happens at your front door. With a Vivint Doorbell Camera, you can see when a delivery arrives, speak one-on-one to the delivery person, and even unlock and lock your door to have them leave the package inside, all from your smartphone.

    Research conducted by the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice showed that alarm systems help deter burglars. Another study conducted by the University of North Carolina showed that 31% burglars are likely to retreat from a home that has a security system installed.

    Shopping for a Home Security System: What to Expect

    Smart home security systems should be reliable, easy to use, and convenient, but where do you begin choosing your provider? While searching for the best home security system, you should consider multiple factors: your home needs, the set-up process, the technology, included features, whether or not professional installation is required, and what the company guarantees.

    There are basic security starter kits available, but these often require you to self-install and self-monitor. Unless that’s something you feel comfortable with, we suggest using a control panel and a professional monitoring company.

    Depending on the home security company, the control panel will be programmed through a wired connection or a wireless connection, with the potential for battery backup.

    Your location may make wireless security system impossible, but Vivint offers a free at-home consultation, which allows you to figure out if your cellular network is strong enough for a wireless smart home system.

    A Vivint home security professional will evaluate what services you might need and answer all of your home security questions in this consultation, free of charge, and all before you buy your security equipment or sign up for a service plan.

    Here’s why Today’s Homeowner recommends the Vivint security systems:

    • They are connected through a 100% wireless connection, so if there’s a power outage, your security system will still work. This is not the case with a wired connection, which can stop working if the wires are broken.
    • Customizable plans and optional notifications and settings are tailored to your and preferences. You can change the settings on your panel or app, for instance, to ensure that the house doors unlock in the case of a fire.
    • Certified technicians perform professional installation of every product at your home and ensure that it works properly. Do-it-yourself can be fun, but you want to be sure it’s done correctly when it comes to your family’s safety.
    • Professional monitoring is included in every home security package. Vivint’s home security professionals monitor your home 24/7, so no matter what time of day something happens, you and your home will be taken care of.
    • Many of their award-winning products are designed in house. Vivint has used high-quality technology to develop their own products including the Vivint Outdoor Camera, the Vivint Lamp Module, and the Vivint Smart Home, which is connected through cellular radio with backup battery included to ensure your power is protected.

    All of Vivint’s products and services are created with the customer’s safety and convenience in mind, which is why we’re going to tell you about their security products and explain how they work and what you can expect.

    Vivint Security Packages: Products and Services That Connect and Protect

    What we enjoy about having a Vivint home security system is that you can speak and your home will listen. Want to answer the door without leaving your bedroom? You can. Want to open the garage to let your neighbor borrow the lawn mower? You don’t have to go outside to do it. You can also lock and unlock your doors from your smartphone with smart door locks.

    The high-tech door and window sensors detect motion and will notify you when someone approaches them. When you leave home, you no longer have to stress about the lights you left on or the doors you forgot to lock. You can control and monitor your home from your smartphone, computer, or tablet while connected to WiFi. You can stay updated on comings and goings, keep the house climate controlled, thereby lowering your energy bills, and ensure that your family is safe even if you’re not physically there to protect them.

    But Why is Vivint the Best Provider for Home Security?

    After reviewing dozens of other home security companies, we found that Vivint had the best technology, the best package options, and the most reliable customer service.

    Since Vivint requires professional installation, you can avoid rookie installation mistakes. They will send a certified technician to your home to set up the security equipment properly.

    Should anything go wrong within the first 120 days, you will be under warranty (as long as you’re signed up for a Vivint service), and you will get free replacements for any malfunctioning products.

    We also like how Vivint’s control app and panel work with Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple iPhones and iPads. You can keep using these products if you have them and easily integrate them into your new system.

    If your priority is home safety, then Vivint has you covered. They design many of their own products and are determined to use the best technology available. If you’re looking for a Vivint security package, consider these:

    This package keeps you up to date with who’s leaving or coming and protects your home and family should any abnormal motion be detected. Here’s what’s included:

    • Vivint Smart Hub™ (considered the control panel)
    • Vivint Smart Home app (previously called the Sky app)
    • Yard Sign and Light
    • Vivint Doorbell Camera
    • Kwikset Smart Lock
    • Garage Door Controller
    • 6 Vivint Smart Sensors
    • 2 Vivint Motion Sensors

    If you’re interested in keeping an eye on the inside and outside of your house, this package gives you access to products that survey movement and notify you should anything out of the ordinary occur.

    Vivint’s Surveillance package includes:

    • Vivint Smart Hub™
    • Vivint Smart Home App
    • Yard Sign and Light
    • Vivint Doorbell Camera
    • Vivint Ping Camera
    • Vivint Outdoor Camera
    • 6 Vivint Smart Sensors
    • 3 Vivint Motion Sensors

    The major difference between the two packages is the additional security camera. If you want an outdoor and indoor camera to track activity, the Surveillance package is your best bet.

    If you want to incorporate home automation services into your package, you should consider Smart Control, Smart Complete, or the Safety & Security packages. These packages are more expensive, but also more comprehensive. No matter what package you choose, you can always add services and products such as the Nest thermostat or the Vivint Lamp Module.

    With a home security system, you can save on utilities, homeowner’s insurance, and the high costs of burglary, all while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re protected by professional monitors using the latest technological equipment.

    To learn more about Vivint’s packages, call 888.841.5276 to speak with a Vivint sales rep.CALL NOW

    What do Vivint Customers Think?

    Read these customer reviews of Vivint security products and services:

    Abigail wrote, “The technician was very professional, friendly, on time and communicated with me during the entire process.”

    According to another customer, “Excellent customer service! Friendly and intelligent without sounding like automated responses. Plus the tech is really easy to understand and [the products are] fantastic quality!”

    Judy wrote, “Vivint has been ideal to work with. They have a great product, and their staff is professional, helpful, courteous, prepared, punctual, and eager to ensure the customers are confident and satisfied with their new security system. Thank you Vivint!”

    Based on more than 12,000 reviews, their TrustScore is 7.7 out of 10.

    Compare the Vivint Security System

    Compared to all other home security systems, Vivint is one of the most technologically advanced home systems available. It may be pricier than other systems, but for good reason. Vivint wants to provide quality products to customers.

    To show you, we’ve compared some of Vivint’s security products with other companies’ products:

    Vivint Smart HomeADT Pulse
    24/7 professional monitoringYesYes
    Free in-home consultationYesNo
    Control panel specsPower usage: 12 VDC / 1.5A; battery backupMulti-touch screen: 7” with 1024 x 600 resolutionSiren level: 100 dBTwo-way voicePower usage: 100-240 VAC, 2.5A; battery backupTouchscreen: 6.61”
    Smart thermostat specsRechargeable lithium-ion batteryLCD screen with 320 x 320 resolution at 182 PPIWorks with 85% of 24V heating and cooling systemsPowered by battery or from 24VAC HVAC power128-segment fixed display with backlight18-30 VAC
    Outdoor security camera specsPower usage: DC12V 1AVideo resolution: 1080p HDNight vision: 39.4 feetField of view: 112 degree viewing angle, diagonalVideo resolution: 720p HDNight vision: 6 meters (about 19 feet)Field of view: 95 degree viewing angle

    One of our favorite Vivint security products is the Vivint Lamp Module, which allows you to easily control the lights or appliances in your house with a simple voice instruction or with a simple touch on your app or panel. You can set up daily instructions, such as “turn off lights every night at 10 pm.”

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    Now that you know about Vivint’s smart home security system, we recommend calling 888.841.5276 to get the latest promotions and a free quote.

    *Conditions apply. Click here for plan details. *Minimum $39.99/month services agreement required. Minimum $549.99 equipment purchase may be financed at 0% annual percentage rate (APR) for up to 60 months with no down payment (for example $9.17/month for 60 months for $549.99 of equipment financed). $49 to $199 installation fee applies. Subject to credit approval. Month-to-month service agreement available when equipment is purchased up front. Additional equipment may be purchased and financed. Financing options require monthly services agreement coterminous with applicable financing agreement (for example $39.99/month for 60 months = total services cost $2,399.40). Camera functionality starts at $49.99/month for services, with additional equipment purchase or financing required. System supports up to four cameras subject to sufficient wifi speeds. Without a Vivint services plan, product and system functionality is limited (including loss of remote connectivity). Speak to a Vivint representative at the phone number in this offer for complete equipment, services, and package details, including pricing. Offer not available in all states or provinces. Taxes and local permit fees may apply. New Vivint Customers only. Products and services in Louisiana provided by Vivint Louisiana Commercial Certificate #58280. See Vivint license numbers here. †According to App store Rating 1/11/2017 § https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/strategy-analytics-announces-the-top-10-smart-home-service-providers-in-the-us-300395620.html https://www.strategyanalytics.com/access-services/devices/connected-home/smart-home/reports/report-detail/the-top-10-us-smart-home-service-providers#.Wmj8diOZO8h ^ Average time in 2017 for a Vivint agent to give a price quote is 11.8 minutes. Setting up the account may add additional call time.

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