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Wyze Thermostat lets you control your home’s temperature on the go or on the couch‚ and anyone can operate it.

Smart technology has brought increased convenience and functionality of devices and appliances to homeowners — and that trend continues with the Wyze Thermostat. (This is an affiliate link. If you purchase this product, we will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.)

Not only is this product affordable, but it’s also an easy way to transform your old thermostat into a smart one. Smart technology allows you to adjust a device remotely or while at home — which can be convenient and energy-efficient.

About Wyze Thermostat

With the Wyze Thermostat, you can control the indoor temperature with the Wyze app on your tablet or smartphone. The Wyze Thermostat also lets you create schedules for every weekend, weekday, or if you’re on vacation.

The Wyze App allows you to control your system from anywhere and even works with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home to really simplify adjustments.

It also tracks usage and will automatically suggest ways to help you reduce wasted energy — which then saves you money on your energy bill.

Plus, the Wyze Thermostat has a zero learning curve for you, your family and guests. It’s as simple as walking to the wall and turning the dial to raise or lower the temperature.

This thermostat comes with step-by-step guided installation in the Wyze app to make your home comfortable as quickly as possible. Just check your home’s compatibility on the Wyze website.

About Wyze

Wyze is a smart tech startup founded by former Amazon employees. Their mission is focused on providing affordable, high-quality smart technology.

The company’s first product was its popular WyzeCam, a high-definition, Wi-Fi camera that provides surveillance and peace of mind, for just $20.

Since then, Wyze Labs has manufactured an outdoor camera, a video doorbell, and a number of other Wi-Fi products.

Wyze Thermostat, which costs just $80, continues this startup’s commitment to high-quality, affordable products.

For more information on the Wyze 7-Day Smart Programmable Thermostat, log on to HomeDepot.com

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