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From the dozens of brand providers, hubs, and protocols to the endless list of available devices, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when considering a smart home or appliance. However, you’ll discover that they’re extremely efficient, helpful systems once past their steep learning curve. They can:

  • Help you save on electricity costs
  • Schedule appointments
  • Order groceries

Smart Home Basics

To help you better understand how smart homes work, we’ve compiled a quick guide to all the main parts of a smart home system. 

  • Smart home hub: The smart hub, also called a home automation hub, is the core of a smart home. It’s a piece of hardware (or sometimes software) that controls and directs all communication between smart home devices. Smart hubs can be designed explicitly to work with certain devices, like the Vivint Home Security Hub, while others are designed to interface with any third-party device, like the Samsung SmartThings Hub. 
  • Smart home protocol: Also called a home automation operating standard, a smart home protocol is the means by which your devices communicate with one another through the smart hub – think of it as a shared language. A device must use the same protocol to connect to and interact with the rest of your smart home system. There are protocols for wired, wireless, and hybrid systems, each with its own benefits, installation costs, and limitations. 
  • Smart home devices: A smart home device is any appliance, system, tool, or object that can connect to and communicate with your smart home system. A smart device can be anything as simple as an electrical socket or light bulb to complex appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, or fridges. 

While smart homes can be complex to set up by yourself, some companies and brands offer full-service installations. While expensive, these services make getting a smart home a breeze. If you want to learn more about smart homes, the brands that supply them, and ways you can create your own DIY smart home, check out our articles below. 

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