Six Simple DIY Outdoor Projects

Bird feeders with stovepipe squirrel guard.
Bird feeders with stovepipe squirrel guard.

Project #2: Bird Feeder Squirrel Guard

Squirrels everywhere will be disappointed with this DIY project for your yard. This squirrel bird feeder baffle costs only a few dollars in supplies and takes only a few steps, but it works like a charm!

The body of the baffle is made from a 24” piece of stovepipe with a stovepipe cap attached to one end and a hole drilled through it to fit around the bird feeder pole. Squirrels reach a dead end when they climb up the inside; and it’s too big around for squirrels, raccoons, and other critters to crawl up the outside.

In addition to protecting bird feeders, these baffles also can give spectators an entertaining show if you catch the determined animals in the act.

To find out more, read our article on How To Make a Bird Feeder Baffle and watch our video on DIY Squirrel and Raccoon Bird Feeder Guard.


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